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George Basalt

Introducing A Sustainable Stone Solution

Explore Our Basalt Stone Collection

Our basalt stone collection comprises a magnificent variety featuring diverse choices. Explore our basalt products introducing innovative ideas and skillful strategies.

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Having 30-years hands-on experience
and mastering the basalt stone craft ship trickling down through generations, George Basalt combines skills and modern innovative technology. Enjoy an experience featuring state-of-the-art production and precise installation techniques having our basalt stones sourced from the richest reserves in the world.

We deliver quality at its best price!

Why choose George Basalt ?

We’re here to assist you through your construction, revamping, and landscaping projects.
We’re one of the best basalt suppliers you’ll come across. Here’s why:

Holding the SGS and ISO certifications, we offer you assistance as your go-to certified golden stone project suppliers.

Enjoy an exquisite basalt stone collection sourced by our own premium stone quarries and hundreds of other quarries through our cooperative relations around the world. Our 2 major processing bases and an impressively functional 20,000 sqm factory are masterfully operated by 215 skilled staff members.

We’re globally recognized in around 128 countries having thousands of happy clients — succeeding in each projects

We precisely undertake all the project details while ensuring accurate project delivery featuring a free virtual scene room design service. Infusing modern technologies like AutoCad and 3D max, our team virtually infuses life into your projects — helping you attain practical expectations

Having an efficient production line annually producing 100,00,000 square meters having robust Chinese and Italian Machines, we regulate your experience quality through incredible on-set management.

Our skilled team ensures 24/7 professional assistance, providing a convenient experience through our installation guidance service.

We employ strict quality controls introducing regular project inspections and progress updates.  Eliminate all the transportation damage hassles through our advanced loading and packaging services.

Unleashing Impressive Basalt Advantages

Picking basalt stone makes your projects sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

Looking beyond the price, basalt’s long-term functionality and durability can make your projects sustainable and cost-effective.

Our basalt stones can withstand high pressures without showing any major wear-and-tear signs: resulting in its incredibly low maintenance requirements.

Greater resilience and sleek monochromatic aesthetics combine, forming your project’s right choice.

Embrace wondrous weather and chemical resilience, making it super-versatile.

Endless Possibilities With Basalt's Applications

George Basalt’s incredible aesthetic and functional aspects make it your right ideal pick — be it
construction, landscaping, or manufacturing.

1.Basalt’s timeless charm naturally appears appealing when used for landscaping projects.


2.Build Basalt countertops, fireplaces, floors, walls, pavers, patios, pool coping, and much more.


3.Build innovative infrastructure using basalt’s high thermal and chemical resilience.


4.Basalt finds its applications outdoors and indoors.



We’re privileged holding ISO and SGS certification, proudly serving golden-certified basalt stone suppliers. Striving to attain excellence, we’re globally recognized and certified. Your projects are handled by our excellently skilled professionals. Our certifications and global recognition make us your trusted stone solution suppliers

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Your Ultimate FAQs Guide To Basalt


  • Basalt floorsare super-resilient and durable for long-term usage, especially in dry locations.
  • Forget about the scratches on your floors with its strong composition.
  • This incredible natural stone barely requires any extensive maintenance. Just ensure regular cleaning sessions making sure that it looks crystal clean.
  • A sleek monochromatic look makes your spaces more elegantand beautiful.
  • Its versatility allows incorporating basalt stone in your floors, walls, countertops, and several other spaces,adding an overall hint of a modern look.
  • The stonefloor features environmental sustainability and brings forth an eco-friendly option.
  • These floors can easily withstand higher temperatures since it is a volcanic rock.


  • It has a porous nature, making it vulnerable to If you’re installingflooring in the kitchen, acidic or oil-based substances can stain the floor permanently. Your floors might get permanently discolored.
  • Basalt is monochromatic and wouldn’t satisfy your urge to havea colorful theme.

