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Exploring The World Of Vibrant Sophistication with

Blue Granite at George Stone

Presenting to you, the ultimate cool-toned elegance featured by Blue Granite at George Stone. The vibrant color selection and intricate patterns offer a delicate fit, incorporated within your spaces. Explore a stone solution arena where quality meets the best price ranges. At George Stone, we focus on providing a versatile solution to all your building projects.

Explore Our Marvelous Blue Granite Collection

Our stunning blue granite collection within the world’s largest catalog is awaiting you. Get your hands on your favorite ones, considering various aesthetic and functional features. We deliver quality at the best prices.

Why Choose George Blue Granite? 

George Blue Granite features some exceptional qualities that are now available at the best prices. Your architectural designs and revamping projects are now colored in delicate cool tones. This true combination featuring ultimate elegance and durability is your ideal fit if you’re seeking an enriched experience. Having robust durability and functional feasibility, the blue granite tiles can cover any surface around your spaces.

  • This combination featuring aesthetic appeal and durability brings forward a highly cost-effective experience, making it a versatile choice. A cost-effective experience is awaiting you at George Stone where your dreams come true.
  • Blue granite ideally endures all weather conditions including dry, moist, and sun exposure. Extensively harsh conditions do not affect your experience.
  • Ideally incorporated in high-traffic areas, this stone solution offers a low-maintenance experience
  • The low porosity level is another aspect that draws a clear line and makes it stand out.

Stunning Blue Granite Decor Ideas

Are you Stuck and struggling while finding the right blue granite decor ideas? The true sophistication and elegance featured by Blue Granite opens extensive options and lets you pick your aesthetic ideas.


Blue And Metal Combination

The gold metal look appears stunning and ideally provides a luxurious contrast having a warm gold hue standing out within the cool blue tones. The metals instantly elevate the look and make the spaces appear sophisticated and extravagant without going the extra mile.


Embrace Nature And Its Beauty

If you’re a keen nature lover, the natural ocean and color palettes featured by the granite stone look ideal places when combined using some natural plant decor. You can even add some sea shells within the decor, adding a natural soothing vibe.

blue granite countertop

Stunning Color Pop Within Neutrals

You can add a subtle color pop using these blue granite structures and surfaces within your neutral spaces. The stone appears flamboyant with minimal aesthetics.

Choose Us And Craft Your Projects

George Stone, boasting several international certifications and having hundreds and thousands of happy clients around the world, aims at offering real-time assistance through sustainable blue granite supply and an impressive technology-based VR assistance, for increased transparency.

Certifications and Product Parameters

We have ISO, SGS, and Quality Control Management System certificates under our belt.

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A Complete Guide Paving Your Way To Using Blue Granite:

Blue granite is a cool-toned granite variant exhibiting a stunning color palette, varied veined patterns, and rich textures. The luxurious blue color owes to Sodalite, featuring a rich color palette and intricate patterns making the surface vibrant. The delicate patterns are often observed in white, grey, and black colors. The natural geological processes assist the granite formation in the Earth’s crust. The mineral composition makes the granite appear stunningly blue. These minerals possess distinct qualities that aggregate making the overall look quite appealing in cool tones.

Blue Granite features the following qualities:

  • Stunning appearance having a rich color palette and visually intricate
  • High-end quality featuring resilience and durability

The Chinese suppliers provide a beautiful variety featuring multiple colors, patterns, and quality grades. Although there are several sources in the world, China offers the most diverse variety at its best price. Also, the technological advancements and innovative eco-friendly techniques elevate your experience.

Picking between different materials requires a proper assessment regarding the main factors like maintenance, aesthetics, durability, and affordability aspects. A keen analysis can help you choose and make the right decision. Marble and granite are two popular building materials that have distinct qualities. Consider all the following factors and make your choice considering your aesthetic requirements and preferences.

Appearance And Aesthetic Appeal

Marble and blue granite tiles are both equally appealing in terms of appearance. They look vibrant and dynamic creating them a beautiful focal point within the spaces. The blue granite’s cool blue hues create a beautiful color pop within the neutral spaces. Marble also offers stunning color ranges and veining patterns.

Durability Aspects

The durability aspects draw a line between the two building materials. Granite features a substantially higher rate of durability. However, marble isn’t as durable if compared to granite structures that do not require any massive sealing hassles. They’re durable enough and can be used for outdoor and indoor applications even in harsh weather. They don’t get easily scratched or harmed.

Choosing between marble and granite is easier if you’re about your requirements and consider your applications beforehand. If you’re prioritizing maintenance convenience and durability, the granite options always win.

