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Discovering The True Beauty Of
Black Granite With George Stone

Presenting the true luxury featured by Black Granite, George Stone offers rich stone solutions.
Incorporate the beautiful Black granite stone into your projects and see your dreams come true.
The high-tech virtual technologies help you realize the true picture.

Top Picks: George Stone’s Top Black Granite Picks

Although we have various shades and patterns of black granite, here are our top picks out of all collections.

Monochromatic Timeless Sophistication
With Black Granite

Embrace the timeless sleek aesthetics featured by the black granite. The trendy aspects make this your ideal fit, making your spaces stand out. The monochromatic style goes well, no matter whether you’re planning on creating a modern, traditional, or trendy décor space.


High-quality, Timeless Appeal

The high durability allows longevity and lower maintenance hassles, thus offering a timeless appeal. Be it a minimal aesthetic setup, or a dramatic dark space, the black granite trickles down into all style types and brings forth an elegant space.


Explore Our Varieties

If you have been planning on getting your hands on high-end black granite varieties, your hunt has reached its end. At George Stone, we offer high-quality variety, regulating the quarrying processes governed by international standards. Find your ideal fit;

Black Granite Application: Unlocking New Possibilities

Using granite tiles is common practice since it’s a versatile stone solution, elevating your
spaces and offering a durable solution.

Certifications and Product Parameters

Having state-of-the-art machinery and production parameters, we hold the prestigious SGS and ISO certifications. We follow all the international standards and ensure providing sustainable stone solutions at their best prices.

Join us and our aim focuses on providing you with top-notch quality black granite. Make your projects a true embodiment of your dreams. Contact George Stone and get your hands on the best varieties.

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Black Granite: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Absolute Black Granite comes from many regions all over the world, including Uruguay, China, India, South Africa, and Canada. Even while they may all appear similar at first glance, closer examination reveals some quite distinct differences. The geological makeup and minerals creating it result in several variations in the patterns, shades, and specks.

A stunning black granite tile reaches your spaces by first going through an intricate process involving nature’s formation processes.

  • Typically it contains quartz, feldspar, and mica, having dark minerals like biotite and hornblende imparting the characteristic black color.
  • It’s abundant in magnetite, a ferromagnetic mineral, which further intensifies the dark hue. Quartz provides hardness and durability, feldspar makes it hard and mica imparts a reflective quality.
  • The specific ratios and interactions between these minerals during the cooling and crystallization process influence the granite’s texture and pattern.
  • The slow cooling underground allows larger crystal formation, enhancing the stone’s strength and aesthetic appeal.

While sourcing the black granite slabs, ensure focusing on the source since it highly affects the quality and variety. Considering the visual aspects and functional qualities, these aspects play a critical role. This can Ultimately help you enjoy a better experience.

You can ideally maintain the beauty and luster in your granite surfaces using the following tips.

  • The black granite cleaning sessions can be carried out using a simple soapy mixture combined by a mild soap and water. Do not overdo the soap’s quality, a mild mixture is ideally suggested, preventing the luster and structure.
  • Ensure using a softer cloth piece that prevents friction caused by arough surface.
  • After wiping the surface, you should ideally dry it out. Using a soft microfiber towel can help prevent getting streaks over the surface. The streaks should be avoided at all costs since they can highly reduce the visual beauty.
  • Do not follow every other cleaning remedy on the internet. Do complete research beforehand.
  • If you’re seeking greater shine on the surface, use a pH-neutral cleaning spray formulated to enhance the luster. Then spray it over all the surfaces, followed by even buffing using a soft and fluffy cloth.
  • High-quality sealers are always your go-to option while caring for the Granite surfaces. You can prevent future staining by Ensuring in-time sealing.

All the above-mentioned tips can help you maintain your black granite countertops and tiles.

Several black granite varieties mimic the overall aesthetic generally possessed by marble. It has a dark color, highlighting the beautifully veined patterns throughout the surface.

Titanium Black Granite

This type features a similar look however the granite’s resilience and durability elevate the experience.

Since granite is more durable, this type brings forth the best qualities possessed by marble and granite, combining them together.

