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Gold Granite - George Stone

Enhance Your House With The Shine Of Natural Gold Granite Slabs.

Top Picks: George Stone’s Top Gold Granite Picks

We have different types of gold granites. You can find polished, honed, thick, thin granites in our inventory. However, here are the top picks selected by our expert team.

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George Stone’s Gold Granite -
Catch Attention with a Pleasing Pop of Color

Do you want to impress yourself daily or impress guests when they visit your house with a sleek and aesthetic indoor? Do you want to be glamorous with natural stone installed in your kitchen countertop, walls, floor, or bathroom? If you need all of these above simultaneously, consider gold granite for decorating your house.
Granite is always on the top of demand by homeowners to decorate the kitchen countertop. You can decorate it with any color of granite. However, gold granite is a natural stone that brings aesthetic appeal to impress someone at first look. You can also use it to decorate your house’s interior and exterior because gold is a versatile color. It can match any color without a doubt.



Remember, gold granite is not limited to only shining your kitchen countertop. It is used in bathrooms, walls, paths, and backsplash. Although gold granite is porous like other granites, it will not fade and break if installed in the bathroom. As it is durable, it can weather the wear and tear of heavy traffic areas and the heat of hot pots. So, most real estate and hotel owners are using gold granite to maximize the beauty of their houses and hotels. It requires low maintenance; all you have to do is seal it frequently with the sealers available on the market. To get a higher quality gold granite for your house or commercial space, you must consider a reliable supplier that sources, manufactures, and markets on its own to ensure the quality. This leads you to read the next.




Why Should You Choose
George Stone for Gold Granite

Quality and Quantity:

You have been listening to quality over quantity from childhood. But George Stone is a granite and marble supplier that consistently upholds the quality, even though it produces bulk granite for our clients. How did we make it possible? We invested in high-quality workers and technology to ensure the quality. We have 215 qualified workers to collect a vast amount of stone.


We can manufacture 100,000,000 square meters of products per year with advanced technology. We only accept cracked slatbs once they can weather the wear and tear.

Free Sample:

Free Sample: If someone wants to judge our product on their own, we send a free sample to evaluate the quality. We also provide a 2D design with a virtual room. The virtual room could be a kitchen and bathroom. You can visualize with it how your kitchen will look after installing gold granite in it.


Cheaper Price:

We sell our products to our customers at a very cheap price. We make little profit margin because we do not outsource our work to another company. We even do marketing on our own. When a homeowner is satisfied with our products, he refers us to his neighbor looking for granite or marble.

After-Sale Service:

To maintain the quality of the granite, you must install it using the correct procedures. We have our expert installers who install granite slabs on your kitchen, bathroom, pool, and backsplashes. If you need it, then let us know. If you have already hired someone, tell him to do it properly.

Certification and Experience:

We have SGS and ISO certificates. We are beyond certificates because we have been in this granite manufacturing and supplying the industry for over 30 years. So, you can rely upon us. If you don’t, call our hotline to get a free sample.


Worldwide Distribution:

We have been exporting our products to 128 countries for over 30 years. We also source stones from China, the USA, and Brazil.


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Certifications and Product Parameters

We have ISO, SGS, and Quality Control Management System certificates under our belt.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gold Granite:

You must figure out the different types of gold granite available for a royal and regal lifestyle. There are multiple types of gold granite, but imperial gold is the most sensational gold granite to make your house captivating. Here are the types of gold granites available in our inventory.

