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Transform Your Bathroom with Our Premium-Quality Marble Bath

-George Stone:Types of Marble Bathtub

At George Stone, we cater to customers across different budget ranges. As a result, we have diferent marble bathtub types.

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Marble Bathtub

lf you are looking for a graceful, well-refined yet modern bathtub, Emperador is an excellent choice.This marble comes in different shades of brown.

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Marble Bathtub

If you want to buy a Spanish marble bathtub featuring a natural black color, go for our Nero Marquina baths. Its deep black color with white veins will give your bathroom an intense look.

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Marble Bathtub

People looking for minimalistic, vintage baths will surely like our Crema Marfil marble bathtubs. Their creamy beige color with yellowish-white veins gives a neutral tone. The bathtub is a perfect addition to both conventional and contemporary bathrooms.

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Individuals looking for a luxury marble bathtub can go for a Calacutta marble bath. It gives your bathroom a classy appearance. It is a rare stone having fine gray streaks.

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Carrara marble baths are quite strong and last for decades. In appearance, Carrara stone looks similar to Calacatta. Its soft gray color gives bathtubs an elegant appearance.

Our Top Picks of Marble Bathtub

George Stone: Buy a Genuine Marble Bathtub at the Best Price

With more than 30 years of experience, George Stone is committed to providing high-quality marble bathtubs at the best price possible. We have a variety of marble bathtubs that you can buy as per your choice and budget.

Marble Bathtub
Marble Bathtub
Marble Bathtub

George Stone makes difterent shapes and sizes of marble bathtubs. No matter what the size of your bathroom is, you will get a perfect bathtub. So what are you waiting for? Enhance your bathing experience with our timeless selection of bathtubs.

Why Buy Marble Baths from George Stone

One Stop Solution

At George Stone, you can choose from a variety of marble baths. If you have specific requirements about shape and size, we can customize your bath accordingly.

Competitive Pricing

There is no third person between George Stone and its customers. Therefore, all our marble tubs are available at the best price. You can compare our prices with market prices.

Attention to Detail

The team at George Stone showcases expert craftsmanship. We have sculptors who pay attention to every small detail. Therefore, we bring marble bathtubs that stand on the highest quality standards.

100% Quality

Quality is our foremost priority. We do not compromise on it. No matter what bathtub you buy, you will get the quality of international standards. We are a certified golden supplier with ISO and SGS certifications.

Safe Shipping

Another benefit of buying marble bathtubs from George Stone is that you can rest assured about damage-free shipping. Regardless of where your destination is, we ensure safe transit.

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Marble Bathtub: An In-depth FAQ Guide for Beginners

When it comes to stone bathtubs, numerous individuals prefer marble bathtubs. Marble is an excellent material for stone baths. It makes stylish and low-maintenance bath basins that last for years.

This FAQ Guide gives you comprehensive knowledge about marble bathtubs. Whether you want to learn their price, advantages, or disadvantages, complete information is here.

Before you start exploring a marble bathtub for sale, read this post. This guide helps you make a thoughtful decision on your purchase.

Companies make bathtubs using different materials. Nevertheless, marble is a renowned choice for making bath basins. After all, this natural stone has countless features, making it suitable for bathtubs.

Some primary ones include:

Low Porosity

Marble is less porous than several other stones. Consequently, its bathtubs are resistant to water leakage/damage. Nonetheless, sealing is a necessary process.


The structural integrity of marble stone is high. Marble bath basins can endure day-to-day wear and tear.

Organic Appearance

Marble is a genuine stone. Therefore, bathtubs made out of it look natural, unlike acrylic and plastic bathtubs.


Marble stone is easy to customize. You can give it various shapes and designs. Consequently, if you want a custom bathtub, marble is the best material.

Are marble baths still in trend?

Marble bathtubs are in demand and will always be. According to some records, people have been using marble baths since the 4th century.

In 2022, Turkish police seized an 1800-year-old marble bathtub from smugglers in Aphrodisias.

Undoubtedly, these baths have been in the market for a long time, but it does not mean they are out of fashion.

They are still the first choice when it comes to classic stone baths. Earlier, they had been used by elite classes only. Now they have become more prevalent.

Marble is a timeless stone. As a result, it will always stay in fashion.

The good thing is that you can buy marble baths of different colors, shapes, and designs. Whether you want a minimalistic or trendy bathtub, you have a lot of options.