Black Forest Granite

The black forest granite slab beautifully fits into different applications like countertops, vanity tops, bench tops, flooring, and more. Marble-like intricate patterns elevate the aesthetic appeal so it’s ideally suggested if you’re seeking a marble-like material featuring higher durability and lower porosity. Since it is less porous, it’s more stain-resistant.

Fish Black Granite

The Fish Black Granite features beautiful black and white patterns blending in and merging into each other. The monochromatic colors induce an elegant charm looking beautiful.

Cosmic Black Granite

Cosmic Black granite features another delicate combination of veined patterns seamlessly complementing the monochromatic dark hues.

Yes, black granite is a genuine granite type, possessing a dark color accompanied by intricate veining and specks. These patterns significantly enhance the overall charm and Beauty. This black color maintains results because the minerals like hornblende or biotite are in a greater proportion. In some cases where you see an all-black stone, it might not be black granite so consider doing complete research.

Since granite must contain at least 20% quartz, a rock pure black granite might not be actual granite. The most prevalent type is actually gabbro, a basalt-like mafic intrusive igneous rock. The minerals pyroxene, plagioclase, and trace amounts of amphibole and olivine (dark green) make up gabbro’s main composition.

Black granite possesses incredible characteristics just like the other color variants. It’s equally durable, yet possesses a sleeker look and more elegant aesthetics.

Some other names used while describing the Black Absolute granite are Premium black granite, Super Black granite,  Nero Assoluto India granite, and India black granite.

The timeless elegance featured by the black granite never goes out of style. It’s a versatile go-to stone solution used while building spaces. No matter what you’re planning on building: countertops, floors, walls, backsplashes, or any other part, black granite seamlessly blends itself within your spaces adding grace and making your spaces look modern, sleek, and beautiful.

Beautiful Elegance

Considering the aesthetic aspects, the black granite is still in style because it’s beautifully sophisticated and classic. It can make your spaces look modern and elegant. The dark hues go well with each interior setup. The rich color complements all décor styles, offering a great aesthetic solution. It’s great no matter what you’re planning on building — traditional or modern look interior décor.

A Versatile Solution

It helps you build your spaces and meet all the modern trends considering personal preferences and desired outcomes. Varied patterns, veining structures, shades, and other varieties help you pick up the variants considering the spaces and aesthetic appeal. There are many options like Black granite with gold flecks and gold veins.


Granite structures withstand unfavorable conditions and usage wear and tear for decades offering a long-term solution. Also, it goes well and doesn’t look old or worn out.

Choosing between honed and flamed tiles can be difficult if you’re not well-acquainted. Here’s a comparison, assisting you pick your ideal pick considering your requirements and preferences.

Honed tile

Granite having an honed finish has a matte or satin-buffed appearance. When compared, this finishing style has less luster and wear and tear, giving the appearance featuring a calming vibe. While maintaining the elegance and charm a honed finish stone can create a serene, spontaneous appeal. The color and texture aren’t quite when finished using the honing treatment. Honed granite is a fantastic option if you’re planning on building backsplashes or countertops if you’re seeking a more understated aesthetic.

This surface treatment is very common while building counters because it produces a more workable and smooth finish. A refined finish is able to conceal imperfections better than other finishes because

Flamed tile 

The stone surface by a flamed finish has some rough texture accompanied by bumps. In certain hues, the stone finish is also lessened during the finishing process, giving the appearance.
This finish is obtained, as its name suggests, by treating the stone using a high-intensity flame. This makes the surface gritty. When a non-slip surface is needed, this finish is perfect.

Here are the most popular black granite finishes: 

Polished Finish:

On a granite surface, this is the most frequently applied finish. The main goal while using this finish is highlighting the stone’s inherent beauty and elevate any area. Granite surfaces having a polished finish exhibit a mirror-like gleam, impressing all passersby. It brings out the granite’s natural color and beauty.

Black granite leather finish

You must have come across black-leathered granite countertops and surface ideas online. Although it’s a new style, it has quickly swept off the market, becoming immensely popular. It has a textured appearance and a subtler sheen than a polished one. There’s a large room for customization and creating a unique texture.. A leathered finish typically has more depth than an honed finish, although not being as shiny.

