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Leading Chinese Bluestone Suppliers

Why Choose George Bluestone ?

George Bluestone gives you a one-stop solution for stones. We have certified golden supplier, SGS, ISO and product test reports.

Our company has three stone quarries. As the largest stone collection company, we are affordable for businesses worldwide.

Bluestone Products Available at George Bluestone

Here are the products we create at George Bluestone.

Bluestone Pavers
Bluestone Floor
Bluestone Tiles
Bluestone Coping
Bluestonae Steppers
Bluestone Tabletop

Bluestone vs Flagstone vs Slate vs Limestone





Feature Bluestone Flagstone Slate Limestone
Price (per sqm) $20 – $40 N/A (per sqft) $15 – $27 $10 – $30 $20 – $50
Price (per sqft) $1.86 – $3.71 $15 – $27 $0.93 – $2.78 $1.86 – $4.65
Appearance Natural blue-grey colour. The appearance can vary in texture and hue
  • Varied colours and textures
  • Irregular shapes
Typically dark gray to black, can be smooth or textured Various shades of gray, beige, cream, and brown
Durability Higher durability Resistant to cracking and fading Resistant to staining and scratches It may require sealing for longevity. Otherwise, it is not enough durable.
Maintenance Low maintenance. Low maintenance with the recommendation of occasional cleaning and sealing Low maintenance Moderate maintenance.
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Pool surrounds
  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Retaining walls
Indoor and outdoor flooring and countertops
  • Flooring
  • Cladding
  • Exterior facades
Origin Quarried mainly in the northeastern China,United States Quarried in various regions, including the United States, India, and China Quarried globally, including regions like China, Brazil and India. Quarried worldwide, including the United States, Europe, and Asia
Environmental Impact Generally considered environmentally friendly due to its natural sourcing Can vary based on sourcing practices, some quarries may have environmental concerns Generally environmentally friendly, with some variations based on sourcing and manufacturing practices Environmental impact can vary based on extraction and transportation methods
Versatility Suitable for both traditional and contemporary designs Offers a rustic, natural look suitable for traditional and modern designs Versatile, complements various architectural styles Versatile, fits well with both classic and modern designs

Quality Certifications and Product Parameters

George Stone is a fully certified building material supplier that has been operating for years. We have earned several honors and certifications for our quality work. We have certifications like ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, AGC, and more. We have established an in-depth control system for all processes that help us achieve optimum production quality. With each product, you get an accurate product parameter. Regardless of the blue marble you buy, you will get all the information about its size, hardness, color, chemical resistance, capacity, and grade.

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An Ultimate FAQ Guide to Bluestone


Have you ever wondered about bluestone and its uses? What makes a bluestone popular for walkways, patios and indoor spaces? In this Ultimate FAQ Guide to Bluestone, we are here to answer all your questions in simple terms. Bluestone is a tough natural rock that can handle all kinds of weather. People love to use these rocks outside for patios and different stuff. Bluestone is used for the interior and exterior of a building. Some examples are fireplace edges and floors.

If you are thinking of using bluestone in your home, there are some important things you need to know. The first is sealing. It protects your bluestone and prolongs its beauty. Thickness is another thing you should consider. More thickness is required if you want it to last longer. Living in cold winters, you should remember that bluestones can be affected by freezing and thawing. So proper installation and a chat with a professional are required where the temperature is very low.Are you ready to dive into the world of bluestone? This guide will help you understand more about bluestone. Which choices should you make about bluestone, and how should you keep your projects looking awesome for ages? Let’s explore it.

Absolutely! Bluestone flagstone pavers can be used for indoor and outdoor projects. These aim to enhance the look of your project. Let’s break it down.

For outdoor projects, these stones are like superheroes for creating lovely walkways, fantastic patios and even around pools. Due to the toughness of bluestone, they can handle rain, sun or any harsh climate without losing its charm. These stones can create lovely paths in your gardens.

Bluestone can make your home look more natural and fancy in indoor projects. Bluestone can be used inside your homes for floors and create an aesthetic frame for your fireplace.

The tip for these stones is a little care. A protective coat is used to preserve their looks. It is important to use protective layers in indoor projects. For outside, it is essential to use thick pavers for heavy-duty action protection from weathering.