Even if you have a particular contemporary bathtub design in mind, you can discuss it with your manufacturer. After all, marble is customizable.



Marble baths are durable. Marble is a metamorphic rock made of carbonate materials, such as calcite. This material can withstand regular wear and tear.

If you properly care for your marble bath, it can last for several decades without any issues.

Classic Appearance

Marble bathtubs look classic due to their organic composition. The natural color of marble looks exceptionally eye-appealing.

Additionally, marbles feature veining patterns that enhance the aesthetics of bathtubs several times.

Marble-based bathtubs are available in different color hues. So you can choose the one that suits the interiors of your house and bathroom.

Keeps the Water Warm

Marble soaking tubs let you relish long warm water bathing sessions, thanks to their insulation properties.

Easy to Clean

Marble baths are relatively easy to clean. If you are using the right cleaning agent it would not take enough effort to clean the basin’s surface.

Cons of Marble Bathtub

Marble baths come with a few limitations as well.

  • If not sealed, marble bathtubs might get stains as it is porous. Also, certain acidic matters might etch the surface of your bath.
  • Since marble bathtubs are heavy, your floor must be strong.
  • For some people, it can be expensive.

Durability is one of the main characteristics of a marble bathtub. People often ask how long a marble bath basin can last.

The lifespan of a marble bath depends on various factors. The type of marble you pick and how you care for it has an important role in determining the lifespan of your bath.

Still, you can expect it to last for decades. Make sure your bathtub is made of genuine marble. It must be appropriately sealed to prevent moisture leakage. Also, clean your bathtub regularly to avoid stains.

The marble is one of the stones that you can easily customize. This feature opens up a lot of opportunities for individuals who want a unique soaking tub.

When it comes to marble bathtub customization, options are countless. At George Stone, we can give your bathtub a design that matches the interiors of your space. We do not just customize the shape but the entire feel and look of the tub.

The kind of bathtub customization you can receive at George Stone includes:

Finishing and Colors

George Stone has different types, colors, and shades of marble stones. We can make a bathtub from the one that matches your bathroom design.

You can also choose the polish to get the desired finishing. If you want engravings or other detailing, we can also do that.

Shapes & Sizes

George Stone keeps bathing basins of different sizes and shapes. We have round, oval, rectangular, and other bathtubs.

George Stone also provides freestanding or corner marble bathtubs. If you have any particular shape in mind, we can create it for you.


At George Stone, we can integrate various features into your bathtub. For example, we can install a whirlpool action or jet. To enhance the visual appeal, we can add lights and other elements.

What is the price for a marble bathtub?

Marble bathtub price varies based on various aspects. Generally, the quality, rarity, finishing, color, shape, and size influence the cost of marble bath basins. Apart from this, labor and shipping costs also affect the overall price of a tub.

You need to understand that the marble bathtub is a luxury product. As a result, its prices are higher than that of regular acrylic bathtubs.

Generally, the price of a standard marble bathtub ranges between USD 2,000 and USD 4,000. If you want an oversized bath basin, the price may go up to $10,000.

In addition to this, high-end, customized marble baths can be more expensive.

Marble bathtub price varies based on various aspects. Generally, the quality, rarity, finishing, color, shape, and size influence the cost of marble bath basins. Apart from this, labor and shipping costs also affect the overall price of a tub.

You need to understand that the marble bathtub is a luxury product. As a result, its prices are higher than that of regular acrylic bathtubs.

Generally, the price of a standard marble bathtub ranges between USD 2,000 and USD 4,000. If you want an oversized bath basin, the price may go up to $10,000.

In addition to this, high-end, customized marble baths can be more expensive.  

The marble bathtub is a perfect blend of luxury and vintage appeal. Nevertheless, keep the following in mind when buying a marble bathtub.

Quality of Marble

The type of marble you choose affects the quality of your bathtub. Ask your manufacturer about the different varieties of marbles and their ins and outs.

Learn about the porosity level and mineral composition of the stone you prefer. You will get an idea about the overall sturdiness of your bathtub.

Dimension and Size

Choose the size, shape, and dimension of your bathtub as per the size of your bathroom.

At George Stone, we have marble tubs of different shapes and styles. You can pick from round, oval, square, and various other bathtub styles. We make tubs that meet our customer’s needs precisely.


Marble bathtubs are available in different finishing textures. For example, you can choose matte, polished, and honed bathtubs.