Basalt stone flooring can satisfy the aesthetic aspects with appealing finishing choices that can incredibly elevate the aesthetics of your spaces. Here’s all you should consider learning about the most loved basalt tile finishing choices.

  • Honed Floor Tiles: if you’re seeking a satin-like matte finish, these honed basalt tiles make the most ideal fit for you. The stone is ground at the top, unleashing a silky smooth texture underneath. These tiles are especially used for surfaces requiring slip-resistance like bathroom floors and kitchen counters.
  • Brushed Finishing: This finishing style further minimizes the maintenance hassles featuring an appealingworn-down texture. This matte-looking slip-resistant finish is ideal for use in larger hallways. This wondrous texture is achieved by a wire brush sweeping over the tile’s
  • Chiseled: A chiseled black tileis finished by adding horizontal grooves featuring a sophisticated texture. This rugged finishing is not only slip-resistant but also highly durable making resilient outdoor black basalt pavers and walls.
  • Flamed Finishing: Adding an accent to your surfaces, basalt flamed and waterjet finishing features a soft texture combining coppery hues and a slight grey. It’s most popularly used to adorn spaces where you need a durable stone with great slip resistance.

Pick a finishing option considering your aesthetic requirements.

A basalt cladding can be a valuable addition to your spaces in the following ways:

  • Build Sustainable Structures: These wall claddings are comparatively more sustainable and can be disassembled, using the same for another purpose. The versatility and sustainability combine to forman ideal building material, thus it’s a cost-effective investment.
  • Easier Installation Process: Although you should consider hiring a skilled professional, the installation process isn’t a hassle at all. These stone slabs allow large cuttings for convenient installation featuring a cleaner and seamless finishing.
  • Withstands Harsh Weather: it has an inherent potential to withstand harsh weather conditions, making your walls durable and resilient. There’s no color fading or wear and tear over long periods which cuts down on the maintenance costs.
  • Diverse Finishing Options: These cladding panelsfeature the widest finishing options adding an aesthetic outlook. Make your walls interesting by aligning them with your favorite themes.
  • Insulation and weather control: Add these wall tilesto significantly cut down on your air-conditioning and heating costs. Being a natural stone it substantially minimizes heat dissipation or absorption into your spaces, thus, smartly controlling the temperature indoors.

If you’re into intricate patterns enhancing your spaces’ overall appeal, you should definitely invest in these mosaic tiles. Having diverse building options in hand, you can incorporate these stunning mosaic tiles around your spaces, adding elegance and sophistication. Its versatility makes it fit for your walls, countertops, fireplaces, flooring, and more.

  • Add these mosaic tilescreating eye-catching tile backsplashes and stunning feature walls that make your kitchen spaces stand out. Get your hands on your favorite intricate designs, infusing your personal aesthetics into the backsplashes. Pick a geometric or herringbone tile pattern, whatever seems more appealing
  • These tiles intricately combine aesthetic patterns and darker hues, transforming an ordinary wall into a breathtakingly beautiful art piece.
  • If you’re seeking delicate yet minimal designs, these mosaic tiles can add an appealing vibe with decorative borders around the floors, walls, and countertops.
  • Transform your ordinary bathrooms into spa-like pleasing spaces by adding mosaic tiles around your bathroom wallsand shower floor. Forget about slipping on the shower floor, since these tiles feature incredible slip-resistance, preventing accidents and casualties.

Chemical weathering is a critical aspect you must consider before investing in building materials. Before critically analyzing its chemical resilience, you better delve into the chemical composition contributing to its resilience and durability. Key mineral elements are:

  • Felspar
  • Pyroxene
  • Olivine

These mineral elements exhibit distinct responses during environmental exposure. They’re all commendably resilient, reducing chemical deterioration threats. These tiles start developing a protective layer across their surfaces over time. This can substantially reduce chemical weathering risks and make your surfaces more durable. Depending on the environment you live in, the chemical weathering risk may exist. Here’s why:

  1. Feldsparmay undergo hydrolysis, breaking down the original composition and slightly making it weaker.
  2. The other two key minerals are generally safe from hydrolysis but might undergo oxidation or hydration.