  1. Imperial Gold:It features a gold and yellow background. White, pink, and dark gold veins, patterns, and shapes are seen over the background. This gold granite shows multiple variations of veins and patterns. It is durable, so that you can install it on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, or indoor flooring. As gold is a versatile color, it matches with other colors.
  2. Alaska Gold: Alaska is not as durable as imperial gold. Small black veins and shapes are seen over the yellow background. You can decorate your bathroom with this gold granite. Alaska gold is ideal for commercial places.
  3. Desert Gold:It features a dark yellowish background and dark particles over the background. It has various varieties like desert green, desert brown, etc.
  4. New Venetian Gold: This is a popular choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity, and backsplashes because of its red, gray, and brown lights on golden surfaces. You can match it with any elements in your indoors. As new Venetian gold granite has an eye-catching look, you can consider it if you want to update your house with new granite.
  5. Vyara Gold:The color of this gold is primarily composed of soft gold and subtle crystalline greys, creating a sophisticated and elegant look. The minimal or moderate veining pattern (subtle veins in brown or grey hues) adds depth and dimension to the stone. This natural stone is durable, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant. So, you can use it for more than a decade.
  6. Prada Gold:There is a combination of yellow and brown background. Cross or horizontally-directed dark lines are seen over the background. Sometimes, veins are intertwined, which makes the granite slab dynamic and intricate.
  7. Colonial Gold: In the background of colonial gold, there is a soft gold color and a bit of white shade. Over the background, you will see tiny black dots. Like other granites, it needs little maintenance. So, if you want a noble and luxurious house, you can install it to decorate your home. It can be matched with imperial gold or imperial white granties.
  8. Magma Gold:In a busy family, cooking is one of the most important day-to-day tasks. Magma gold is a pure gem that resists heat. It features a black background and bold gold veins on it.
  9. Caravelas Gold: This granite is dynamic and aesthetic because of its gold, gray, and yellow swirls over the background. The aesthetic looks make your house inviting and appealing.
  10. Delicatus Gold: It features a mix of brown, cream, black, and gold colors. Golden beige color is dominant in delicatus gold granite. If your kitchen has been decorated with rustic wood, you must choose this granite because it matches well with rustic decor.
  11. Titanium Gold:It is popular for its elegant swirls of black, cream, gold, and grey. It offers a beautiful and durable option for countertops, especially in colder weather.

The stone’s strength and resilience make it low-maintenance. So, it does not require special care against heat or scratches. This combination of beauty and practicality makes Titanium Gold granite an excellent choice for you if you are looking for stylish and long-lasting granite for yourself.

  1. Kashmir Gold: This stone shows a mixture of yellow, black, and red hues in the form of veins on the surface of the granite. The background seems sandy but durable. So, you can take it to make your kitchen sleek and warm and welcoming.
  2. Santa Cecilia Granite: This granite features a stunning mix of gold, and dark grey veins on a light beige background. It is durable, workable, and customizable, so you can use it for longer. It easily matches with other coloured elements.

As mentioned earlier, these types of gold granite have different finishes. Different finishes have different charming looks. We will talk about the “finish” later in this article. Stay tuned.

No, gold granite is not rare except for titanium and delicatus granites. On top of that, it will be tough to find out if you are looking for an uncommon color pattern. However, as George Stone is a prominent manufacturer, you can send a photo of your preferred color and pattern. First, we will search for it in our inventory because we have many colors and variations.

One thing you must remember is that granite slabs are natural products. No one can guarantee the 100 pieces of granite with uniform patterns and shades.

You can call us to learn more about our products or tell us what you want. Our dedicated support team is helping clients 24/7.

Gold granite is found in almost all of the mining countries. We source gold granites from China, India, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, etc. As a Chinese manufacturing company, we primarily source stone from China. Then, we process the stone to make durable granite slabs, tiles, and marbles. We are not limited to quarries in China, although we possess some quarries. We source stones from Brazil, Spain, Canada, etc., to meet our customers’ demands.

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction.

The typical background colors are cream, light yellow to deeper gold, and brownish-gold hues. The secondary or vein colors are black, white, dark grey, brown, and reddish brown.

There are multiple veining patterns of gold granite available. You won’t get the same pattern in two different granite slabs, as granite is a naturally sourced product. But, an expert installer can change the game. He matches the patterns that attract visitors.

