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Whether you want blue marble stone, slabs, tiles, countertops, or wall tiles, get everything under one roof. George Stone sells all types of building materials so that you do not need to go anywhere. Check out some of our most-selling marble products.

George Stone:

Buy Premium Quality Blue Marble at the Best Price

Do you want to buy a genuine blue marble from China?

Do you want to buy a genuine blue marble from China? You have landed in the right place. George Stone is one of the fastest-growing building material suppliers in China. We sell a diverse range of blue marble floor tiles, countertops, wall panels, and other building materials.

Do you want to buy a genuine blue marble from China?

Do you want to buy a genuine blue marble from China? You have landed in the right place. George Stone is one of the fastest-growing building material suppliers in China. We sell a diverse range of blue marble floor tiles, countertops, wall panels, and other building materials.

Why Buy Blue Marble from George Stone

George Stone is a trustworthy blue marble supplier with customers all over the globe. We supply products to our clients in the USA, Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia, Ethiopia, and the Middle East.

Affordable Products

We are committed to providing you with premium products at the best possible price. We sell blue marbles straight from our factory. There is no middleman.

Free Samples

We also provide free samples for bulk orders. Therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of our blue marble products. Feel the quality and make decisions accordingly.

One-Stop Solution

At George Stone, you can buy different types of blue marble. Furthermore, we also assist in product shipping, installation, and maintenance.

Years of Experience

George Stone has experienced professionals working in the industry for years. With more than 30 years of experience, we have accomplished several projects in more than 128 countries.

Huge Production Line

We have a well-established production line at George Stone. Our production line has an area of 100,000,000 square meters. It houses cutting-edge Chinese and Italian machines to streamline manufacturing.

Types of Blue Marble in China

China is a large country with diverse geographical locations. Therefore, the country produces various blue marbles that feature distinct veining patterns. Whether you want dark blue marble or light blue marble, you can buy it all here.

At George Stone, we make available a diverse range of blue marbles that you can choose from as per your budget and requirements. We also have the rarest Chinese blue marbles that can elevate the beauty of your space.

Quality Certifications and Product Parameters

George Stone is a fully certified building material supplier that has been operating for years. We have earned several honors and certifications for our quality work. We have certifications like ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, AGC, and more. We have established an in-depth control system for all processes that help us achieve optimum production quality. With each product, you get an accurate product parameter. Regardless of the blue marble you buy, you will get all the information about its size, hardness, color, chemical resistance, capacity, and grade.

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Blue Marble: The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Novices

Blue marble is an eye-appealing natural marble quarried in numerous countries. People around the world use it in diverse construction and design projects.

This marble is available in diverse types. Each features a unique color and veining. It makes attractive countertops, slabs, bathroom tiles, wall tiles, etc.

Are you looking to buy a blue marble? Do you want to get complete information about this marble? We have got you covered.

This comprehensive guide gives detailed information about this natural stone. After going through this post, you can buy quality blue marble at an affordable price. Without any further delay, let us get into it.

As the name suggests, the blue marble features blue hues. Like all natural marbles, it is also a sedimentary rock.

In short, the marble is a result of the metamorphism process. In this process, rocks get altered on the earth with high heat and pressure. The rock forms from deposits gathered on the surface of the earth.

The composition and color of a blue marble may differ based on the mining location.

For example, marble excavated in Shenandoah, West Virginia, comprises calcium carbonate. Its color can be somewhat grayish blue.

Similarly, the marble in Pennsylvania consists of sand-sized grains.

The blue limestone marble is excavated in several countries worldwide. Some renowned ones include the United States, Italy, Brazil, China, and Spain. This marble comes in a diverse range of blue hues. It can range from deep blue to light blue. Sometimes, it is bluish-gray and white.

Like colors, the marble features varied veining patterns.

The limestone is known for offering a calming effect and graceful appearance to the space.

There are several types of blue marble available in the market. They feature distinct shades of blue and veining. Moreover, their characteristics are different.

Let us get to know about some top-selling blue marble types.

Calacatta Blue

Calacatta Blue is a premium marble quarried in the Apuan Mountains of Carrara, Italy. The base color of the stone is creamy white. However, you will see blue veining on it. It makes the space luxurious with its unique blue patterns and ivory color.

