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Gold Marble

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Choose from our top-selling gold marble products. We have different types of gold marble tiles, countertops, floor tiles, and furniture. Choose the type that suits your budget and project requirements.

George Stone: Buy Top-notch Gold Marble Products

Are you looking for high-quality golden marble that does not break your bank? George Stone has got you covered. We are committed to providing you with superior-quality marble products at a competitive price.

If you want to buy gold marble countertops, tiles, slabs, or furniture, get in touch with us.
George Stone has more than 30 years of experience in stone projects, We have accomplished thousands of projects in more than 128 countries.
Choose from our wide range of gold marbles and elevate the aesthetics of your space.

Why Choose George Stone for Gold Marble

George Stone is a certified gold marble supplier in China.Our products comply with lSO and SGS. As a result, youdo not need to worry about the quality.

We have a state-of-the-art production line equipped with cutting-edge equipment. Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters. We have two primary processing bases with a staff of 200+ people.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you want to see some samples before placing the order, we can help you with that. You can also visit our showroom to see the marble personally.

At George Stone, we give special attention to the safety of products. With us, you can rest assured that the marble reaches your port safely. We use a special wooden box and packaging material.

Although we provide premium quality marble products, our prices are pocket-friendly. You can compare our prices with our competitors to see the difference.

Gold Marble

One-Stop Solution for Gold Marble

George Stone provides you with various services under one roof.

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Onsite Measurement

if you are not sure about how much marble you requlre, we can take afcurate measurements of your site. We have a dedicated
team for job site measurement,

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Design Service

The team at George Stone can also provlde you with interlor deslgn sfrvices, Our architectural service can revamp your space
with personalized deslgns.

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Product Recommendations

Our team members have been working, inithe industry for years. Consmarble you should buy as per your project's requirementsauently, tneer guide you on the type of golden

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Cost Estimate

Get an accurate ldea of how much you neéd to spend on theimake a perfect budget.mate:flal with our experts, it wlll help you arrange finances and

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Jobsite Installation

Ifyou want installation services for marble, we can provide that also. W4 have a dedicated team of eneineers that offer iob site in.

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Product Parameters and Quality Checks

George stone gold marble products go through stages of qualty checks, Our quaity control process starts with inspectingthe raw material and completes after the final packaging of the product. You can see all the specifications and composition information on our products.

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Gold Marble: The Ultimate In-depth FAQ Guide

In recent years,the demand for colored marble has increased globally, And why not? These stones make excellent countertops, floors, walls
and furniture.
People who want to give their space a lavish look prefer these marbles.
In this post,we will get to know about gold marble. Architects,interior decorators, and building construction companies use this dazzling
marble for various applications.
Whether you want to learn about gold marble price, types, applications, or care, this FAQ guide covers everything.
Let’s begin.

  • Gold marble, as the name suggests, is a marble stone with golden shades. Numerous people ask whether a gold marble is real. Yes, it is a natural stone that forms like other marbles.
  • These marbles feature different shades of golden color and veining patterns. They vary based on the marble’s type, origin, and composition.
  • Generally, these stones comprise impurities like iron, calcium carbonate, and clay minerals that give them royal golden tones. For example, Calacatta Gold Marble contains calcium carbonate.
  • The formation of golden marble happens due to the compression or heating of limestone under the surface of the earth. This process is known as metamorphism.
  • Golden marble is quarried in numerous countries across the world. Some of the top producers include China, India, Spain, and Italy. These nations have various types of golden marbles presenting varied patterns and characteristics.

When it comes to golden marble types, choices are endless. As mentioned above, this stone is quarried all over the world. Each country has different gold marbles that showcase distinct features.

Let us learn about some of the most-selling gold marbles.

Teak Wood Marble

Teak wood marble features a surface like teak wood. This golden-yellowish marble originates in India. Primarily, it contains recrystallized carbonate minerals, such as calcite or dolomite. It is an ideal construction material used in various ways.

Teak wood marble is suitable for a wide range of applications. It makes excellent building facades, marble tiles, vanity worktops, and decorative materials.

Versace Gold Marble

Versace is another gold marble type on the list from Turkey. The marble has grayish-gold color with golden veining patterns.

The good thing is that you can use this stone for interior and exterior applications. People also use it to make ornamental stones.