Do not forget that finishing gives that extra style to your bathtub. Go with the one that suits your style.

Veining Patterns and Color Shades

Other aspects that might be crucial when choosing a marble bathtub include veining patterns and color shades. And each has a unique color shade and vein patterns.

Heat Retention

Learn about the thermal insulation capability of the marble bathtub you are buying.


Marble bathtub manufacturers make baths that suit different lifestyles. Depending on the requirements of your bathroom, you can go for a freestanding or corner bathtub.

Seamless Plumbing Fit

Ensure the marble soaking tub you buy integrates with your existing plumbing infrastructure.

Maintenance Requirements

Like every bathtub, marble baths require regular maintenance to maintain their sheen. So before buying the one learn about its maintenance requirements.

You can ask the company about the kind of cleaning agent you have to use. Also, get to know about the sealing requirements.


Last but not least, do not forget to consider your budget. As discussed in the above section, the price of a marble bathtub varies depending on various factors.

Look for the tub that falls in the price range that suits your pocket.

Marble soaking tubs are heavy. If you do not pack them properly, they can get damaged.

Additionally, the risk of accidents is always there with hefty items. Consequently, appropriate packaging is necessary for bathtubs.

Bathtub packaging at George Stone complies with industry standards and regulations.

  • We use packaging material that keeps your bath basins protected throughout the transportation.
  • We use a protective wrapping to shield the bathtub. The wrap prevents the tub from chips and scratches.
  • The wrapping is followed by padding. We use pearl wool to cushion the tub. Thereafter, we put it in a wooden box.
  • George Stone uses a special wooden box to pack marble tubs. Therefore, you do not need to worry about any kind of damage.
  • To give the box additional support, we install iron pieces on all the corners.
  • For structural stability, the box contains timbers.
  • We cover the entire surface of a wooden box with a waterproof film, made of high-quality plastic.
  • These boxes feature unique corner guards that give the tub edge protection.
  • We put all the labels and product handling instructions on the box. This information is crucial to recipients so that they can handle it properly. The label mentions all the instructions for the care.
  • We use a forklift machine to load and unload these heavy tubs.

Yes, you can install all plumbing systems on your marble bath basin. Whether you install it at your home or commercial space, you can attach your tub to existing drains and faucets without any trouble.


Marble bathtubs at George Stone come with standard connections that fit all piping systems.


Simply attach your tub to the existing water supply line and drainage pipes.

You do not need to alter your existing plumbing structure at all.


Whether you have PVC piping or Cross-linked Polyethylene tubing installed at your place, connecting it to a marble soaking tub is straightforward.


If your plumbing system has different requirements, you can contact the team at George Stone. We can customize the configurations of the tub to meet your specific needs.


George Stone has a separate team to guide customers through the installation procedure.


Always work with an experienced plumber to ensure appropriate bathtub installation.

The time of bathtub shipment and delivery depends on various factors. The availability of products, customization requirements, distance of shipping location, and mode of shipping are a few influencing aspects.


At George Stone, we can manage the delivery and shipping of your marble bathtubs. From our factory to your destination port, we ensure smooth and safe transit of tubs.


We have the following process for taking orders and delivering marble bathtubs.


Processing of Order (24 hours to 3 Days)


Once you have chosen the type of marble bathtub you want, you can place an order for the same. If it is already available we process the order within 24 hours to 3 Days.


Production Time (1 to 4 Weeks)


If the product is not available or you want a customized tub, we schedule the manufacturing of the bathtub. This process may take from a few days to several weeks.


Our sales team will verify your order details. After confirming the payment, we process your order.


Shipping & Delivery of Bathtub


The time your marble bathtub will take to be delivered depends on the shipping mode. Depending on your destination, urgency, and budget, we choose shipping mode.


Sea freight may take between 30 to 60 business days (including the entire process).

With rail and road freight, you can expect to receive your bathtub between 15 to 30 working days.


If you want to marble in urgency, you can choose air freight service. It will take between 3 and 5 days only.


Our team asks for your destination address, contact details, and other required information. Thereafter, we arrange the shipping service.


We mention the entire product information on the label, including its volume and weight. Our team also facilitates customs clearance.


Moreover, customers get all the information about product shipping and delivery. You can even track the arrival of your bathtub.

Yes, sealing marble bathtubs is crucial for various reasons.


While marble is a strong stone, it is porous in its natural form. It means the stone has tiny holes (visible through a microscope only) on its surface.