If you live in a place with chilly winters and want bluestones, do not worry. It can be used, but proper installation is required to handle the cold.

If you want an indoor sanctuary or a charming outdoor, then look no further. Bluestone pavers are up for the task. A little care and know-how will keep your bluestone project looking stunning for years.

Some of the benefits of using honed bluestone pavers are given below.


  • Smooth and Classy Look:Honed bluestone has a soft and redefined surface. In the honing process, stones are ground until they have a flat and even surface. Hence, a matte finish that looks stylish.


  • Matches Different Styles:Having a smooth surface bluestone goes well with many styles, for instance, class, modern, or in between.


  • For Inside Your Home:Bluestones are used inside your homes for counters, walls and floors. Its colour variations make your home more appealing.


  • Brings Out Natural Colors:Bluestone brings its natural colours after honing. This enhances the overall visual appeal of your bluestone.


  • Not Slippery:Bluestone is smooth but not slippery. This quality suggests the application of bluestone in multiple places such as pools, washrooms, and kitchens.


  • Easy to Keep Clean: The best part to know about bluestones is that they are very easy to clean. This quality makes it a perfect choice for places that require cleaning. Since they require less cleaning, we can save a lot of time.

Here are some simple and easy steps to clean and maintain bluestone pavers.


✔️The first step is to remove the debris and dirt from the bluestone pavers. You must choose the right tool to remove dirt from the surface. Consult the supplier or an expert cleaner to do it for you. Otherwise, you can also use a broom to remove the dirt. If your bluestone pavers are delicate, you must hire a professional instead of doing it all by yourself.


✔️After you complete the first phase of removing dirt, the next step is to wash the bluestone paver. The best way to do it is by adding a mild detergent to the water. Then, use it with a soft cloth to clean the bluestone pavers. Most people use acidic chemicals when cleaning the bluestone pavers. This act can lead to damaging and cracking of the bluestone surface. Therefore, you should avoid using harmful chemicals.


✔️Sometimes, there are stubborn stains over the surface of the pavers. Most people use hard cloths or brushes over the bluestone surfaces. This can damage the quality, colour, and appearance of the bluestone pavers. However, experts recommend using a brush with soft bristles. It will prevent damage to your bluestone pavers.


✔️According to experts, we should seal the Bluestone surface every 2-3 years. This practice is recommended to protect bluestone pavers from weathering and stains.

Flagstone Pavers

Regular Bluestone Pavers

Irregular shapes and natural

Uniform shapes

Installation with wider joints

Installation with tighter joints

Suitable for informal appearance

Suitable for a more formal appearance.

Free-form designs

Patios and Walkways

Natural and textured surface

Comes with various uniform textures

Yes, tumbled Bluestone pavers are often suitable for rustic or traditional designs. We attain the rounded edges of the tumbled bluestone using a tumbling process. The rounded edges of tumbled bluestone pavers are the characteristic that makes them suitable for rustic or traditional ambience. It is important to note that we use tumbled bluestone pavers in landscaping or hardscaping projects.

Before choosing any size for bluestone pavers, you must know your project requirements. It will give you an idea of the size most suits you.





12×12 inches

Smaller patio areas

12×24 inches

Walkways or larger patio spaces.

18×18 inches

Larger outdoor areas.

24×24 inches

Larger projects.

36×36 inches

Grand and spacious look in expansive outdoor spaces.


Pathways and informal designs.

  • There are multiple advantages of using the large-format bluestone pavers outdoors. Let’s explore some of the most common advantages:


    Large-format bluestone pavers help us achieve a consistent design at a larger scale. For example, we can use them in expanded areas and walkways. Moreover, we can also reduce the number of joints that are usually higher in small-format bluestone pavers.


    👉If you are looking to create an aesthetically appealing look for the surface, large-format patios are most suitable. As a result, you can get a spacious and grand feel for the targeted surface.


    It is interesting to note that the large-format bluestone pavers require less maintenance. At the same time, they are easier to install as compared to the smaller bluestone pavers. The best part to know is that the cleaning of our pavers becomes easier with large-format bluestone pavers.