Calacatta Gold Marble

Calacatta gold marble is another prominent golden marble on the list. While the base color of this stone is white, you can see gray and gold patterns. The marble is excavated in Italy and is known for its heat and moisture endurance.

Spanish Gold Marble

Spanish gold marble has numerous names. People also call them Valencia Gold marble and Amarillo Oro marble. The base color of this limestone is yellowish-golden.

You can also notice some red lines on its surface. Mined in Spain, the marble forms from calcite.

Crema Valencia Marble

Crema Valencia is a Spanish marble that features an eye-appealing golden color. The stone is particularly quarried in Jumilla town of Southeastern Spain.

The marble has red and white veins all over its surface, giving it a unique appearance.

Crema Valencia lends a cozy atmosphere to the space.

You can use it for various interior and exterior applications.

Giallo Siena Marble

Giallo Siena is one of the most admired gold marbles in the world found in Italy. The backdrop color of the stone is yellow.

Its golden and bronze veining patterns look exotic. Primarily, artists use this stone to make sculptures. Nevertheless, it also makes classic flooring, bathroom vanity tops, countertops, etc.

Sahara Gold Marble

Mined in Pakistan, the Sahara Gold Marble has a golden beige color. Individuals use this stone for making monuments, ornamental stones, and building facades.

The warm beige color with gold and gray veining gives the stone a unique appearance. Its irregular pattern makes it suitable for flooring, wall covering, and countertops.

Indus Gold Marble

Are you looking for marble with an intense yellowish-golden color? Indus Gold Marble can fulfill your requirements. The stone mainly originates in the Indus Valley region of Pakistan. Its yellow-golden color and tough structure make it suitable for diverse architectural and interior decoration projects.

The gold color symbolizes luxury, royalty, success, and fortune. If you use golden marble in your space, you can elevate its grace to a great extent.

Gold marble is a versatile stone. It comes in various patterns, shades, and grades. You can choose them as per your project’s requirements.

Let us find out where you can use this marble.


Golden marble flooring looks luxurious. If you want to give your area a royal look, use gold marble tiles with a high-end finish and polish.

The good thing is that these marbles are easy to clean and maintain. Just seal them appropriately, and they are good to go.


Gold marble countertops look exquisite. They are not only luxurious but also practical. Most golden marble stones are durable and easy to clean. They can withstand stains, a little bit of heat, and regular wear and tear.


The golden color looks elegant and is a sign of royalty. Therefore, gold marble furniture is in trend. Several theme-based cafes and restaurants use golden marble tables and chairs for their seating arrangements.

Individuals also buy gold marble dining tables and side tables for their homes.

Wall Cladding

Make your interiors more inviting with golden marble cladding. You can use gold and white marble tiles to make your space appealing.

Decorative Items

Artists use golden marble to make a diverse range of accent pieces, sculptures, and other décor items.

  • Several people ask if they can use golden marble in their bathroom. Yes, you can. The marble can give a lavish look to your restroom. How you can use it depends entirely on your creativity.
  • For example, you can use gold marble countertops in your bathroom. You can also use golden tiles on your bathroom’s walls and floors. You can pair the marble with other colored stones to create unique patterns.
  • It is advisable to employ high-quality marble for your bathroom. If you are using it on the floor, it should be non-slippery and easy to clean.
  • Golden marble stones are available in various types of finishes. Choose the one that suits the overall appearance of your bathroom
  • Yes, golden marble furniture looks exceptionally classic. Generally, people buy them for commercial settings.
  • Nevertheless, you can also use them at your home to uplift its aesthetics. For instance, a small gold marble side table near a bed can give your bedroom a royal look.
  • Similarly, you can buy a gold marble dining table for your dining area. A diverse range of gold marble furniture pieces is readily available. You can also buy a wide range of customized golden marble furniture.

Gold marble is excavated in various countries. Still, numerous people prefer to buy it from China.

Wondering why?

Below are some primary reasons people choose China over other countries.

Affordable Price

China has an abundance of raw materials for marble. Therefore, they manage demand and supply smoothly. Furthermore, their labor and production costs are cheaper. All these factors naturally contribute to lower product costs.

Variety of Gold Marbles

Numerous types of golden marbles are available in China. Therefore, people can choose from a wide range of native golden marbles.