Following popular blue granite finishes can overwhelm your experience:

Polished Blue Granite 

The surface has a mirror-like appearance and is glossy and sparkling. It gives tiles the smoothest edge possible. Polishing is done by repeatedly using special polishing treatments. This finishing is extremely common, popularly carried out in China, and supplied around the world. Polished tiles are generally used to create counters and benches in interior spaces, however, they are not advised outside as they lessen slide resistance.

Honed Blue Granite

The most popular method for granite is honing. A honed finish offers a smoothness level less than a polished finish; as a result, the surface is smooth but dull or faintly reflecting. Floor tiles in high-traffic areas are typically sharpened rather than polished.

Flamed Blue Granite

The stone’s surface is generally exposed in a high-temperature flame, producing this finish. Defects and tone variations are hidden by the hard, non-slip, and often fading color featured by the final surface.

Bush-Hammered Blue Granite 

Highly textured finish, proposing a final result used well outside on surfaces like walkways or pavement. The stone receives a blow using a mechanical hammer, causing tiny surface depressions.

If you’re looking forward to installing blue granite flooring tile in your spaces, make sure that you’re considering all the following aspects. Here are the pros and cons.


The Appearance

An attractive option is offered by blue granite floor tiles, offering delicate patterns combining blue hues. It combines cool tones and nature’s artistic designs offering an enormous aesthetic variation, thus you have a huge collection to explore. Blue granite complements both traditional and modern design elements and is aesthetically pleasing in almost any style.

Impressive Resilience

Being a natural stone, granite is impressively resilient and durable, making it a wise choice especially if you’re considering the requirements when building high-traffic areas like floors. Granite is undoubtedly more resilient than marble, and it retains its color even in the most extreme weather and sunlight.


Given the floor’s extensive exposure in moisture, granite can be a suitable choice in any area. It can tolerate all spills and surface components. Its resistance can be really impressive. Granite doesn’t absorb water and is therefore less porous than other materials, it can even be sealed well, keeping the moisture completely out. It’s crucial that you choose the right non-slip finish when laying granite flooring in a bathroom.


Cool hues are the focal point in the blue granite variant. You might not find your match if you’re seeking warm tones.

The blue granite’s stunning cool hues make your pool spaces look vibrant and beautiful effortlessly. Merely having a blue granite liner elevates the overall space. The installation process has some requirements.

Precise Measurements

Precision is the key when starting the process of granite installation. Precision can make your spaces look neat and well done. Get the area properly inspected, finding out all irregularities and repair requirements. Get everything fixed so that future processes can be easily done. Prepare the surfaces well.

Installation Temperature

A fine sunny day is ideally suggested if you’re planning granite installation. Higher temperature is considered more favorable in this regard. Experts suggest that this makes the process substantially easier.


Careful alignment is crucial beforehand since misalignment can cause issues later. The pattern within the tiles looks disturbed in case they’re misaligned because of negligence. 

Sealing The Pool Liner

Seal the surface since it can easily ensure the surface’s durability. Since pools are always wet, this can ensure longevity and durability. You might have to get the sealant done again after some period.

Blue granite features a perfect solution in interior and exterior applications because it’s naturally compact and durable, featuring a highly impressive aesthetic appeal.

It effectively resists heat, weathering, stains, and scratches. This is especially useful in areas that must be both aesthetically pleasing and extensively used. Maintaining its longevity and beauty in interior areas may require sealing and basic maintenance like proper cleaning. Here are some important applications.


  • Blue granite gives a modern and beautiful look within your spaces if you integrate it into your countertop, bar top, and vanity tops. The blue tones are appealing and luxurious when Incorporated within the spaces.


  • It provides long-term use and aesthetic appeal within your living rooms, hallways, and entranceways when applied as cut-to-size flooring and walls. It can even be used creating outdoor floors since it offers a high durability level.

Wall Cladding:

  • This granite is frequently used as large wall panels or fireplace surrounds, creating a one-of-a-kind focal point in a space.

Decorative pieces:

  • you can decorate your interior spaces and offer a classy feel using Blue granite. It can be carved into beautiful pieces like shelving, coffee or dining table tops, and other pieces.

Installing the blue granite countertops requires proper craftsmanship and skillset. The right strategies bring out the true beauty, making your countertop more appealing, luxurious, and durable in the long run.

Finding The Right Blue Granite Slab

As the process begins, find the right blue granite slab considering the color shade, veining patterns, and thickness. Keep the quality as the most important aspect since it will decide the longevity and durability. Find the right supplier beforehand.

