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Limestone Fountain - George Stone

Get a Touch of Tranquility with a Durable and Charming Limestone Fountain that Complements Both Contemporary and Classic Styles.

Top Picks of Limestone Fountain

Walking you through all of our collecting may confuse you. So, we have picked the following limestone fountains that will surely bring timeless elegance to your living room, reading room, and outdoor area. When water flows from the top tier to the bottom tier and makes trickling sounds, this will help relieve stress. These are the top picks, but you will have every type, style, and price of limestone fountain at George Stone showroom that you can use on your commercial or residential projects.

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George Stone’s Limestone Fountain Production And Installation

  • George Stone manufactures limestone fountains solely from limestone. Limestone is a rock made up after years of compilation, compaction, and lithification of calcium carbonate. During the compaction, due to the immense pressure, the loose materials get so closed and cemented that the limestone cannot be easily broken.
  • There is a myth about limestone that it is not durable, which is not true.
  • George Stone quarries this limestone from limestone hills, oceans, and seas worldwide. Although we are based in China, we are not limited to quarrying from China only.
  • After quarrying limestone with our skilled workers, we dive into manufacturing limestone products like – limestone fountains.
  • We cut and shaped large blocks of limestone rocks. Then, do carving and finishing to make a shift from normal limestone rocks to limestone fountains. During cutting and shaping, we use advanced technology for accurate measurement. Measuring and cutting accurately are needed for a qualified limestone fountain that will not drip water.
  • Although we have a wide range of types and styles of limestone fountains in our showroom, we encourage you to let us know your custom concept if you have any. We take custom orders and deliver custom limestone fountains to our customers to meet their desires.
  • We deliver and ship tons of limestone fountains worldwide. But this is not the end of our relationship with customers. We help them install limestone fountains in their house or garden.
  • Our installer team holds and installs so carefully to keep the quality and aesthetic view of a limestone fountain.

Reasons for Buying Limestone Fountain from George Stone

You may be asking yourself why I should buy limestone fountains from George Stone over local shops. Is that your question? Let us answer your question.

Decades of Experience with Technology Adoption

 George Stone has been manufacturing and delivering products since 1992 without compromising the quality. Even, to ensure the quality of our products, we have CNC cutting and laser treatment technologies for accurate measurement. 

Besides, we have adopted auto CAD drawing and 2D/3D rendering technologies to bring your concept into reality.


We hold certificates necessary for a legitimate company, such as SGS, ISO, and Quality Production Management System.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Limestone Fountains

A limestone fountain is a type of fountain that is made from calcium carbonate sedimented rock called limestone. A limestone fountain is made by selecting a solid limestone block where the presence of veins is a must. Then, a designer designs the block with the help of 3D modeling.


As limestone is a soft rock, the designer uses a hammer and chisel for rough carving. Meanwhile, expert artisans use hand tools for finer carving.


Then, either polish or honed finishing is done to make it more glossy or give it a matte look.


A specialized plumbing system is followed to install it securely.


Generally, it is a fountain that comes with tiers at the top, a pedestal or column at the middle, and a basin at the bottom.


You can have it to make your indoor aesthetic and trendy.

Yes, limestone fountains come in different colors. Why? Limestone is a sedimented and compressed product that takes hundreds of years to become solid. During this transformation, it takes different colors, like white, grey, beige, and cream, due to the variety of minerals.

For instance, due to the presence of heavy organic matter, the limestone color gets black. However, the most popular colors of limestone are white, beige, and grey.

Besides, limestone’s color changes in staining, tinting, processing, manufacturing, and polishing. Eventually, this limestone gives the color of limestone fountains. The veins of limestone rock also give a charm to the limestone fountains.

For timeless elegance and classic view, white and beige limestone fountains are the best options. It can easily match any landscape indoors or outdoors.

To hide dirt and grime and have a modern look indoors and outdoors,  you can go for grey limestone fountains. As grey color is a versatile color, your fountain can match anywhere.

You can check out Tan limestone fountains for warm and inviting colors in your garden.

The unpopular colors of limestone fountains based on the user numbers are – red, yellow, and brown. You should choose a color that matches your landscape.

You can tell the George Stone consultation team about the surroundings of where you want to place the fountain. We will suggest the appropriate color that fits the place and represents your sense of color.

You need to consider safety features not only for getting a high-quality limestone fountain but also for its longevity. You should consider the following safety features when choosing a limestone fountain –


  1. Limestone Quality: Limestone density and strength are the most important considerable factors. Because these two traits ensure longevity. Besides, the more dense and stronger the limestone fountain is, the longer it will provide service. Dense limestone fountains are not easily cracked or chopped.


  1. Stability: You must focus on a wider and more stable limestone fountain base because it has to bear the weight of the entire fountain. A stable fountain base can prevent limestone fountains from being tipped over with the wind.


  1. Smooth Edges: As children and pet animals will play around it, you must buy a limestone fountain with smooth and rounded edges. The edges get sharpened during carving.