The marble has numerous uses. For instance, you can install it on floors, around your fireplace, and on countertops.

Diamond Blue

Diamond Blue is a beautiful marble found in the Andes mountain range of Brazil. If you see its base color, you will notice a perfect blend of blue, gray, and white. Its unique pattern makes it suitable for numerous interior and exterior spaces. You can employ it on stairs, countertops, walls, etc.

Blue Fantasy Marble

Blue Fantasy Marble is another prominent marble on the list. People prefer it for the interiors of their houses. Made of recrystallized calcite, the marble features a bluish-white color.

The stone has an exotic appearance making it suitable for countertops, walls, and floors. Moreover, it is hard so you can use it in areas with high foot traffic.

Allure Marble

If you are looking for a marble with a grayish-blue shade, Allure marble can be a good choice. This metamorphic stone is globally renowned for its classic charm.

Numerous well-known structures across the world have been made with this marble. Some famous ones include the Taj Mahal, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, etc.

Blue Ice Marble

Blue Ice is an eye-appealing Iranian marble. The base color of the stone features a blend of blue and charcoal. You will also notice unique veins on it.

Overall, the appearance of stone looks like a cracked glacier. If you want to buy a minimal-designed marble, it can suit your needs.

Moreover, the stone is tough enough to endure day-to-day wear and tear.

Blue Fantasy Marble

Blue Fantasy Marble is another prominent marble on the list. People prefer it for the interiors of their houses. It features a bluish-white color that gives it an exotic appearance. The marble is comparatively hard. Therefore, it is also suitable for high-traffic areas.


Palissandro marble originates in Italy. While the base color is bluish-gray, you can see some black, white, and brown patterns on the surface. Overall, the marble depicts a cloudy yet elegant appearance.

Palissandro blue limestone is suitable for wall cladding, flooring, and interior applications.

Onyx Blue

Onyx is another well-accepted marble on the list. It is a dark blue marble with a rich hue and texture.

Generally, people use it for wall cladding and flooring due to its blue shade. The good thing is that you can use it for homes, offices, and other commercial setups.

This metamorphic rock can enhance the overall appearance of your space immediately.

Azul Cielo Marble

Azul Cielo marble features a sky blue color. It is particularly quarried in Argentina and used to make marble blocks, slabs, tiles, and countertops.

In addition to this, individuals also use it in pools as its color makes the pool water more attractive.

Aquamarine Marble

Aquamarine marble looks precisely like its name indicates. The marble originates in Brazil and has multiple applications. It has a bluish-green shade with smooth white veins. Once the marble is polished and sealed, it gives a lustrous appearance.

Blue Jeans Marble

Presenting shades of blue and gray, blue jeans marble has a perfect balance of classic and contemporary design.

The pattern of the marble looks like that of denim fabric. Consequently, the marble is called blue jeans marble.

You can see elegant white veins that naturally boost the beauty of this rock marble several times.

The marble is suitable for flooring, countertops, accent walls, etc.

Blue marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones used as a building material in various ways. It features eye-appealing shades of blue and veining patterns.

Furthermore, it lends timeless appeal to the space you apply it on. This marble is tough enough to last for decades.


Some advantages of this marble are as per below:


Visual Charm


Blue marble comes in various shades of blue. And every marble depicts unique patterns. No matter what type of blue shade marble you choose, all are exquisite. People have been admiring its classic beauty for centuries.


Architects, builders, and interior decorators worldwide prefer blue limestone for their projects due to their aesthetic appeal.


Multiple Uses


Blue Marble is versatile. You can use it for both interiors and exteriors.


Building material companies use it to make tiles, slabs, countertops, and more. If you are creative, you can use different blue shade marbles to enhance the interiors of your space.


Easy to Maintain


Blue color marble is comparatively easy to maintain. Most blue-shade marble types are less porous, which means they absorb less liquid. Besides this, the cleaning of marble is also straightforward.



Resistant to Heat


Most of these marbles are resistant to heat. This capability makes them an ideal choice for kitchen countertops and around the fireplace.


Unlike other flooring materials, it stays cool even in harsh sun. Therefore, you can use it for the porch and parking area.