Brushed Finishing

This finishing style is put together by lightly stroking the surface, producing a beautiful texture. It features a stunning texture which is absent in the polished surfaces. The color is dulled a bit which makes it more resistant towards potential physical wear and tear. It can easily hide flaws and scratches, which might be encountered during use.

Black granite tiles are considered to be more expensive when compared. However, it is critical that you consider other various aspects rather than confining your thoughts and not analyzing beyond the initial investment. Considering that Black granite is elegant and durable, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits.

  • Consider that the granite stone is rarer than the lighter variants. The geological conditions forming black granite are comparatively less prevalent, thus it’s rarer and more in demand at the same time. The suppliers must go the extra mile extracting and providing this stone variant.
  • Market demands and trends play a crucial role. This ultimately decides the pricing. The granite countertops and floors are highly demanding because they’re aesthetically quite appealing and attractive. It’s more luxurious and sleek, providing you with a sophisticated and minimal look.
  • Considering the durability level, black granite hides the stains and impurities better than the lighter variants. Maintaining them is easier than the lighter variants. Cleaning them is significantly easier.

If you’re seeking a durable yet aesthetically appealing stone solution, or building elegant monochromatic spaces, the black granite tiles are the best pick for you.

The price is about 10-50 USD per square meter and around 1-5 USD per square foot for black granite. Granite prices might sound high if you’re new in the construction and revamping arena. Understanding the ins and outs, and looking at the bigger picture on a macro level helps you break down the more profound aspects. Cost evaluation involves multiple factors beyond the initial costing. Picking a cheaper option wouldn’t always mean you’re saving on the project’s investment. The following factors make black granite quite affordable if you’re planning on incorporating a budget-friendly option.

  • Having around zero replacement requirements, black granite makes the right fit if you’re planning on building long-term projects
  • The longevity and durability makes your projects sustainable and cost-effective.
  • You can make your projects eco-friendly and take an eco-conscious approach.
  • The professional maintenance and repaircosts make up a huge amount in many cases. When using granite, that’s not the case. You don’t need last maintenance investments.

All these factors suggest that investing in black granite is an affordable and cost-effective option.

Granite slabs are less porous than most building materials. They’re significantly less porous and quite more resilient, however, experts suggest that black granite should also be duly sealed using a good-quality sealer ensuring quality and longevity. This makes your granite tiles a lot more resilient and strong against spilling ingredients, wear and tear, and moisture in the atmosphere. It duly creates a barrier between the external factors and the granite surface.

  • The porosity level is negligible however, sealing the surface is always a great idea since this can help you cut down all potentialrisks in this regard. It acts like a protective barrier and reduces the weathering chances. Especially if your granite slabs are installed outdoors, you should never skip sealing.
  • Granite countertops and vanity tops are always exposed and undergo acidic and basic contact. Spilling ingredients in the kitchen is pretty common and it can stain the surface. Sealing prevents this risk for good. It helps you enjoy a better experience.

A small sealing investment can cut down other repairing and replacement costs and make your granite surfaces always look new and lustrous. They can make your investment even more cost-effective and increase the project’s longevity.

Black Granite 

Black granite is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a unique stone choice. Black granite can incorporate into your spaces, a sleek, sophisticated appearance and is frequently used in modern or contemporary spaces. Black granite should be combined using a light-colored cabinet structure or walls avoiding feeling overly dark because it’s such a strong tone.

  • Black granite is a highly classy stone that may add a minimalaesthetic look within any kitchen.
  • The stone is highly resilient, thus it can withstand frequent usage and pressure in high-traffic It adds a modern element.
  • You may safely set hot pots and pans on black granite because it is also heat resistant.
  • Stop worrying about the stain, the dark color hides it all.

White Granite 

It has a crisp and modern appearance, so it is among the most popular options if you’re more into lighter tones. Additionally, white granite can help a tiny kitchen appear bigger and more airy. This stone ideally makes the spaces calm and relaxed

  • Your kitchen will seem lighter and more spacious using white granite.
  • White granite can be easily combined using different colors and materials, giving you several alternatives.

White granite is resilient towards wear and tear.