Climatic Aspects

The climatic aspects play a critical role in figuring out whether basalt stone is resilient enough against chemical weathering. There are no chemical weathering threats in colder and arid climates, so you can ideally install it outdoors too. However, tropical climates may pose some chemical weathering threats, so consider installing basalt indoors only. Therefore, never forget about the climatic considerations while installing building materials in your spaces.

A basalt tile fireplace is a safe, cost-effective, appealing, and durable pick, making your living spaces warm and cozy. Consider the aesthetic aspects while picking the finishing styles.

  • Temperature Resistance: Exploring fireplace building materials requires a keenconsideration of their temperature resistance as a fundamental aspect. Basalt passes this test with its highly resilient volcanic nature, safely withstanding high temperatures. It works equally fine for both modern and traditional fireplace structures.
  • Non-combustible: Picking a combustible fireplace material further elevates the risks. Fortunately, basalts possessa non-combustible nature,  preventing the flames from causing any damage, so your living spaces are all safe now.
  • Safety Standards: It falls within the expert safety Standards you must consider whilebuilding a fireplace, thus it’s an ideal fit. As a responsible homeowner, you should ensure hiring an expert professional who may install the fireplace complying with the local safety measures.
  • Hassle-free Maintenance Process: Fireplace maintenance sessions can be tiring. However, having a basalt fireplacesubstantially minimizes all the maintenance hassle. Simply ensure regular soot cleaning sessions and have a general look, figuring out if your fireplace needs any other quick maintenance.

In a nutshell, these fireplaces aren’t just beautiful but comparatively safer and durable enough, lasting for longer tenures.

Finding the right slabs for your slate countertops isn’t as complicated if you’re well-acquainted. You must look into the following aspects:

  • Pick the right finishing style considering your kitchen’s overall aesthetic; you can choose between flamed, mosaic, and honed countertops depending on the theme.
  • The slab’s thickness is another significant aspect. Your countertop should be at least 2-3 cm thick, ensuring incredible durability and resilience.
  • Pick a black basalt slabhaving lower porosity and higher density.
  • Choosing a reputable supplierhelps you get your hands on the top-notch slab variety, so ensure investing some time researching the source and quality.

Maintaining Your Countertops:

These countertops can be conveniently cleaned using a damp towel, avoiding abrasive scrubbing materials. Ensure avoiding spilling salts, chemicals, or oil on the surface, since it may result in discoloration because basalt is naturally quite porous so it might get stained. Sealing the countertops can make them a lot more durable and long-lasting, preventing damage and scratches. If you see potential damage signs, seek professional help and avoid an acidic environment.

Considering the significance of investing in sustainable and long-lasting building materials, black basalt pavers emerge as an incredible fit. However, it greatly depends on various factors like environmental conditions, maintenance, and regular usage.

Being a volcanic stone, basalt stone shows impressive strength against general wear and tear. They make ideal pavers, withstanding heavy pressures and harsh weather exposure. They’re generally not affected by the pressures exerted by vehicles and feet. Here are a few factors:

  • Proper paverinstallation: your pavers’ lifespan is significantly impacted by how well they have been installed. Factors like base preparation and laying techniques can make a massive difference. Smarter professional installation methods can make your pavers last a lifetime.
  • Regular Maintenance: You can minimize the environmental impacts and staining by ensuring regular cleaning sessions removing all the dirt and gunk.
  • Environmental Factors: Although basalt exhibits an impressive degree of performance even in harsh weather conditions, you may notice a negligible amount of wear and tear. In case you’reinstalling the pavers in milder environments, they can even last for decades, without any wear and tear.