    You must know that we can achieve versatility in design using large-format bluestone pavers. We can achieve different arrangements and patterns using the large-format bluestone pavers. Note that we also achieve a higher flexibility in outdoor design projects.


    As mentioned earlier, thick bluestone pavers are more durable and long-lasting. Therefore, large-format bluestone pavers can help us withstand heavy traffic. At the same time, we can also prevent heavy weather exposure such as rain and storms.


    The large-format bluestone pavers are easier to install. As a result, you can save a lot of costs spent on labour work.


    You can see that most of the modern designs are based on large-format bluestone pavers. We can achieve a sleek and modern look using the large-format bluestone pavers.

As we know, using a particular product has some limitations and benefits. The same statement applies to using large format pavers in certain climates. There are some limitations that every designer or construction worker should know. Let’s explore them:


It is important to note that extreme temperatures can damage the large-format bluestone pavers. It can also lead to the cracking of our bluestone pavers. You should know that extreme temperature means extremely cold or extremely hot. Therefore, you should choose bluestone pavers that have good climate resistance qualities.


Porosity is another important factor that puts limitations on the large format pavers. Suppose that your large-format bluestone paver is made from natural stone. One such example is the flagstone paver. This can lead to a higher level of porosity. As a result, there are more chances of extreme water absorption. This can lead to damage or cracking of the bluestone pavers. Sealing is the solution to the higher porosity of the bluestone pavers.


Large-format pavers come with low slip resistance especially when they have smooth finishes. As a result, the surface becomes more slippery when it is wet. This situation can be alarming especially when there is snow or rain. Consider using textured or non-slip finishes in areas prone to moisture.


👉If the temperature is too hot or the paver’s surface is exposed to the sun, it can fade the colour. As a result, this causes an effect on the pavers’ appearance.


When you install large-format pavers in areas where there is too much dust, this can also cause a problem. The maintenance of large-format pavers can become challenging. The cleaning process may consume more time.

It is important that you take the right decision when purchasing some thing. Therefore, we have listed some factors for you to purchase the bluestone pavers. Let’s explore those factors one by one:


✔️The chosen bluestone should have very few imperfections. In other words, you should choose a bluestone with consistent colour.


✔️It is always important to know your project requirements before investing in a bluestone paver. This step will help you accurately choose the right size, shape, and design. Hence, you would be able to choose the right bluestone pavers for your project.


👉Note that you can also consult a supplier to help you choose the right bluestone pavers. An experienced supplier can do it perfectly for you. However, you still need to tell him your project requirements.  


✔️If you purchase the bluestone pavers for heavy-duty jobs, you should buy a thicker one. It is important to note that thick pavers are more durable.


✔️It is also essential to choose the supplier carefully. The chosen bluestone supplier should come from a reputable company. They ensure high-quality material at affordable prices.


✔️One of the most important factors is climate. You should know the climate of the targeted area where you are installing the bluestone.


✔️Consult the right manufacturer for the sealing of your bluestone pavers.

The sawing process can affect the appearance of bluestone pavers in multiple ways. It affects the appearance in both ways; textural appearance and aesthetic appearance. Before moving forward, you must know about the sawing process. It is a process in which we cut the stone into varying shapes and sizes. Interestingly, the saw blades used for the sawing process are equipped with diamond blades.


Let’s explore how sawing affects our bluestone pavers:


If you are a construction worker, you must know that sawn cut is the most common finish for the bluestone pavers. This finish is attained to achieve an even and smoother finish. This helps us showcase the natural texture and colour of the stone. It is important to note that sawn-cut bluestone pavers suit modern designs.


The sawing process also affects the tactile feel of our bluestone pavers. It results from the smoothness achieved through the sawing process. This makes the bluestone pavers more comfortable for walking and other outdoor applications.


We apply honing after the sawing process to achieve a higher level of smoothness. This helps us achieve an enhanced appearance of our bluestone pavers. As a result, we gain a more sophisticated look.


It is interesting to note that the sawing process helps us achieve consistent and precise pavers sizing. We require this uniformity to attain a well-organized appearance for multiple applications.


👉We must note that we achieve clean edges using the sawing process. This helps us achieve a refined and contemporary look of the pavers.


We have to perform some additional processes to get a rustic or aged appearance. For example, we can perform the tumbling process to achieve such an appearance for our bluestone pavers.