Acquire Professional Help

Remember, you need some professional assistance that will help install the countertops properly. This ensures there are no misalignment or installation mistakes.

Precision in measurements

Keep the slabs precise and that’s only possible if you get all the area measured beforehand. Measure it twice, ensuring there’s no error. Once the slab is cut, it might be quite difficult if there are any errors requiring fixation.

Ensure Stable Surface

The surface should be stable and clean ensuring proper installation without any instability. A professional inspection is suggested eliminating any risks.


After final installation, the last step is sealing. Although granite’s porosity is nearly negligible. However, getting the surface properly sealed keeps all the risks at bay, and makes your countertops way more durable and resilient against spilling ingredients.

Maintaining the stunning blue hues within your bathroom spaces isn’t difficult at all. Blue granite vanity tops merely require a basic cleaning session. However, cleaning them using the right technique is an art. This is where many homeowners lack and end up damaging their vanity tops and countertops.

  • Adopting a proactive cleaning approach

Adopt a proactive approach while cleaning up the surfaces. This means that don’t delay the cleaning sessions. Apart from the regular cleaning sessions whenever you accidentally spill something over them, clean them up immediately and ensure clean surfaces at all times. This helps cut down any need for extensive cleansing sessions since you’re cleaning everything in time.

  • Choosing the cleaning Products

While choosing the cleaning products, make sure that you’re picking those having a neutral pH. This is significantly important since the acidic substances aren’t quite friendly. Even though granite is quite impressively resilient, acidic materials can be abrasive. Pick a mild cleaning product and mix it into water, preparing a mild mixture.

  • Finding the right wiping materials

 Find a softer cloth or sponge ensuring that the surfaces are scrubbed harshly. Whether it’s dry cleaning or wet cleaning, the surfaces should be extremely soft and gentle.

The blue granite tile price is 50-200 USD per Square meter and 5-20 USD per Square foot. This is the average granite price in China, where you get competitive prices and a consistently sustainable supply. Finding the right supplier makes a huge difference in this regard. This doesn’t affect the price only but the granite quality too.

  • You might wonder why blue granite is an expensive option by simply analyzing the initial pricing. When assessing the cost-effectiveness of a building material in your project, you must look into two aspects; the initial cost and future maintenance or replacement costs.
  • A cheaper material that either requires expensive maintenance hassles or introduces replacement costs would only end up being even more expensive. Therefore, there’s a lot more beyond the initial cost that you must consider.
  • Fortunately, blue granite is neither too expensive considering its initial pricing, nor does it require any expensive maintenance or replacement. If kept well, granite looks brand-new for ages and doesn’t require any replacement. The same stone can even be reused for any new projects.

Considering all the above-mentioned aspects, blue granite is clearly an affordable and cost-effective price. It’s a safe investment and helps you enjoy a durable solution.

Blue granite is among the most low-maintenance materials. Therefore, there are no extensive maintenance hassles or costs related.

Avoid harsh cleaners

Harsh acidic cleaning substances can affect the durability and damage the surface, making it lose its luster and luxurious appearance. pH-neutral cleaning products are the best fit in this case. While buying a cleaning product, always read the back label learning about the ingredients. Also, make an aqueous solution while cleaning.

Avoid abrasive surface contact

Use a fluffy cloth and wipe dust and debris. Also, use the softer side when you’re scrubbing using a sponge. The texture is protected against any damage caused by harsh scrubbing. Although granite stone provides a durable solution, repetitive scrubbing can affect the aesthetic appeal.

Regular sealing

Regular sealing is an ideal solution, fixing even the negligible porosity concerns. Although the porosity is not a concern while using granite, however, sealing is always better as it adds a protective layer.

Regular cleaning sessions

Regularly clean the surface as it ensures the surface’s luster, making a durable solution that maintains the apparent beauty.

The incredible blue granite can be easily maintained without any issues or extensive cases. In case of damage, you can acquire some professional Assistance.

Here’s how you can pick the right blue granite tile and incorporate it into your spaces:

Tile’s quality

  • Never compromise on the quality, always get the quality assessed before investing in it. Your structure’s longevity, durability, and cost-effectiveness highly depend on the quality. Poor-qualitytiles can be super disappointing.

Size considering the application and measurements

  • The most commonly preferred one is blue granite tile 12×12.It’s widely used in several applications however, the right size highly depends on the structural plan and preferred outcomes. Hiring an expert can streamline the whole process.


  • A granite tile around 2-3 cm thick will be an ideally suggested choice however, the cheaper versions are available having a 1.8 cm thickness. Many people overlook this aspect but it crucially affects your experience. Ensure getting your hands on the right thickness level.