  1. Electrical Safety: For electrical safety, you can use a GCFI outlet.

Here are the benefits of having a limestone fountain indoors or outdoors.

  • Luxury Feelings: A limestone fountain adds elegance to your indoors or outdoors, regardless of how you install it. The aesthetic beauty of the veins and color patterns of the limestone fountain makes you feel like you have a luxury mansion. You should choose ideal places in the garden, entryway, and in front of the house to bring a more aesthetic view. You can have custom-designed limestone fountains to make a one-of-a-kind luxury house or garden. By the way, George Stone takes custom design orders to fulfill the aesthetic and luxury purposes of our customers.


  • Relax: Who does not like to hear the singing of birds? Everybody likes it. But do you know what adds more smoothness to the birds’ songs? It is the trickling sounds. But how is it possible in a city garden? It is possible with fountains. Limestone fountains are made of calcium carbonate, so they are strong enough to survive for centuries outside. As water movement happens in the water fountain, you will see different types of birds coming to your garden for drinking water. In the indoors, you can listen to the trickling sounds of water after a hectic office day.


  • Air Quality: Have you ever experienced or seen someone suffering from nosebleeding? It is due to a lack of moisture in the air. People buy humidifiers to improve the air quality inside the house. What if you have a working limestone fountain, you are done. Good air quality is needed for better respiration and living a life without allergic problems.


  • Value: We have already described how a limestone fountain adds an aesthetic to a house and a garden. When a villa or house looks aesthetic and beautiful, it is worth a million and even sometimes a billion. So, though a limestone fountain is a separate small item compared to a large house, it increases the value of the house.

Although there are a lot of styles of limestone fountains available on the market, you should find out what style fits you best. Here are the styles of limestone fountains –


  • Tiered Limestone Fountain:This is a very common and classic fountain. People use it to resemble the cascading movement of water. It produces more trickling sounds than others.


  • Limestone Wall Fountain: This fountain is installed in the small garden or in the patios. It is used for aesthetic and decoration purposes.


  • Classic Limestone Fountain: This fountain was created with inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. It resembles your consciousness of history and subtle design sense.


  • Contemporary Limestone Fountain: This fountain features geometric shapes and architectural lines, giving it a contemporary look.


  • French Limestone Fountain:This fountain is made with manual hand carving and given a weathered finish. It also has iron water spouts.


  • Limestone Trough Fountain: This fountain is made to feed water to birds and other pet animals. This fountain is very old-fashioned but still in demand outdoors.

Here are the detailed differences among limestone, granite, and marble fountains –







Moderately durable

Highly durable

Moderately durable


More porous

Less porous

More porous

Susceptibility to Staining

More susceptible

Less susceptible

More susceptible

Weather Resistance

It can be damaged by freezing temperatures

Excellent weather resistance

It can be damaged by harsh weather and minerals


Requires regular sealing to prevent staining

Requires minimal maintenance

Requires regular sealing to prevent staining and etching

Color Variety

Cream, beige, gray, tan, some red, yellow, brown

Wide range of colors, often with flecks or patterns

White, cream, gray, black, with varying veining patterns


Classic, rustic, or modern

Traditional, rustic, or modern

Classic, elegant, or modern


Less expensive

More expensive

More expensive

Limestone fountains typically cost around $100 to $10,000. The highest value of an outdoor large limestone fountain with a complex design costs between $10,000 to $20,000. However, here is the breakdown of some limestone fountains’ prices –

  1. Antique outdoor limestone trough fountains cost around $100 to $1,000, depending on the size and depth of the bowl.
  2. Limestone wall water fountains cost around $500 to $4,000. However, the price goes up based on the size and complexity of the design.
  3. The decorative French Antique limestone fountain‘s price is around $800 to $3,000.
  4. Outdoor large hand-carved limestone fountains are priced between $6,000 and $10,000.

Look, you may find a small limestone water fountain costs you more. The price is higher due to the density of limestone rock used in the fountain and the complexity of the design.

However, you can contact us to get a custom-designed limestone fountain without breaking your bank.

Although limestone fountains are durable, they are hard to withstand during winter. Limestone fountains care does not take more than one hour every month. That means limestone fountains are easy to maintain.


Here are the maintenance of limestone fountains –


  1. Just after installing, inspect if it is performing well or not.
  2. Maintain the water level. Keep the submerged so it will not burn out.
  3. Clean the pump after 2-3 months with vinegar as it remains submerged in the water.
  4. Remove algae and mineral build-up every 3 months with warm water and dish soap.
  5. Some hard mineral deposits should be scrubbed to remove them. For that, use limestone cleaner rather than harsh chemicals.
  6. Inspect cracks and erosion frequently.


Seeming there are six steps, but you do not have to do all of them every day at the same time. So, it is easy to maintain a limestone fountain.


Well, do not forget the winterization during winter because the water turns into ice, it expands the limestone, and causes cracks.