The best part to know about the sawing process is that we can enhance the colour variation of pavers. Interestingly, we achieve natural colour variations in the bluestone pavers. This helps us achieve a dynamic surface with different beautiful shades.

Now that you have learned much about the sawn-cut bluestone pavers, let’s discuss their installation. The installation of the sawn-cut bluestone pavers requires careful planning and attention. It helps us ensure successful installation and outcome. Let’s check some most important considerations when installing the bluestone pavers.


When installing the bluestone pavers, we must prepare a base or substrate. This is how we achieve stronger support for our bluestone paver. We can also comply with the bluestone with the soil base. It is also important to use a layer of bedding sand. The mixture helps us to create a stable and level surface.


One of the most challenging situations is the separation or shifting of the bluestone pavers. To prevent this situation from occurring, we have a solution. This is to install the edge restraints along the perimeter of the paved area. It is important to note that this practice is useful for maintaining the integrity of the installation in areas with foot or vehicular traffic.


You must pay careful attention to the joints between pavers. As mentioned earlier, the joints can also impact the appearance of our bluestone pavers. However, it varies according to the specific requirements of the project.


Some experts also use mortar between the joints. This practice is useful, especially for pedestrian areas where we need a tighter joint. You should know that mortar helps us stabilize the pavers. As a result, we can create a more cohesive surface.


Do not forget sealing after installation of sawn-cut bluestone pavers. It will protect our stone from stains, water absorption, and colour removal. As a result, we can increase the lifespan of our bluestone pavers.

First, it is important to note that the average lead time varies depending o multiple factors. These factors are listed as under:


👉Bluestone paver type


👉Quantity required


However, when you order the bluestone pavers, the suppliers usually tells the average lead time. The estimated time told by the supplier depends on the above factors. Since they got an experience, they can tell how much time it will take.


👉Let’s break down this concept in two major parts:

1. Production Time

First comes the production time required for the bluestone pavers. It is the time that our supplier takes to produce the product within ordered quantity, type, and other factors. The chinese suppliers usually take 20 to 30 days to complete such as order. However, this also depends on the complexity of the job.  It also depends on the current workload of the supplier.

2. Transportation Time

Second comes the time required to transport the prepared order for the customer. As mentioned earlier, the international transportation may take the time higher than the local transportation. However, the Chinese suppliers mostly produce and transport the bluestone pavers within the same duration. That is 20 to 30 days max.

Now that you have learned a lot about bluestone pavers, let’s check how to buy them. Mainly, thereare two main sources where you can purchase the bluestone pavers. These are:


  1. Local Stores
  2. Online Stores


Most people prefer to purchase the bluestone pavers from the local suppliers. The reason is that you don’t have to spend on shipping costs. For example, when you order from other cities or countries, you have to pay a shipping fee. Not only this, but you also need to pay taxes and importing charges.


However, sometimes the local suppliers might not be as good as non-local suppliers. In such a case, you should prefer purchasing bluestone pavers from other countries. For example, you can make a purchase from Chinese suppliers. They give you the bluestone pavers with high-quality and low costs.


There are also stone yards available. Even if you are purchasing from the local supplier, ensure that they are specialized. They should be focusing on the natural stone products. As a result, they can give you a large variety of bluestone pavers.


You can also purchase the bluestone pavers from the online retailers. They also offer a large variety. As  mentioned earlier, Chinese are good at bluestone pavers, prefer a Chinese manufacturer online.

Calculate Pricing

After choosing yoursupplier, the next step is to calculate a prices. According to an expert, Chinese suppliers have a price range of 20 to 40 USD per square meter. At the same time, there can be different types and finishes available. Therefore, the prices vary accordingly.


It is important to note that the higher quality bluestone pavers come under higher pricing ranges. Let’s show you how do you convert prices to square foot.


To convert the price per square meter to price per square foot, use the below formula:


Price per sqf = Price per sqm / 10.764


Using that formula and over range of 20 to 40 USD, the price can be calculated as under:



Price per sqm

Price per sqft (approximate)

20 USD

20/10.764≈1.86 USD/sqft

40 USD

4010.764≈3.71 USD/sqft


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