Bathtubs made of marble can absorb moisture that might lead to staining, etching, and other issues.


Some primary advantages of sealing marble bathtubs include:


Structural Integrity


Sealed marble bathtubs are relatively stronger. Since sealing material fills the pores, it naturally enhances the integrity of the stone. Sealing also prevents scratches.


It Shields Your Bathtub


Sealing acts as a preventing barrier. It safeguards bathtubs against staining, chemicals, oil, and water damage.


Sealing also maintains the natural appearance of the bathtubs. It prevents discoloration. Therefore, your bathtubs look brand new for decades.


No Mold Accumulation


Since sealing fills the pores of the marble, molds do not accumulate there.


Before you buy the tub, make sure it is properly sealed. Ensure the manufacturer has used quality sealant.


You might need to reseal your bathtub after every few years of use. So check the sealing requirement in advance.



George Stone seals all its marble bathtubs with high-grade sealant before shipping.

China is one of the largest suppliers of building materials, including stone bathtubs. While marble bath basins are readily available worldwide, buying them from China offers numerous benefits.

Some of the top advantages are as below.

Affordable Price

China produces the world’s most affordable marble bathtubs. Some people confuse affordability with poor quality. However, this is not always true.

China provides marble soaking tubs at low prices because of its cheap production and labor costs. Furthermore, their shipping services are also competitive.

Wide Range of Marble Options

China produces a diverse range of marble stones. You can buy different shades and types of marble bathtubs from China.

Unlimited Manufacturers

China has numerous small, medium, and large companies making marble bathtubs. So you have a choice to find the one offering the quality bathtub at your budget.

High-Quality Manufacturing

China-based marble tub manufacturers use cutting-edge equipment and technologies to produce international standard bathtubs. Their manufacturing process follows strict quality control measures. As a result, their bathtubs are highly efficient and accurate.

Worldwide Shipping

China is well-connected to the world through its sea routes. Regardless of the country you want your marble bathtub delivered to, Chinese companies are capable. They have a strong product supply chain.


If you are working with a certified supplier, you will not complain about customer support. Most China-based marble bathtub companies provide their customers with after-sales service.


Not all Chinese companies are equal when it comes to trustworthiness and product quality. We advise you to do your research before making any deal.

Do not forget to check the experience of the company, the quality of the product, and the required certifications.

Do you want your bathtub to be a focal point? If yes, you must choose a bathtub surround that complements it.


A perfectly designed bathtub surround can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. In addition to this, it gives your bathtub a luxurious feel.


In addition to this, it protects the shower unit and the area above the tub.


Nevertheless, keep the following things in mind when selecting the bathtub surround.


  • Choose the surround style that enhances the overall look of your bathroom. Depending on your tub style, choose modern or traditional surroundings.


  • Your marble bathtub surrounds must-have finishing and patterns that match that of the bathtub.


  • Check out the internet for marble bathtub surround ideas. You will surely get design options that pair well with the bathtub.  


  • Determine the size and layout of your bathroom when choosing the marble surround.


  • Give special attention to edge detailing.

The marble bathtub is naturally heavy. Since it is made of natural marble stone, its weight is heavier compared to acrylic bathtubs.


However, it varies on factors like the type of marble, size, and shape of the bathtub, features, and accessories integrated.


Generally, the weight of a large-sized marble bathtub ranges between 2,000 (907kg) to 3,000 (1360.78) pounds.


While a standard-sized marble bathtub weighs between 700 to 1500 pounds. In pounds, it will be around 317-680 kgs.

Everyone can maintain the shine of their marble bathtubs for years by following the below steps.

  • After every use, clean your tub with mild soap and lukewarm water. Clean the surface with a non-abrasive cloth.
  • Use recommended cleaning products only. Avoid pouring harsh chemicals on the surface as they might etch it.
  • Wipe spills immediately as they might become permanent stains.
  • Do not let debris and dust accumulate on the surface.
  • Seal your marble bathtub.

The marble bathtub can be a worthy addition to your bathroom. It becomes the center of attraction and enhances the overall look and feel of a bathroom. Besides aesthetics, marble bathtubs are known for their durability.

George Stone is a one-stop destination for a variety of marble bathtubs. If you want a custom bathtub, discuss your requirements with our team.

To know more about our marble baths, get in touch with us. Our contact details are Phone: +86 13077409280, Email Id:

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