Here are the veining patterns –

  • Minimal veining: It creates a subtle and sophisticated look (Ex, Colonial Gold)
  • Heavy veining: This large veining granite can be used for a dramatic view. (Ex: Titanium Gold)
  • Moderate veining: If you hate high contrast, this veining pattern is for you. Because the veins are visible but do not overpower. (Ex: Vyara Gold)
  • Grained appearance: It gives a visually textured look with fine grains rather than prominent veins.
  • Swirling patterns: The veins interweave to make a gorgeous and swirled pattern.  (Ex: Ghibli Gold)

If you need any of these patterns, contact us and get it at your doorstep.

Yes, gold granite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. For indoor applications, people consider aesthetic view first. On the other hand, people consider durability for outdoor applications. Gold granite brings an aesthetic view and is durable, so you can use it for indoor and outdoor applications.

Here are reasons why you can use gold granite:


  1. The royal gold background with black, white, and pink speckles of veins and spots gives an aesthetic view.
  2. It is durable and can be used in vanities, countertops, and bathrooms.
  3. On kitchen countertops, it can last longer because it is highly heat-resistant.
  4. It is stain-proof. If you ever spill anything on it, just wipe the stain with cotton.


  1. The durability is the same for both indoors and outdoors. You can install it in heavy-traffic areas.
  2. Certain varieties of gold granite are highly resistant to harsh weather (Ex. Golden Beach granite and Titanium granite).

If you have not decided which granite to use indoors or outdoors, contact us for the best suggestion.

The finish influences the appearance of gold granite by changing the surface texture. There are two major finishes performed in gold granite. Here you are –


Polish finish makes a mirror-like appearance of gold granite. As a result, the surrounding lights reflect on it. It makes the gold color brighter and increases the contrast of veins.


It gives a matte finish. A honed gold granite seems more natural than polished granite. Due to matte finishes, minor blemishes were less noticeable than polished granite.


This finish gives a texture like leather, a warm and natural look. This finish also hides imperfections.


This texture is the best for outdoors because it is slip-resistant. Excessive heat is applied to make the surface uneven and rough.

Yes, gold granite requires sealing every six months to one year. The frequency depends on the quality of the sealer you use, where you use it (heavy traffic areas or bathrooms), and the porosity of the granite.  

To test the current sealer, you have to pour about 3 inches in diameter and wait for 15 minutes. A dark ring or mark is the indicator that you must seal. There are two types of sealers – penetrating and coating sealers.

Penetrating sealer is the best because it lasts longer and provides more protection than coating sealer.

How to seal the granite:

  • Shake the sealer bottle properly.
  • Apply sealer generously to saturate the surface thoroughly with a clean microfiber.
  • Apply two or more coats: You must wet the surface properly. Remember, do not let the first sealer become dry before applying the second sealer.
  • Wait for 3-5 minutes.
  • Wipe off the excess after 30 minutes with a clean microfiber.
  • Keep the surface dry for 24 hours.
  • Test for effectiveness: Follow the water test mentioned above at different areas of the surface.

The most common uses for gold granite countertops are :

Kitchen countertops: Gold granite is used in kitchen countertops because it withstands hot pots, hot water, and scratches of daily use.

Vanity tops: Gold granite is used for vanity tops as it has a moisture-absorbing capacity and aesthetic purpose.

Backsplashes: People wrap the backsplash with gold granite to make a great complement.

Shower surroundings: Leathered or flamed gold granite would be the best option. Because polished gold granite is slippery when wet. You can choose flamed or leathered gold granite to reduce the risk of falling. As gold granite is stain-resistant, spilling stain is no longer a matter of concern.

Laundry rooms: People install gold granite in their laundry rooms because it provides a surface for all laundry-related tasks. Besides, it is resistant to harsh laundry chemicals.

Yes, gold granite is suitable for flooring because it is solid and durable. We suggest you go for thick granite slabs for heavy-traffic areas like hotels. You can install leathered or flamed gold granite for outdoor flooring because it does not become slippery after drizzling. Besides, it can withstand the scorching heat from sun rays.

You can also use polished gold granite, but it becomes slippery in the rainy season. You can escape this problem by wearing slip-resistant shoes. Both polished and honed granite slabs can weather the wear and tear of heavy ground traffic.

