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George Stone -Giving A Touch Of Serenity To Durability

Let our professional team give you the finest advice to present you with the most durable headstone with the most aesthetic touch and precision.

It’s our mission to provide you with the most affordable headstone and tombstone with no compromise on the quality to provide you with a hustle-free experience in your time of grief.

George Stone is here to change your perception of the initiative of the funeral journey of your loved ones. We understand that bidding goodbye to someone is tough. We provide a one-stop solution for you, from the selection of stone to the engraving and installation of the headstone and tombstone.

How To Make -The Headstone From The Manufacturer

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Selection Of Stone

The first step is to choose the stone, usually marble or granite. Along with the type of stone, one must be sure about the color or pattern. If you need more clarification about the color or pattern, we can always help you decide by going through our available stone range.

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2D And 3D Virtual Help

If you are still trying to figure out the look of the headstone once it’s ready, we can help you with our innovative 2D and 3D technology. You can witness the look of your customized headstone and tombstone and then confirm the order.

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Manufacturing Process

The stone slabs are cut into smaller slabs with the diamond saw’s help, according to the thickness required, once they are brought to the working unit. It is at this stage that they are shaped according to your order.

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Polishing And Finishing

The slabs are polished through machines, and multiple polishing techniques are used to enhance the natural shine of the stone. The edges are also chiseled to give a more refined touch.

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Engraving And Etching

Then comes the step to design and engrave a headstone and tombstone. Here, you have several customization options: you can ask to engrave the headstone for either the hand etching or the computerized one. You can also add photos, vases, and other items to personalize it.

Why George Stone Headstones And Tombstones

At George Stone, you can witness an extensive range of headstones and tombstones to select from. You must avoid wandering here and there in search of multiple design and color options.

George Stone is the name for its reliability and durability for your stone needs. You can entirely rely on us for the most durable headstone.

We truly understand the importance of receiving your order on time to avoid any hustle and bustle at this time of grief. We assure you of your order’s timely shipment and delivery so that all your plans run smoothly.

We are a highly professional artisans team that helps you find suitable headstone and tombstone material and engraving and is also at your back for customization and installation.

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Headstone and Tombstone-An out-and-out FAQs Guide

For those unfamiliar with the word, A headstone and tombstone is a vertical stone placed at the head of the grave, inscribed with the whereabouts of the deceased person. You can emboss or engrave the basic info on it  to remember your loved ones. It gives your dead one’s grave an identity. Headstone is sometimes also known as tombstone. Both have almost the same characteristics.

Let’s dive into the guide to try answering your queries regarding headstone and tombstone one by one.

Read the table below and you will understand the difference in the characteristics of a gravestone and a tombstone.





 Large stone slab covering the entire grave

Stone at the head of grave


Whereabouts and information about the deceased

Mostly contain name and dates of birth and death


Horizontal slab

Vertical slab


Mostly made of granite or marble

Beside granite and marble


An important piece for covering the grave permanently

Not necessary but its one’s own choice

Once a design is approved, it takes about 4 to 16 weeks to complete the order. The duration of the completion also depends significantly upon the design and the size. A small, less ornate stone will take 10 to 25 days to complete, while a headstone and tombstone bigger in size and design may take up to 30 to 60 days.

It must also be noted that we always have a backup stock containing our finest and top-pick headstones to cater to your urgent needs. We can dispatch them quickly once your order is placed. If you prefer hand-etched headstones instead of laser-etched ones, the amount of physical labor and detailing can also take an additional few weeks.

Upright Headstone Shapes

Upright headstone is a vertical one and gives a classic view to the cemetery. It comes in various shapes:

  • Square Top

They are the simplest ones.  Their top part is flat, giving a square-like shape to the headstone.

  • Checked Top

They are more or less similar to the square top headstone. The only difference is a slightly raised upper part within the square.

  • Oval

They are rare nowadays, but it was a popular option in the past. It gives a timeless feel to the headstone and tombstone.

  • Oval With Shoulders

It’s similar to the oval-shaped headstone. It’s raised from the side, looking like shoulders. They also provide a classic touch.

  • Book

It’s a prevalent headstone design in modern times. The stone is molded into the shape of an open book, and the inscription is written on its page.

  • Bench

A headstone with a bench is a type of memorial that facilitates seating benches with their design. They are a modern-day addition to the collection of types.

  • Catholic Cross for Headstone

A headstone and tombstone  with a cross has been a popular option for centuries, and still, it’s the most widely used design. It may be in the shape of a large cross or cross merged with a square.

  • Headstone for Ashes

You can also order a headstone for ashes if you want to keep the ashes of your loved one in a safe place. An urn joined with the headstone for putting the ash is also a new preference nowadays.

  • Headstone for Family

It is a relatively large headstone covering multiple graves of persons belonging to the same family. It’s a unique way of memorializing all loved ones through a family headstone.

Flat Headstone Shapes

Unlike upright headstones, a flat hone is placed flat on the ground or a foundation. It is comparatively smaller and budget-friendly than the upright one. Although the customization option is available, most flat headstones are rectangular. Some may prefer to install a square, oval or heart-shaped headstone and tombstone.