Environmental Friendliness


Since marble is a natural material obtained from mines, it is environmentally friendly. Unlike some non-renewable building materials, you can recycle and repurpose them.




This blue metamorphic rock is quite durable. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, it works fine. You can use it in high-traffic areas without any worries. The marble is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat.


Once the marble is properly sealed, it can endure daily wear and tear.

Blue metamorphic rock is versatile. It is available in various color shades and patterns. As a result, individuals can use it in diverse ways.

Some common examples are below:


Blues marble makes excellent flooring for both residential and commercial properties. Irresistible shades, patterns, cooling properties, and toughness are reasons people prefer this material for flooring. A wide range of blue marble floor tiles are available in the market.


The marble can also be used for making a path. If you have a small garden in your backyard or in front of your home, you can create a walking path with this marble.


Blue marble lets you turn your restroom into a tranquil oasis. You can apply this marble to your bathroom’s floor and walls. In addition to this, you can also use blue-shade marble shelves in your bathroom.


Several people prefer this marble for their swimming pool. The blue color of the stone looks graceful and gives a lively vibe to the pool. Furthermore, it makes the water look cleaner due to its hue.


Sculptors and artists also use these colored marbles in a diverse range of arts, including sculptures, vases, and other decorative items.

Wall cladding

Blue marble wall tiles make excellent wall cladding. People employ them on the walls of their living rooms, bathrooms, and other areas.

This marble looks fantastic as wall cladding, especially if you want to create a sea or sky theme.

Commercial Spaces

The marble is also used in different commercial spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, malls, etc. You can also see them in corporate offices. After all, these marbles look luxurious

Although blue marble has numerous types, in terms of colors, we categorize them into two types, i.e., dark blue and light blue marble.


Several people get confused about which color marble they should choose. Let us learn the specialties of both light and dark blue marbles.


Dark Blue Marble


  • Dark blue marble looks comparatively luxurious. If you want your space to look lavish, dark blue marble can be an ideal choice.
  • The marble features high contrast. Nevertheless, it will blend with other elements of your home entirely.
  • The dark blue color adds a bit of warmth to the space.
  • This colored marble is also suitable for commercial areas due to its capability to uplift the vibe.
  • Furthermore, the marble does not look dirty due to its dark color.


Light Blue Marble


  • Since this marble is light in color, you can use it for various purposes. It blends with diverse color schemes.  


  • When you use light-colored marble on walls, it makes your room look more spacious.
  • The light blue color of the marble gives calmness to the eyes. You can create various themes using these marbles. For example, you can make a sea and sky theme.

Yes, blue marble can be used for flooring. It is scratch-resistant, heat-resilient, and aesthetically appealing stone.


The blue hue of marble improves the overall look of the place you install it. Besides this, its veining patterns give a unique appearance.


You can install these marble floor tiles in your living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Since there are various types of blue marbles, choose the shade based on the theme of your project.


The texture of this marble is smooth. Your feet will feel good to touch it. Moreover, the marble is slightly porous which makes it non-slippery.

Blue Marble is tough and well-adaptable. As a result, you can use it wherever you want. The rock marble impeccably meets the requirements of a classic kitchen.


The delightful blue shade of the marble gives a lavish look. You can use it in your kitchen in multiple ways. For example, you can install them on floors, walls, and countertops. You can also install them around the fireplace.


The blue color marble tile flooring gives a splendid appearance to your kitchen. These marble tiles are scratch-resistant. As they can endure regular wear and tear, you can install them in high-traffic areas as well.


After applying sealing, the stone can prevent liquids and other substances. It means your kitchen countertop is not going to contaminate easily.


Moreover, the marble can withstand heat to a certain extent. You can place hot pans on it without any worry.


All these features make this marble a suitable investment for the kitchen. You can buy light or dark blue marble countertops to create color schemes.


A wide range of blue marble wall tiles is available in the market. Choose the one that suits the demands of your project.

China is one of the largest suppliers of blue marble. A wide range of blue marble stones are excavated in the country.


Alone in the country, there are more than 30 types of blue marbles. It means you can choose from a wide range of varieties.


In addition to this, Chinese blue marbles are budget-friendly.