In short, basalt pavers can last a lifetime depending on various aspects. They’re cost-effective and super-reliable.

Undoubtedly, Granite and basalt are wondrously strong natural stones having a comparable durability level. However, if you’re seeking a reliable and long-lasting outdoor building option, you must look into several aspects.

  • Basalt vs granite Density: A stone’s density makes a massive difference as a strengthening factor: the denser, the better. Basalt is typically denser than granite. Granite is around 2.6-2.8 grams per cubic centimeterdense, while  Basalt shows an incredible density range of 3.0-3.3 grams per cubic centimeter.
  • Basalt vs. granite strength:Although basalt and granite have comparable compressive strength, basalt supersedes granite in terms of flexural and tensile strength. This suggests that basalts are far stronger than granite in several aspects.
  • Chemical Weathering: if you’re installing a natural stone outdoors, you cannot overlook the chemical weathering response. Basalt has low feldspar and quartz content, making it significantly more weather-resistant. Whoever, this isn’t the case if you’re considering granite instead. High mica and feldspar content results in relatively higher weathering risk.

Granite and Basalt are equally reliable if you’re planning on indoor installation, however, basalt makes a substantially better option in case of outdoor projects.

If you’re choosing pool coping, consider being thoughtful since it’s an opportunity to add your style. It’s mainly a functional element but an elegant pool coping can elevate the overall pool aesthetics. Let’s guide you through your decision-making process:

  • Incorporate Your Style: explore basalt finishing options and find the most ideal fit. The pool copingshould naturally complement the overall poolside theme. It naturally adds a sleek and modern look.
  • Durability Is The Key: Pick premium quality stone, ensuring durability even in extensive water exposure in the pool.
  • Slip-resistance: Pool copingmaterials should possess an impressive slip-resistance, since everything is already slippery around the pool. Most finishing choices exhibit an amazing slip resistance. However some options are more slip-resistant than others, so make an informed decision. This helps you enjoy a safer pool experience.

After you’ve picked the right basalt slabs for pool coping, ensure installing them seamlessly. This not only helps make your pool coping look great but also makes it durable and resilient. Accurate measurements and professional installation massively affect the overall appearance and lifespan.

Choosing the right basalt finishing makes all the difference! Honed tiles and flamed tiles: two popular finishing styles on the market. Choosing the right choice involves general know-how regarding your preferred aesthetic outcomes, usage, and functionality.

a) Honed Tiles

They’re finished by a simple process involving grinding followed by polishing. This results in a smoothly finished surface. Honed tiles are ideally suggested if you’re seeking a sleek finish featuring the natural basalt color. Honed tiles can upgrade your indoor spaces including the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, enhancing basalt’s natural sophistication. Add a refined minimalist look and refine your:

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Indoor Flooring
  • Bathroom walls


b) Flamed Tiles

Flamed tiles undergo a thermal finishing process involving flames at higher temperatures. This makes these tiles rough and textured, unleashing a more resilient finishing choice.

  • Indoor Use: flamed tiles can add an appealing texture across your stone fireplacessince they naturally feature a rough aesthetic finish. These tiles can gracefully cover the countertops in your kitchen, adding some texture.
  • Outdoor Use: Get your outdoor spaces covered in basalt’s textured beauty by adding flamed tiles. They’re rugged and slip-resistantfor patios, pathways, pavers, and more.

Your choice greatly depends on various factors, so ensure making a mindful decision.