Color Shades

  • The blue hue shades varieties are diversely available, therefore pick the right cool tones keeping your aesthetic goals in consideration regarding the spaces. From the lighter blue color tones tothe darker palette, you’ve got several options.

Tile’s Finish

  • You must Consider all the main practical and aesthetic aspects while choosing the finishing styles. There are several finishing styles Including the honed, Polished, flamed, brushed, and leather granite tiles.

If you’re concerned about the weathering aspects, blue granite tiles and pavers are your ideal fit.

Weather resistance is among the most impressive traits that contribute to the practical feasibility aspects. You must pick a weather-resistant material for building your outdoor spaces like pavers, driveways, and more.

  • Blue granite is impressively rich in its mineral composition. Having Feldspar, mica, and quartz in surplus amounts, the blue granite stoneoffers high resilience and durability even in harsh weather.
  • Even in sun exposure, snowfalls, and rains, the granite walls Claddings, and floor surfaces do not get affected adversely. Where any other material might show any signs of damage because it had been exposed in thisharsh weather, the granite stone withstands everything. It ideally maintains the integral quality.
  • Sudden temperature fluctuations, which are generally a big concern, aren’t problematic if you’re investing in granite stone tiles. They show resistance even in the freeze-thaw cycles without ever cracking or deteriorating.
  • Featuring a negligible porosity level, this doesn’t absorb any moisture and ensuresimpressive durability and longevity even if It is a long-term outdoor application. It doesn’t get corroded or degraded in the salt-laden atmosphere in coastal regions.

Styling your spaces using blue granite is easier since you can think out of the box because you don’t have to worry about its applicability and durability.

It’s a durable solution suggested even in outdoor applications. Also, it’s versatile enough and can fit into all spaces and applications.

  • Add some color contrasts in your blue granite spaces. The color pop always looks incredible as you start embracing the true beauty of blue granite. Yellow, orange, gold, and some other warm colors offer a stunning contrast. The cool colors combine with the warm hues to make each other stand out.
  • If you’re seeking some drama within your spaces, try creating artistic wall claddings using blue granite. Build accent walls and add a boldness elevating the overall look.
  • If it’s about your kitchen, the beautifully designed backsplashes offer a stunning solution, not only offering a stylish appearance but also functional aspects.

The options never seem like ending if you’re decorating your spaces using blue granite. Since it’s highly functional and durable.

Since blue granite possesses a stunning cool tone color palette, offering beautiful colors and patterns, it’s widely being used in several applications around the world. You can effectively incorporate marvelous blue tones into your spaces by using it into the following applications.

Blue granite decorative elements

  • Add stunning blue granite art pieces and decorative elements within your spaces, creating an overall sophisticated yet luxurious appeal. The blue tones ideally match all the neutral tones and cool palettes at the same time.

Blue granite backsplash

  • The luxuriously beautiful backsplashes using blue granite can instantly uplift your kitchen’s interior. Decorate the whole space using some white or neutral-toned décor pieces creating a minimal contrast and upgrading your interior décor style.

Blue granite exterior wall cladding

  • Ensure your exterior claddings are no more boring. The subtle yet elegant addition uplifts the appearance and adding some ornamental plants further elevates the appearance.

Blue granite coffee table

  • Create beautiful coffee tables and dining tables in your living spaces and dining rooms. The blue granite features a luxurious appeal since blue is an elegant and royal color.

In short, there’s a lot you can do using stunning blue granite finishes. Ensure picking the right finishing style considering the application.

Finding the right supplier is the most important yet most complicated step, if this goes wrong, you might mess up the project or end up wasting your money.

Supply Chain

Pick a blue granite supplier that provides you a sustainable supply chain and uses an eco-conscious approach. This is critically important as an informed buyer that you should encourage and promote sustainable sourcing.

Greater Variety

Blue granite serves as a building material in multiple applications. Having this said, pick a supplier who can offer distinct varieties for all the applications considering your aesthetic preferences.

Compliance with international standards

International standards must always be complied with. It might be hard finding these suppliers, however, once you do, remember that it’s even worth paying more.

Quality Certifications

Ideally, choose a brand possessing quality certifications. This reflects that the brand is a reputable one.


Transparency helps optimize your experience and helps you create your dream projects. Providing a real-time check into the true and factual information prevents undue expectations.


Although we don’t recommend running after cheaper products, affordability is another important aspect for many people on a budget. Pick a supplier offering good pricing and uncompromised Quality.



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