Most Common Sizes For Headstone And Tombstone Base

Here are some of the most commonly used sizes for tombstone bases.

Headstone Types

Base Size

Single upright headstone

30 x 12 x 6

36 x 12 x 6

Upright companion headstone

48 x 14 x 8

54 x 14 x 8

60 x 14 x 8

Slant  single headstone

36 x 14 x 4

Slant companion headstone

48 x 14 x 4

60 x 14 x 4

Single flat headstone

16 x 8 x 4

20 x 1 x 4

24 x 8 x 4

Companion flat headstone

36 x 12 x 4

36 x 14 x 4

Although granite is durable, it requires proper cleaning and maintenance to regain its natural shine and luster. There is a perception that since granite is a rigid material, it can withstand harsh chemicals, but that is not true. Natural stones must always be cleaned with plain water and mild detergents to avoid scratches.

Let’s understand the simple cleaning of a black granite headstone and tombstone with these steps:

  • Sweep off the headstone with a soft-bristled brush to remove debris or dirt.
  • Take a sufficient quantity of warm, clean, or distilled water in a bucket and mix mild detergent to make a soapy solution.
  • Gently scrub it with the solution. Pay special attention to the dirty areas.
  • Rinse  with ample water to properly clean the headstone.
  • Remember to dry it with a dry cloth.

It would be best to use stronger solutions for stubborn stains and dirt. Mix equal quantities of bleach and water and apply it to the headstone. Please do not leave it any longer. Splash with water to remove the solution properly.

Be cautious not to scrub too hard or leave the solution too long to prevent scratching.

Marble and granite can withstand rough weather conditions, but over time, these conditions can lead to the headstone and tombstone cracking, shifting, or even breaking. The good news is that these damages are usually not permanent and can be reversed.

The repair process depends upon the nature of the damage to the headstone. If it is just tilted and needs to be fixed properly, the following steps must be taken:

  • Lift the stone in an upright position.
  • Dig out the ground underneath the headstone to widen the gap so the footing can be held properly.
  • Straighten the headstone and return it to the hole.
  • Add gravel and level the headstone side by side. Clean it, and you will be good to go.

If the headstone is broken, you may use epoxy to stick the pieces together.

  • Brush away the dirt and debris on the headstone and tombstone.
  • Be especially cautious regarding any moisture or dampness on the stone. It must be dry before applying any glue or epoxy.
  • Spread the epoxy evenly on the two pieces with the help of a knife and bind them together with duct tape.
  • Continue applying epoxy and bind them with duct tape wherever there is a crack or split.

If you cannot repair the headstone and tombstone on your own or in case of severe damage, hire a professional to do it for you in the best manner.

Before jumping directly to the process of etching and engraving a headstone, let’s have a quick overview of what actually etching and engraving are.


The process of carving different designs on the headstone using multiple techniques is termed engraving. It is the most commonly used design procedure throughout the world. Traditional engraving was done through chisels and hammers. With the changing world of today, it is mainly done with sandblasting. Sandblasting uses compressed air for the process. The tiny particles of sand are shot through a hose to create delicate and unique impressions.


Headstone etching is your go-to method if you appreciate more delicacy and precision in your design. The etching is carried out through two methods:

  • Hand Etching

Hand etching is preferred to add a touch of customization to your headstone. You can even design a sketchy image of the deceased person through it. A diamond-tipped tool creates dots to create the image, presenting a more profound view. It’s most suitably done on black granite. As it is done solely by hand, without the assistance of any machine, the creativity is at its peak.

  • Laser Etching

It’s the process of burning the stone’s surface to create the exact detailed recreation of original designs and images through a computerized laser. It is less expensive than hand etching. Being a computerized method, it doesn’t provide the same perfect level of creativity and depth.

Choosing the inscription for a headstone and tombstone may seem like a piece of cake at first, but it is a massive responsibility as it makes a permanent impression. Certain things must be considered before finalizing the inscription:

Take Your Time

Take your time correctly to choose every detail of the headstone. You must remember that this is a one-time permanent impression of your loved one grave. Go through the available options first to have a vast imagination to finalize the customization.

Choosing The Text

Choosing the text requires excellent consideration. It must be captivating and comforting. Words have a significant effect; you must know how to alter them to create a long-lasting, soothing effect. Also, consider that the text on the headstone and tombstone is your final tribute.

Starting And Closing Phrases

Your introductory phrase portrays your initial emotion for the deceased. It must be effective with the known name of the person. The birth and death dates must also be mentioned. In the case of a close relative, the relationship with the person must also be written. The closing line must be a sad but positive pinch line.

Choose The Material Wisely

The material you will use for the headstone and tombstone can not be overlooked. Certain fonts and styles are suitable for specific materials. Although marble, granite, and bronze are the top materials for headstones, granite, being a durable material, could be better for delicate fonts.

In the same manner, choose long-lasting designs and letterforms as the headstones have to go through various environmental conditions, so the designs must be suitable to remain intact in the long run.