The typical gold granite slabs or tiles range is 10-50 USD/sqm.

The price of gold granite depends on the thickness and complexity of the veins.

  • A thin slab with a simple veining pattern cost 1-5 USD/sqf.
  • A thin slab with unique patterns and shades costs around 5-10 USD/sqf.
  • A thick slab with unique patterns and shades costs 10+ USD/sqf.

Why are we selling at a very low price when Bobvila reported a slab of granite costs around 40-60 dollars?

Because George Stone has been doing everything independently for over 30 years, from sourcing to marketing. As there is no intermediary, there is no chance of sudden price hiking.

Note: It does not mean we are paying our workers less to sell at a lower price. We follow the labor rule.

The following things you must consider when choosing a gold granite fabricator or installer –

  • Experience of the installer: You must consider it in the first place. A professional installer with 5/10/15 years of experience will make little to no errors. In contrast, a beginner installer makes a lot of mistakes that will suffer you in the long run. You have to call the installer again and again for repair.
  • Previous track record: You can ask the installer to show you previous work samples. Nowadays, installers or fabricators are spending money on paid ads with fake promises. So, you must see his last work samples to complete your installation correctly.
  • Know the approach: You must know how he works and how he can give you the best result. You must know what types of machinery he will use in installation.
  • Get bids from at least two installers: This technique is a gem for understanding the pricing model.
  • Know about the cuts, edges, and seams.

You may fail to find the right fabricators. You can go for a company that sells granites and has installers to install meticulously. George Stone has dedicated installers to install slabs or tiles to maintain the quality and aesthetic view.

We have dedicated installers to keep our brand value higher. Many people install with local fabricators who do not know how to cut and install. Eventually, people blame the granite-supplying company. This is why we have dedicated experts.

There are multiple countertop materials similar to gold granite in terms of aesthetics and price. However, a quartz countertop is the best and finest alternative in terms of longevity.


Quartz countertops are non-porous and require less maintenance than gold granite. They are available in various colors and designs. A professional installer can design the quartz you want. So, if you want to design your countertop with natural stone, you can go for quartz. Caesarstone is the best and most expensive alternative to gold granite.


Tile is also the best alternative, with a huge variety of designs. You can customize whatever you like. However, it is less durable than gold granite or quartz.


This alternative is the best option if you want a variety of looks. It requires maintenance and care. It is not heat and stain-resistant.


An affordable alternative to gold granite. You can design an entirely unique countertop without breaking the bank. But, this option is not as durable as granite and quartz.

There are no significant historical uses of gold granite. But the interesting fact is that although it is called gold granite, there is a mixture of light creams and yellows to deeper, brownish-gold hues. People mainly buy it to express the royal lifestyle. In the Middle East, many homeowners have gold granite kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity, and backsplashes.

The following factors you should consider for gold granite paving –

  1. Finish: We have already mentioned the four types of granite finishes before. After analyzing the data and history, we suggest you go for honed, leathered, or flamed granite. You can also install polished gold granite, although it will be slippery in the rainy season. For senior citizens, walking on slippery surfaces is tough and risky.
  2. Weather: Some granites can withstand colder temperatures. If you live in an area where the temperature remains lower for over six months, consider Titanium gold granite.
  3. Size: You can choose small granites if you want a traditional look. For a modern and sleeky look, large-size granites are the best.

Besides, you have to consider the maintenance and cost before buying.

Finding gold granite at a good price is a hard task. If you even find a seller at a reasonable price, it is hard to determine whether the quality is good or bad. Because most of the sellers give false promises.

You must consider that thicker does not always mean the granite is hard and good to withstand wear and tear. You will see most of the resellers convince people with this proposition.

It will be best if you buy from a manufacturer directly. If you buy directly from a manufacturer, you will get high-quality products at a reasonable price.

George Stone, a manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience, manufactures and sells gold granite. We never compromise the quality of a product because we believe customer satisfaction is a key to business.


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