Convenient Shipping

China has more than 2,000 small and big ports. It makes it easier to ship marble products to other parts of the world. No matter which country you want gold marble supply to, China can do it conveniently.

Global Customer Base

China has several gold marble suppliers, having customers worldwide. They know how to cater to international clients. These suppliers provide gold marbles that meet international standards. If your supplier is renowned and certified, you do not need to be worried about quality.

  • We understand that arranging shipping services for newbies can be a nightmare. At George Stone, we take complete responsibility for product shipping. We have dedicated teams to manage the shipping of marble right from our factory to the destination port.
  • Logistic experts at George Stone provide complete services, including shipping, customs clearance, and product tracking. We can also arrange cargo insurance on request.

If you want to maintain the grace and durability of your golden marble, you must take care of it. Below, we have accumulated a few tips for the same.

Regular Cleaning

Gold marble has different types. As a result, their capability to endure weather, heat, and regular wear and tear is diverse.

Regardless of the type of marble you buy, regular cleaning is necessary. If you spill a chemical or acidic liquid accidentally, clean it immediately. Remove dust from your marble regularly.

Use pH-neutral dish soap to clean marble. Get your supplier’s recommendation for cleaning soap and other materials.

Do Not Use Abrasive Material

Always clean the marble surface with a soft sponge or cotton cloth. Avoid using abrasive material.


If you want your marble to be less porous, get it polished. Polishing also helps in maintaining the original color of the stone.


Like polishing, sealing also makes the marble less absorbent. If you are applying the marble in a humid place, you must seal it. Sealing, in general, improves the life of the marble.

The kind of marble partner you choose determines the quality of the marble material and other services. Therefore, do your best to select a reliable marble-supplying company.

People buying gold marble for the first time must consider the following tips and tricks.


Make sure the supplier you pick has adequate experience in the marble Industry. Golden marble comes in various types.

An experienced company can better guide you about the marble that suits your pocket and project requirements.

Moreover, such suppliers are relatively more proficient at marble production and shipping.

So next time you work with a marble company, do not forget to inquire about their experience.


Along with experience, do not forget to check the market reputation. Make sure the company has an excellent track record of delivering projects.

Read their reviews over the internet. Contact their previous clients and learn from their experience.

Quality Control

Ensure the company has implemented a quality control system in place. From mining raw materials to marble production to product delivery, the company must maintain quality at every step.

The supplier must have the required approvals and certifications that showcase their legitimacy.

Variety of Golden Marbles

It would be better if you could get different types of gold marble in the same place. Choose a supplier who deals in a variety of golden marbles. It allows you to explore golden marbles with varied hues and patterns.

Shipping Capabilities

For beginners, it can be challenging to manage the shipment themselves. Find a supplier who can arrange shipping and take responsibility for safe product delivery.

After-Sales Service

Some people overlook it. However, you must work with a company that offers on-time after-sales service. After buying marble, you may need assistance with marble installation and maintenance. Find a company that offers the required support to their customers.

It is crucial to check the samples before placing the order, especially when you order in bulk. It helps you analyze the quality of marble and possible defects.

Every supplier has their policies when it comes to providing product samples.

At George Stone, we are pleased to provide our customers with samples. We are committed to offering 100% customer satisfaction. We deal in genuine golden marbles. All our products are certified and quality-tested.

We welcome our customers to visit our factory and analyze the product quality. For marble samples, get in touch with our sales team.

Yes, most reliable marble suppliers offer a warranty on their products. However, its period depends on the supplier’s policy and the type of golden marble you buy.

At George Stone, we provide a 3-year warranty on our golden marbles. It covers all types of manufacturing issues. Nevertheless, customers cannot claim for accidental damage due to regular wear and tear. Apart from this, the warranty does not cover stains and other aesthetic issues caused by chemicals.

If maintained appropriately our golden marble lasts for decades.

Importing gold marble from China is relatively straightforward.  The country is well-connected through sea routes.

You can get marbles delivered through various mediums. However, how long it would take depends on several factors.

Your location in China, the quantity and availability of marble, type of shipping service you choose play crucial roles in determining the delivery time.

At George Stone, we are committed to providing you with on-time delivery. Once the deal is finalized it takes us 24 hours to process the order.