Choose The Right Supplier

And last but not least, always complete your homework and select the best supplier out there. It’s the most crucial step to ensure that the headstone you choose is the best you can do for your loved one.

You can easily shortlist the few best suppliers by surveying their price range and the quality of the headstone and tombstone. Customer reviews for certain suppliers also help you decide. One additional factor in this regard is the cost. Compare quotes from different suppliers based on their quality, inscription, and design, and then select what suits you most.

Although there is no prescribed ruling for the direction of the headstone, the East is the most widespread direction used  worldwide, mainly for religious or cultural reasons. This practice dates back to the ancient era of Greece and Egypt when the sun god was worshiped.

The Christians believe the resurrection of Christ and his emerging from the East are the reason their headstone and tombstone face the East. In the same manner, Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims have different preferences for the directions.

Moreover, only some people nowadays are as religious in belief as they used to be. Couples now request to be buried beside each other, facing each other.

The below-mentioned table explains the differences between the headstone and a marker.





Above the ground

Flat against the ground


Bit expensive

More affordable


Huge memorial

Smaller memorial


Readable while walking by

Readable only when you standing straight above it


Made of stone

Can be made of either stone or either bronze

The differences between the headstone and plaque are mentioned in the following table.





Made by stone

Inscribed metal plate


Above the ground

Lays on the ground or foundation





Readable from a distance

Readable only when standing close


Bigger in size

Smaller in size and dimension


A little expensive

Budget-friendly option

Most people wait till summer or spring to place the headstone. Until then, some temporary markers will be used to mark the identification of the grave. It’s possible to place it in winter if you live in a region with moderate winter conditions. Even if you reside in an area prone to snowfall, you can place the headstone and tombstone if the snow is less than one foot deep.

The material must be durable enough to bear the effects of the severity of winter. The ground must be soft enough to dig up to place the headstone. It will help if you take extra care during the snowfall that the words must be visible in the freezing temperature.

The only person who can put a headstone on a grave is the one with the legal right. There is no such practice to allow anyone to carry out the process. It is the sole right of the close one of the deceased with the legal right. The deceased can inherit the legal right after he purchases a place for his grave, and the one who will inherit the right after him is eligible to put the headstone and tombstone. The other case is when the one who buys the place for the grave after the passing away of a relative has the right to install a tombstone, or whatever marker he wishes to install.

Certainly, if you are the allowed person legally, but as far as the installation process is concerned, many cemeteries don’t allow outsiders to carry out the installation process. Some cemeteries may allow the person or professionals to install it; in that case, you must have some essential tools for digging. You can also review some tips and videos available online to ensure you are installing the headstone and tombstone the right way. If you find it challenging to do it yourself, you always have a plan B to hire any professional for help.

If the person buried in the cemetery is your close one, you may feel the urge to decorate it in the best possible manner to express your sentiments. It must be kept in view that the decoration must follow moral etiquette under the cemetery’s rules. In this regard, the most elegant and built-in option is to order the headstone with a vase. A built-in flower vase is attached, allowing you to put fragrant, vibrant flowers every time you visit the grave. It prevents the flowers from being scattered around the grave and presents a neat and serene view.

One more option is to plant small flower plants around or on the sides of the headstone and tombstone to give it a fresh feel. You can also opt to place a wreath nearby. Decorating graves with tiny fairy lights or headstone blankets is also trending. Installing bird feeders near the grave is also a natural way to create a comforting aura near the grave.

Designing and purchasing the best headstones and tombstones is not a big deal in today’s innovative world. The world is at your fingertips, thanks to the widespread reach of the internet and social media.

Like other fields, China is among the leading countries in headstone and tombstone manufacturing and supplies manufactured headstones throughout the globe. You are sure to find the most premium quality headstone in China.

Among many other notable names in the field, one is George Stone. We are competitive enough to provide you with a complete range of headstones and tombstones to save you time and relieve you from the tiresome process of the quest for a suitable headstone in times of grief.

We are here to assist you in every step, from the selection to installation and after-sales service. You can also avail the facility of personalization of the headstone and tombstone according to the rules of cemetery and your personal choice. Our virtual design facility helps you to have a clear-cut idea of your personalized choice and its looks. We also provide you with a periodic progress report to ensure that your order is being manufactured as per your wish and will be delivered on time.

With these underlying perks, George Stone undoubtedly is your one-stop solution for the exceptional quality of headstones and tombstones for your dear ones’ memorials.

In Closing

We hope that this guide is helpful for you in your quest for a suitable headstone and tombstone on your preferred terms. With 30 years of experience in the field, our own quarries, and our working unit, we are a leader in stone manufacturing and supplying in China. We not only focus on the design and look of the headstone and tombstone but also make sure it’s durable enough to last for years to come. We understand the sensitivity of the situation and take every possible step to ensure that we provide a superior-quality headstone for the remembrance of your loved ones.

Reach out to our customer service team if you need any additional info about the headstone and tombstone. We will surely reply to you within 24 hours

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