If you’re planning on building staircases in your spaces, consider it as the building material since it’s ideally slip-resistant, durable, and aesthetically appealing. Here are some aspects you must look into:


Granite staircases add a statement and immediately make your spaces look visually appealing. The luxurious finishes and variants elevate the look and offer a sophisticated touch. The dark hues look stunning and provide you a rich contrast if you have lighter furniture and décor.

Durable fit

Stairs withstand high traffic and pressure, and black granite provides a durable solution that stands the test of time, offering a stunning solution. The surfaces need lower maintenance and simple cleaning sessions can easily help you maintain the luster.


Honed and leathered granite can effectively make your staircases slip-resistant and safe. The surfaces are safer and adding a railing can further enhance the safety level.

Aesthetic Versatility

The aesthetic versatility helps you enjoy an open room to decorate your spaces however you want. The sleek and modern look goes along no matter what color schemes you’ve incorporated into the spaces. This is an ideal fit if you’re planning on building stunning staircases.


● Adaptability

Black granite offers a huge Variety featuring several sophisticated variations, so have several options in hand. These options can easily offer diverse applicability in building backsplashes, countertops, flooring, walls, and more.

● Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is another main benefit that black granite can offer you. If the stone is sealed correctly, discoloration should not be an issue. If you use the material building your kitchen countertops, this can be really beneficial.

● Durability

Granite countertops are more durable since kitchen countertops are excessively exposed to staining ingredients, chopping, and dropping stuff on the surface. Where a normal material would undergo wear and tear, a black granite countertop can withstand persistent physical pressure and staining ingredients.

● Easy To Maintain

Black granite is undoubtedly easily maintainable without any hassles. You can easily clean it and avoid any permanent stains. Minor sealing processes can easily prevent any substantial wear and tear. Simple cleaning sessions are enough and you can use any pH-neutral cleaning products.


● Higher Cost

The affordability aspects might be a bit hard if you’re on a budget and do not understand the long-term vision. Considering the first-time investment, you may find it expensive, however, long-term durability justifies the price.

Choosing between different building materials can be hard sometimes. Here’s a comparative analysis that can help you decide whether marble or black granite is better while building pavers.

Durability Aspects

Black genial pavers exhibit substantially greater durability if you’re planning on investing in a long-term solution. Since pavers are in high-traffic areas and undergo massive pressure every day, they must be super-durable and long-lasting. Black granite is harder and more resilient.

Stain Resistant

Black granite is impressively stain-resistant since it has very low porosity. Marble, on the contrary, exhibits a higher porosity level thus, it gets stained easily. Pavers should built considering the weather conditions. Black granite is more resilient to extreme weather.

No Wear And Tear

Marble might undergo some degree of wear and tear however granite goes a long way without ever getting deformed or discolored. The physical scratches and damage might appear like the marble surface is discolored. The black granite shows impressively timeless beauty.


Its Versatility and longevity ensure the cost-effectiveness aspects too. Black granite is a lot more cost-effective since it’s not worn out and can even be reused after some time. It doesn’t require any expensive maintenance requirements or replacement making your overall experience better.

Common tile sizes used while building pavers are as follows:

  • Black granite tile 12×12
  • Absolute black granite tile 12×24
  • Black granite tiles 300×300
  • Black granite tile 12×24
  • Absolute black granite tile 24×24

Black galaxy granite tile 18×18

Although granite stone occurs in several regions, however finding the right supplier can critically affect your project’s budget and Quality.

Quality Standards

Choosing the right supplier requires a complete analysis regarding the quality standards. Does your supplier adhere to the quality standards? China has undoubtedly emerged among the suppliers and earned a good reputation regarding international quality standards. It’s among the greatest black granite suppliers in the world.

Having A Sustainable Supply Chain

Pick suppliers having a sustainable supply chain enhances your experience. Ethical sourcing and responsible practices are important and fortunately, you’ve got several granite suppliers in China. Prioritize sustainable supply chain management since it ensures eco-friendly practices.

Best Prices

Break the suppliers’ monopoly and ensure buying within a competitive market having several key players. This can help you enjoy competitive prices. You can compare the prices and pick a good supplier offering great packages. Get the best value and make your projects shine.


The geological properties found within China’s landscape. Find a huge black granite collection including textures, shades, and finishing styles. Having high-end technological innovations and extraction processes from the granite quarries.


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