If you have a limited budget, buying marble from China can be a good option. Besides this, the price of shipping and logistics are affordable in the country.


Numerous suppliers in China provide blue marbles. Research and choose a reliable supplier for your project.

Choosing the right marble for a home requires you to keep certain things in mind. We have put together a few crucial ones for you.


Consider Your Budget


The price of marble varies based on its type, rarity, and demand. Set a budget so that you can narrow down your options.


Choose the Type of Marble


Blue marble has a myriad of types. They feature distinct patterns and color shades. Choose the one that complements the interior of your home. The color of the marble must blend naturally with other elements of your house.

Determine the Application


You can apply this marble on floors, walls, and countertops. Depending on where you want to use it, choose dark or light blue marble.

Choose the Right Size


People using blue marble tiles must consider the size they want. They can also mix large and small tiles to create a texture and add depth to the floor and walls.


Get a Reliable Supplier


A lot of people overlook this, but working with an experienced and genuine building material supplier is necessary. You can’t get premium products until the supplier is reliable.


They must give you all the support related to the marble buying process, shipping, and installation.

Whether you will get a warranty on your purchase or not depends on the supplier. Most trustworthy companies do provide a warranty.


At George Stone, we also provide a warranty of 3 years on blue marble. During this period, we provide complete assistance for all types of manufacturing defects.


Nevertheless, it does not cover damages due to accidents and poor maintenance. If maintained appropriately, our blue marble lasts for decades.

People often ask whether they should choose Chinese blue marble or Italian blue marble. Both marble types are excellent on their own.


You can choose them depending on your preference and budget.


Some primary differences between them as per below.




Italy is worldwide renowned for mining premium and luxurious blue marble. All their marble types, including the blue marble, meet international standards.


Similarly, China-based blue marble stones won’t disappoint you in terms of quality. As long as you work with a trustworthy supplier, you won’t complain about grades.




Generally, Italian blue marbles are considered premium. Therefore, they are comparatively expensive.


These marbles are mined from quarries situated in the remotest areas of Italy. Also, due to the rarity of the marble, their price increases.


You can expect to pay between USD 200 and 500 per square meter (USD 18.55 to USD 46.37 per square foot) for Italian blue marble.


On the other hand, Chinese blue marble is quite affordable. The Chinese stone and marble industry has improved its mining process over the years.


Moreover, they have restructured their demand and supply. Therefore, they can provide marble at a comparatively low price. Their cheap labor and production also help them sell products at a reasonable cost.


For a Chinese blue marble, you will have to pay between USD 50 and 200 per square meter. If we convert the price into square feet, it will cost you between USD 4.64 and 18.55.


Aesthetic Appearance


You can find a wide range of beautiful blue marbles in Italy. Some of the popular ones include Palissandro Bluette, Calacatta Azul, Blue Venato, Blue San Nicola Marble, Palissandro Blue, Crevola Blue, Palissandro Azzurro, Blue San Nicola Marble, and more.


Chinese blue marbles are also incredibly beautiful. They come in various shades. Some popular China-based blue marbles are China Blue River marble, Lemon ice marble, Blue Danube marble, Blue coral marble, etc.

Yes, if you buy marble stone in bulk, George Stone can give you some discounts. However, do not expect to get too much concession. Already, we are selling products at a competitive price.


Compare our blue marble price with other suppliers and find the difference. We provide 100% authentic marble stone at the best possible price.

Yes, you can ask your building material supplier to provide some samples of marble. If you are genuinely interested in buying products, most reputable companies will agree to provide samples.


At George Stone, we provide free samples. First, you can check our products on our website. We have actual pictures of marble stones. It will help you analyze the color shade and quality.


Still, if you want a true picture of the quality and the marble size, we will send you a trial product. Get in touch with our sales team for that.


Blue marble can be an excellent choice for your next project. After all, it is eye-appealing, versatile, and durable. Whether you use it for flooring, accent walls, worktops, or countertops, it works fine. Make sure you buy it from a trustworthy supplier only.

This FAQ guide provides complete information about blue marble, its price, types, and applications. If you want to buy any type of blue marble, get in touch with George Stone.

You not only can purchase the stone but also seek support for its installation and maintenance. We also take care of product shipping and delivery. Contact us via Phone:

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