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Black Quartzite Stone Colors:

Explore the Elegance

George Stone provides black quartzite stones in different shades. We offer diverse options to meet your project requirements precisely. Whether you need raven, charcoal , or graphite shade quartzite, you can check out all under the same roof. All these stones come with natural veinings that give them a unique look.

Advantages of Black Quartzite

In recent years, black quartzite has become the most preferred choice of homeowners and construction contractors. Some primary reasons for the same include:


Black quartzite stone can last for decades with minimal care. Its high strength makes it suitable for even high-traffic areas.

Natural Appeal

The quartzite stone is naturally eye-appealing. Its dark black color and unique veining patterns add a touch of luxury to the space. The stone has a dramatic contrast that suits both contemporary and conventional designs.


You can employ this quartzite stone in different applications. It makes premium quality countertops, wall tiles, flooring slabs, and backsplashes.


Unlike other stones, quartzite does not require much care. With regular cleaning and periodic sealing, you can preserve it for decades.

Black Quartzite Applications

Why Buy Black Quartzite From George Stone?

George Stone is a one-stop destination for a diverse range of black quartzite products. We deal in quartzite tiles, slabs, and countertops. Furthermore, we have different shades of black quartzite featuring different streakings. Reasons you should consider George Stone for your next purchase.

Global Reach

George Stone has customers in 128 countries across Europe, Asia, and the US. We have won the trust of several reputable brands and businesses. No matter which country you live in, we can ship products to you.

24/7 Support

We are available for your assistance all seven days of the week. George Stone has a dedicated team to listen to customers’ queries and questions. You can also seek our assistance for black quartzite installation and maintenance.

Cutting-edge Production Factory

George Stone has a well-equipped factory in China that covers an area of 20,000 sqm. More than 200 professionals work with us and produce world-class black quartzite countertops, floor tiles, panels, tabletops, and more.

Quality Assurance

At George Stone, you do not need to worry about the quality of quartzite. We give priority to quality in every aspect. All the batches of our black quartzite products undergo rigorous quality tests. You won’t complain about the inconsistency in color and texture.


George Stone is a certified supplier of black quartzite. We have earned numerous certifications that showcase our commitment to quality and service. These include ISO 9001 – 2008, ISO 14001 – 2004, Intertek and AGC. Besides this, we also have FUGRO fireproof certification. These certifications guarantee our commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction.

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Black Quartzite: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide Guide for First-time Buyers

Black quartzite is a renowned building material used in residential and commercial projects. Its bold color shades, versatility, durability, and low-maintenance requirements make it an ideal investment.

 Are you considering this stone for your next project? We insist on reading this in-depth FAQ guide. This post makes you aware of applications, prices, types, and other aspects of black quartzite. 

Let us begin.

The black quartzite is a natural stone that features a rare visual appeal. Primarily, this exotic stone exhibits a black background with dark color shades. However, some of these quartzites might be monotone.

Like most metamorphic rocks, this dark-colored stone originates beneath the earth’s crust. It forms when sandstones having quartz grains are exposed to high temperatures.

The process enables quartz grains to recrystallize and form a dense structure. This process is known as metamorphism, which lasts for millions of years.

The color shade of this quartzite stone ranges from charcoal to raven black. If we check its composition, a black quartzite contains 90 to 99% quartz. In addition to this, it also contains iron hydroxides, silicon, mica, feldspar, talc, feldspar, etc., in small amounts.

The quartzite is highly durable and holds resistance against scratches and chemical damage. Consequently, individuals use it in a wide range of applications. Building material companies use it to make slabs, floor tiles, worktops, kitchen countertops, and more.

Dark quartzite has numerous types, and each type showcases unique features. Individuals can choose the one that goes well with the requirements of their project.

Below are some prominent dark quartzite types.


Belvedere Quartzite

Primarily, Belvedere quartzite is quarried in Angola’s desert of South Africa. Italy is another other top producer of this natural stone.

This fine-grained stone features a deep black shade with delicate white veining. The Quartzite is the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

Since the stone is highly durable and resistant to scratches, you can use it for countertops and bar tops.


Brilliant Black Quartzite

Originating in Brazil, this dark-colored quartzite showcases a rich black color with hints of gray and silver veins. No matter where you use this brilliant black stone, it will complement your space.

While the stone has a single black color in the background, it features white cloud-like waves on the surface.