Basalt can masterfully make your retaining walls stronger, durable, and visually appealing. It’s not only weather-resistant but also possesses an impressive compressive strength, making your retaining walls stronger. These basalt walls are cost-effective and low-maintenance. Here’s a comprehensive guide discussing the key aspects of building a long-lasting retaining wall:

  • The land’s soil should be critically analyzed beforehand. This is followed by digging through the soil, making a strong base where the wall shall be constructed.
  • Never overlook the local regulations and get any permits if required. This saves you from the gray area and helpsyou stay safe.
  • Basalt impressively holds all the pressure and weight, securing everything well. You can enhance the wall rock’sstrength by adjusting these retaining wall blocks in a puzzle-like arrangement.
  • Prepare the mortar and apply it well, sticking the blocks effectively. This keeps them secured forever. The walls lookincredible, blending itself into the surroundings.
  • An adequately designed drainage system further enhances the functionality aspects, making water management practically more feasible. Hire aprofessional expert since it can prevent any potential future damage.

Following these aspects can help you build a tough and resilient retaining wall. Pick your favorite finishing styles that can add an accent and style, making your walls more appealing.

Basalt stone price greatly depends on different factors including thickness, quality, finishing, slab size, and the suppliers you choose. The suppliers in China offer affordable prices, yet the quality is never compromised. The average price varies between $8-25 per square foot, however, it widely depends on various factors. Additional features can add up on the total paver cost. 

Affordability Aspects

Understanding the affordability aspects requires going beyond the initial prices. Installing these pavers is more like a long-term investment. It goes a long way and provides you with a long-lasting building solution.

● Minimal Maintenance Costs

Remember that your pavers undergo the most pressure almost all the time. Maintenance hassles can cost you more than your initial estimates. This stone significantly cuts down these maintenance costs which suggests that it’s a comparatively more affordable option. No matter what conditions your pavers undergo, basalt is resilient enough.

● Zero Replacement Cost

Investing in cheaper paver materials requires recurring replacement, ultimately costing you double the price. Basalt pavers can even last you a lifetime without any substantial maintenance requirements. It’s more like a one-time investment, making it a lot more affordable. Therefore, you should consider all these aspects before investing in paver tiles.

China emerges as the largest basalt supplier in the world, having immense deposits in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Hainan. Having high-quality stone extracted using innovative extraction technology, china exports its basalt wall rock around several countries in the world.

  • Having the right infrastructure, Chinaextracts premium quality stone using innovative technology and advanced techniques.
  • Getting basalt from Chinahelps you enjoy the best prices, hailing from high competition among multiple suppliers in China. Also, its high abundance in this region cuts down supply chain effects on the prices. Ultimately, getting affordable basalt impacts the overall project’s budget. It is consistently supplied by multiple buyers in the world.
  • You’re choosing basalt mainly because it’s super-durable and long-lasting, this suggests that you should always pick a supplier renowned for its quality standards. China falls under all these international standards, deliveringtop-notch quality.
  • Chinese suppliers are highly committed and devoted. They’re providing the widest stone variety in the world. These products are highly durable and versatile. Get various finishing choices and diverse products that fit your requirements.
  • Being a responsible buyer, you must find suppliers prioritizing their sustainability goals. Thus, china makes the best pick in this regard.

If you’re seeking the right natural stone to incorporate into outdoor pavers, considering various factors help you make the right decision. Outdoor pavers undergo vehicular pressures and high traffic which may result in wear and tear. Picking high-quality paver tiles can help you enjoy lifelong durability and minimize maintenance hassles.

  • Its dark color seamlessly merges with the outdoor surroundings making a visually pleasing atmosphere in your outdoor spaces. You can pick among the diverse finishing options, being creative about the style and aesthetics. It’s naturally elegant and looks effortlessly beautiful laid on your pavers.
  • Paversare extensively exposed in an atmosphere comprising sun damage, harsh weather, chemical weathering, and extreme loads. Basalt makes the right fit, coping well and fighting all these factors resiliently. It doesn’t get easily worn down and stands the test every time. This cuts down the replacement costs and helps you save a few bucks.
  • Being a volcanic rock, thesepaver tiles can withstand high heat exposure without getting damaged.
  • Pavers are generally vast and maintaining them can be difficult. Itis a low-maintenance rock not requiring more than simple cleaning sessions or fixing any wear and tear, if there’s any.


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