Delivery of the product may take between 10 and 15 business days. If you want customized marble products, the delivery time may be extended.

If you want your floor to dazzle like gold, golden marble can be an excellent option.

A wide range of gold marble floor tiles are available in the market. You can choose from different shades and veining patterns.

Golden marble flooring can take your interior decoration to the next level. The timeless beauty of this marble gives warmth to the space and makes it more tempting.

You can pair gold marble with other colored marbles to create different design schemes.

Besides being visually appealing, the marble is tough enough. Additionally, these marble floors are easy to clean.

Numerous people are confused about whether to buy Calacatta gold marble or Quartz. Both are building materials used for commercial and residential projects.

Let’s explore their differences based on various aspects.


Calacatta marble is a natural metamorphosed limestone. It consists of calcium carbonate and various other minerals.

Quartz is also a natural mineral. However, all its products, such as countertops, slabs, etc., also contain resin. Therefore, we cannot categorize them into natural products.

Visual Appeal

Calacatta marble is eye-appealing. Its glossy white color with gray and golden patterns gives it a sophisticated appearance. Architects and interior designers use this stone for various applications.

Quartz, on the other hand, features diverse designs. Since it is manmade, its patterns may look artificial. Nevertheless, quartz does not have natural impurities like natural stones.

If you want to give your space natural finishing, Calcutta gold marble can be a choice.


Undoubtedly, Calacatta marble is porous like other natural stones. However, they are durable. With sealing and regular maintenance, you can improve their longevity to a great extent.

Quartz has the upper hand in terms of durability. Generally, quartz material contains resins and natural quartz. They enhance its toughness. Nevertheless, quartz is more likely to be affected by heat. With sun exposure, it may discolor over the years.

Both materials meet specific requirements. If you appreciate natural beauty, Calacatta marble can be a suitable option. On the contrary, if you want fancy yet durable building materials, go for quartz.

Packaging plays a crucial role in determining the safety of marble during the transit.

Regardless of how hard your stone is, if you do not pack it properly, it may break.

Corners specifically get damaged during the loading and unloading.

As a result, always choose a supplier who gives special attention to packaging.

With George Stone, you do not need to worry about marble packaging. We use a special wooden box reinforced with multiple pieces of iron. We cover marble products with waterproof plastic film.

Our wooden boxes come with full plank support. It provides them with high load-bearing strength.

We separate marble panels with pearl wood to prevent scratching and breakage. In addition to this, our packaging team also uses special corner guards.

  • Several aspects influence the cost of gold marble. The marble price may vary based on its origin, type, shades, patterns, and rarity. In addition to this, the demand and supply also affect the marble rate.
  • On average, it ranges between USD 50 and 200 per square meter. It will cost you USD 5 and 20 per square foot.

Gold marble has been used for both residential and commercial projects for decades. It looks aesthetically beautiful and is practical at the same time.

While there are several reasons people use this marble, a few crucial ones are below:

Luxury Appearance

The golden color is observed as a symbol of royalty and elegance. So if you want to give your space a sophisticated look, gold marble can be an excellent choice. The marble lends a lavish appearance to the place you apply it.


Gold marble is a multipurpose stone. For example, you can use golden marble tiles for flooring, accent walls, wall cladding, and more.

Furthermore, marble makes many products, including sculptures, decorative items, countertops, slabs, tiles, and marble furniture.


Gold marble comes in diverse varieties. You can choose the shade and veining patterns as per your choice.

Moreover, you can buy golden marbles of different origins.

Chinese, Italian, and Indian gold marbles are readily available in the market.


Golden marbles are durable. Different gold marbles have distinct ratings on the Mohs hardness scale. The scale determines the hardness of the marble.

Nevertheless, all gold marbles can withstand regular stains, scratches, and etching. If it is sealed accurately, it can endure most environmental conditions.


Considering everything together, we can say that gold marble is an eye-appealing stone.Its distinct shades and patterns make it more fascinating.You can use it in the form of flooring marble, kitchen countertops, worktops, furniture,wall panels, and more. it lends a classic feel and enhances the overall beauty of the area.We hope this guide gives you adequate knowledge about golden marble types,price, and care.

lf you want to buy this stone, contact our sales team via Phone: +86 13077409280, WhatsApp, +86 13077409280, and E-mail:

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