This rock stone is fade-proof and durable. Consequently, it is ideal for different applications.


Negresco Quartzite

This captivating stone is known for its rich charcoal shade and leather finish. If you want to make your space more welcoming, choose Negresco. The stone also has white streaks over the surface, making it more sophisticated.

Double black quartzite

As the name indicates, double black quartzite stone features an intense black color shade. The stone has a uniform appearance that gives it a classic appearance.

People can use this stone in kitchens, bathrooms, and other interior projects. It is also available in various finishing and thickness options.


Black Diamond Quartzite


If you are looking for a quartzite with a deep black background, diamond quartzite can be an excellent option.

The stone has white and silver crystal steaks over the surface. They look like the sparkle of diamonds.

This black stone has a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors.


Infinity Quartzite


This rock stone looks similar to marble. Nevertheless, it is more durable. The smooth black background with off-white veining makes this siliceous rock more elegant.

It can withstand normal scratches and heat. Therefore, you can install it in high-traffic areas, including floors, kitchen countertops, and more.


Ocean Fantasy Quartzite


For some individuals, Ocean Fantasy quartzite is an excellent alternative to marble. It features a blend of green, black, and blue hues. Its exterior seems like ocean waves.

This rock stone can become an alluring center of attraction in your kitchen, bathroom, or living area.

The lifespan of a black quartzite countertop depends on different factors. The quality of stone and practices for care and maintenance determine the overall age of countertops.

Most individuals can keep this quartzite countertop for decades with basic care. For some individuals, it can be a lifetime investment.

The quartzite is tough enough in its natural form. Hence, it can endure scratches, stains, and heat.  

However, like with every stone countertop, black quartzite countertops require routine maintenance. Though this black stone is minimally porous, it requires surface sealing to prevent moisture penetration.

Like all natural stones, black quartzite is also a pricey material. It has high value due to its black pigments. As a result, slabs made of black quartzite are comparatively high-priced.

Other aspects that make these slabs high-priced are their natural elegance and durability.

Additionally, black quartzite slabs can endure scratches and day-to-day wear and tear. These factors also increase their price.

The price of a black quartzite slab ranges between USD 100 and 500 per square meter. It will cost you USD 10-15 per sqft.

Various factors cause this price variation. For example, the origin of black quartzite material, the rarity of intricate patterns, and the finishing of the slab.

Other in-direct influencing factors include shipping cost, product demand, and the brand value of the supplier.

The initial amount of these quartzite slabs might look higher, but in the long run, they are affordable. After all, they require low maintenance and last for decades.

Black quartzite, granite, and marble are well-liked building materials. People use them for commercial and non-commercial projects. While these stones have similar colors, they are different in various aspects.

Let us get to know the fundamental difference between them.




Black Quartzite

Black Granite

Black Marble


People praise black quartzite for its extraordinary aesthetics. It features a dark black background with subtle flecks. It looks like marble, but it has a more uniform color shade.  

Black granite features a grainy texture with a deep black color. However, some granites are polished to enhance their shine. You may also notice grayish or off-white veins over its surface.

Black marble looks similar to black quartzite. It highlights a black-to-gray background with gold and white veins. Unlike granite, it has a grainy texture.


Quartzite stone is highly durable. It has a hardness score of 7 on the Mohs scale. The stone is resistant to scratches, heat, and etching. Individuals can install it in high-traffic areas.



Black granite’s toughness ranks between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale. Like quartzite, it is also resistant to scratches and wear and tear.

Black marble is not as tough as quartzite and granite. In the Mohs scale, its hardness scales about 3. Since it is soft and porous, it might etch from acidic chemicals.

Maintenance Requirement

The maintenance requirement of this quartzite is relatively low. Just give it routine cleaning using a mild soap. You can seal it periodically to protect against stains.


Granite also needs minimal care and maintenance. Individuals must seal it when required to maintain its appearance and strength.



Since black marble is a porous and delicate material, it requires relatively more care. It should not come into direct contact with acidic substances and citrus juices. Whether you use it as a countertop or floor, seal it with sealant.






Quartzite is expensive among all three. Its price starts at USD 100 per sqm. It can go up to USD 500 per square meter. In short, it costs you around USD 10-50 per sqft.


The price of black granite ranges between USD 10 and 40 per square meter. If we compare in square feet, it will be USD 1-4 per sqft.