It depends on the seller’s policy. George Stone provides pumps with limestone fountains for free after a successful sale.


We give fountain pumps that work fine because we know how much capacity a pump has to provide smooth water movement.


If you buy a pump separately, it costs you more. Also, you have to figure out what power pump to buy.


We offer after-sale service that includes repairing pumps and limestone fountains.

You need the following materials to install a limestone wall fountain DIY:


Drill: You need it to make holes in the wall.

Safety Gear: You must have safety gear like hand gloves, safety glasses, and masks.

Cutting: For minor adjustments, you need a chisel and hammer. For large adjustments, you need an angle grinder with a diamond blade. However, you may not need them because we measured and cut the limestone fountain using our CNC cutting and laser technology.

Plumbing: For plumbing, you must have Teflon tape to seal the watertight pipe. Then, a wrench is used to adjust the nuts and fittings. You also need a pipe cutter.

Masonry drill bits: You need them to drill hard materials like bricks, concrete, and stone.

Level: Level is highly important because you have to install your limestone fountain on a plane surface. The level helps here to determine the place’s surface.

Pencil or marker: It is related to measurement; however, you may need it for other cases. Remove the mark with water after installation is done.

Screwdriver: You need it, but it’s not mandatory at all.

Trowel or mortar mix: It is not mandatory, but you need it when the wall is not flat. This is used for the stability of limestone fountains.


Limestone wall fountain kit: It includes the fountain itself, mounting hardware, pumps, and pipes.

Waterproof sealant or adhesive: It creates a bond between the fountain and the wall.

Water supply line: You need it for continuous water supply to the basin instead of manually filling the basin.

Electrical cord or conduit: If you want to light up or light down, you need an electric cord for the electric supply. Lighting is only for aesthetic purposes at night.

Sand or gravel: To place a limestone fountain on a place surface, you need sand or gravel to adjust the level on the uneven surface.

Waterproofing membrane: It is useful to prevent moisture penetration. It is placed between the wall and the fountain.

We know our customers do not have all the tools and materials to install a limestone fountain indoors or outdoors. So, we have a specialized installation team that helps our customers find a suitable place and installation.

Wherever you live in the world, do not hesitate to tell us; our team will fly to your destination for your convenience.

Asking the most popular size of limestone fountain for your space is a very subjective question. Because it depends on the size of your space.


If your indoor size is smaller, medium or large fountains will seem weird here. For a large outdoor garden, a small fountain is not visible.




Space Dimension (length x width)

Ideal Fountain Height Range


Up to 6ft x 8ft (Small living room, entryway)

12 – 20 inches


6ft x 8ft – 10ft x 12ft (Average living room, dining room)

20 – 36 inches


Larger than 10ft x 12ft (Spacious living room, atrium)

36 – 48 inches


Up to 10ft x 10ft (Small patio, balcony)

18 – 24 inches


10ft x 10ft – 15ft x 20ft (Average patio, garden area)

24 – 42 inches


Larger than 15ft x 20ft (Expansive patio, courtyard)

42 inches and above

The major issue that causes your limestone fountain’s pump to break is the clogged impeller. You have to remove the clog from the impeller and keep the impeller in the water overnight. Finally, rinse with clean water and reattach the impeller to the pump.


Check the performance of the motor. If it is burnt out, you have to replace it. If it is still under warranty and replacement coverage, you can replace it for free.


Try to figure out any crack in the water pipe. If there are cracks, you must fix them.

The French limestone fountain is still in style because of the hand-carved feature. It is a representation of rich, artistic, traditional French design.

People love to have it in their outdoors for its beauty and durability. Besides, this fountain is an affordable option. It costs around $800 to $3,000 in an average.

Although limestone is a durable product, as is the limestone fountain, you cannot leave the water running in your limestone fountain during winter. In the winter, the freezing temperature causes water to solidify into ice. The ice expands the spaces in limestone, which causes the cracks.


If your limestone fountain cracks, it drips water, which causes bacterial and fungal growth.


Besides, if water gets into the pump, the water again turns into ice and causes plumbing problems.


So, our recommendation is to leave water running during winter for the longevity of your limestone fountain.

Choosing a reliable limestone supplier is the number one factor when you are going to buy. Because there are many suppliers and distributors who are promising false to their customers, which is not acceptable.


Let’s say they take custom orders from customers and then look for original suppliers who can supply them. As a result, a customer has to wait for a long time.


George Stone is not like that. We are a straightforward company with a principle of helping our customers. We have an in-house in-house R&D team, an engineers team, a designer team, a marketing team, and a support team.


We never make false promises to our customers. If something we are able to do, we promise it.


We can proudly say that you will get your product in time without compromising the quality of our products. You will never run out of product supply in the middle of your fountain project. You will get a free pump along with a free installation and care guide.


We do not forget you after selling to you. We have a 24/7 support team to listen to and solve your objections.


Still, you are on the fence about yourself. You can see where our products are installed. You can explore George Stone Projects worldwide to get a better idea.

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