Since black marble has limited availability and luxury appearance, its price ranges between USD 10 and 50 per square meter. In square feet, it calculates USD 1-5 per sqft.

Black quartzite stone is tough and elegant. However, to ensure that you buy a genuine product, you must keep certain things in mind.


Some aspects to consider when buying quartzite include:


Consistency in Color

The black quartzite stone may have different shades of black. Generally, it ranges from dark charcoal to grayish-black. Regardless of the shade you buy, the color must be consistent throughout the surface. Avoid buying blocks with unevenness and patchiness.


Veining Patterns

Dark quartzite stones feature a variety of natural patterns and speckling. Most of the time, they have white or gray patterns. You can choose patterns that suit the overall design scheme of your space.


Finishing Options

You can choose quartzite stone with distinct finishings, such as polished, leathered, and honed. Each finish has a different look and feel. Go for the one that complements the intended application. You can seek expert advice from your interior decorators or construction contractors.


Maintenance Requirements

Before you buy quartzite stone, do not forget to learn about its maintenance requirements. Though dark quartzite is resistant to heat, stain, and scratch, it requires regular cleaning and sealing to preserve its inherent robustness.


Ask for Samples

If you have doubts about the quality, request a sample from your supplier. They might send you a small shard of your preferred quartzite. Moreover, the sample can help you learn what will work best for your space.


Reputation of Supplier


Make inquiries about the reputation of your potential supplier. They must have a legitimate license to sell building materials. Moreover, their products must pass quality standards. Read reviews about their product and service over the internet. Additionally, learn about after-sales services, warranties, and other policies.



Black quartzite tends to be expensive. Consequently, compare the price quotes from different suppliers. You can choose the one that offers quality quartzite at the best price. Remember, the price of quartzite varies based on factors like origin, finishing, quality, customer demand, and so on.

  • Along with China, black quartzite is found in Brazil, Spain, India, and Germany. Nevertheless, buying quartzite from China has unique benefits. Let us explore them.



    Premium Quality 

    China is one of the largest suppliers of quartzite stones in the world. It has innovative quartzite processing solutions, helping the country produce quality stones. China has a well-developed stone industry with state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsmanship.  


    Strict Quality Control

    Most Chinese companies have a rigorous quality control system in place. Their products undergo strict quality control measures. You can rest assured about the durability, color consistency, and texture of your stone.

    Variety of Options

    China has massive black quartzite deposits. Therefore, Chinese suppliers provide a wide range of dark quartzite stones. You can choose color shade, veining patterns, and finishing as per your choice.

    Affordable Quartzite

    China is known for its inexpensive black quartzite. Chinese companies take a systematic approach to quartzite mining and production. It reduces the overall production cost to a great extent. Besides this, cheap labor and shipping costs help Chinese suppliers sell quartzite at the best price.


    Several Manufacturers

    China is home to countless quartzite product manufacturers. Therefore, you have several options to choose the one that suits your budget and project requirements. Nevertheless, do not forget to learn about their production process, certifications, and support services.

Dark quartzite is quite resilient. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh outdoor conditions. These qualities make this stone suitable for outdoor flooring.

You can install quartzite on walkways, patios, and pavings. No matter how the climate is in your region, quartzite floors will not disappoint you.

Let us find out what qualities make black quartzite ideal for outdoor flooring.

  • The quartzite can give a sense of elegance to your outdoor floor. Its dark color and natural veins improve the visual appeal of an outdoor area.


  • Quartzite is a hard rock, having excellent strength and durability. Furthermore, UV radiation and harsh temperatures have negligible effects on the stone.


  • The stone is slip-resistant. Even if the floor is wet, you do not need to worry about slipping.
  • Quartzite does not require excessive maintenance. It will be easier for you to maintain your outdoor quartzite floor. You can quickly clean it with mild detergent and lukewarm water.


Can you provide samples of your black quartzite?

George Stone is a certified golden supplier of black quartzite products. Whether you buy slabs, tiles, or countertops, you will get 100% genuine products that meet international standards.

We have uploaded original pictures of quartzite products on our website. You can get an idea of the quality we are offering.

You can also request a sample if you want to check the quartzite personally.

Our team will send you a small piece of quartzite we use. It will give you an idea about the quality of quartzite we would use. Moreover, it will help you find the perfect match based on your requirements.

At George Stone, we try to give you confidence about your purchase.

George Stone is a certified golden supplier of black quartzite products. Whether you buy slabs, tiles, or countertops, you will get 100% genuine products that meet international standards.

We have uploaded original pictures of quartzite products on our website. You can get an idea of the quality we are offering.

You can also request a sample if you want to check the quartzite personally.

Our team will send you a small piece of quartzite we use. It will give you an idea about the quality of quartzite we would use. Moreover, it will help you find the perfect match based on your requirements.

At George Stone, we try to give you confidence about your purchase.

No matter how fine the black quartzite products we produce, if our packaging and shipping are not up to the mark, we can’t get loyal customers. At George Stone, we give priority to these services as well.


Quartzite Packaging

George Stone employs international-standard packaging techniques to ensure the security of quartzite products during transportation. We pack quartzite slabs in special wooden boxes.

These boxes are covered with waterproof plastic film. Furthermore, each slab is separated by pearl wool. To prevent quartzite slabs from external factors, we use corner guards.


Product Delivery and Shipment 

George Stone has tie-ups with renowned logistic providers. No matter how big or small your order is, our team works closely with shipping partners to deliver the product on time. We arrange secure transportation and coordinate all the possible factors of transportation.

At George Stone, we offer competitive sea freight and custom clearance service. We also provide our customers with complete product tracking. In addition to this, you also get the facility of insurance.

Yes, black quartzite looks exceptionally graceful around the fireplace. Since it features a rich black shade, it will enhance the overall design of your fireplace.

Another thing that makes quartzite an excellent choice for a fireplace is its heat resistance capacity. You can safely use it around your fireside without being worried about color discoloration and damage.

Some dark quartzite stones can endure temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yes, dark quartzite is easy to repair. Nevertheless, how fine you can repair it depends on the severity of the damage.

Craftsmen can polish minor scratches and surface imperfections using special equipment. For severe damage, color-matched epoxy resin (mixed with adhesive) is filled in the cracks. Subsequently, smoothing is performed to blend the material seamlessly around the stone.

We advise you to hire professionals to get a perfect outcome.

Undoubtedly, leathered quartzite is relatively durable. The stone features a leather textured finish that looks exactly like leather. Individuals prefer this finishing for quartzite countertops.

Since this finish makes the quartzite dense, it can endure stains and scratches. In addition to this, it enhances the stone’s capability to withstand heat.

Leather-finish quartzite also looks quite luxurious. It conceals minor imperfections in the stone and preserves its aesthetic appeal for an extended period.

If you are looking for a quartzite that requires minimal maintenance, go for leathered quartzite. The finishing also makes quartzite slip-resistant. Consequently, you can use leathered quartzite for outdoor flooring, bathrooms, and swimming pools.

This quartzite is an excellent investment for homeowners and construction companies. After all, it can maintain its functionality and beauty for decades.

Sealing your quartzite offers a variety of advantages. It prevents staining by filling the pores and fissures of the stone. Sealing creates a protective barrier on the surface that repels all liquid substances, such as oil, liquid chemicals, coffee, wine, etc.

Additionally, sealing strengthens the quartzite and improves its durability by preventing the etching.

You can try the following methods to learn about the sealing requirements of your stone.


Take the Water Absorption Test

It is one of the simplest ways to learn whether or not your stone needs sealing. Pour a few drops of water on the surface. See how quickly it observes water. If water penetrates the surface immediately, seal your quartzite off.


Visible Stains

If you notice the early signs of etching or stain, it is time to re-seal your quartzite stone.


Dull Appearance

Loss of sheen is another crucial indication. If the surface of your quartzite stone is becoming gloomy, it could be due to sealant deterioration. Seal your stone as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


Quartzite Needs Frequent Cleaning

Generally, black quartzite requires low maintenance. If your stone gets dirty frequently and you have to do deep cleaning often, there is a possibility that its sealing has worn off.

If you are not sure about the sealing requirement of your stone, seek professional help. They can evaluate the condition and recommend treatment accordingly.

Final Words

Black quartzite is a versatile and sturdy rock stone that you can use for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its natural beauty and resistance against wear and tear make it an ideal investment for contractors, homeowners, and designers. Since this dark quartzite is gaining popularity worldwide, it is crucial to learn about it in detail.

This FAQ Guide provided valuable insights about this rock and answered several queries. We hope now you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

If you want to learn more about quartzite, contact us. We are available via phone: +86 13077409280. You can also write to us at email id:

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