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Brown Marble  from George Stone

Top Picks: Our Finest Brown Marble Shades

Are you dreaming to transform your space into a work of art? No worries, we at George Stone offer a range of unique shades and textures to fulfil your dream. Check out some of our top picks!

George Stone's brown marble

You can experience the excellence in every piece of George Stone’s brown marble. They are sourced from the finest quarries around the world, in a range of textures and are testament to luxury and durability. Whether you need brown marble tiles for your commercial building or countertops for your club or villa, we are here to assist you. 

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Brown Marble

Why Choose George Marble Stone ?

Certified Excellence in Stone Manufacturing

We own SGS and ISO certifications which are the testament to our dedication toward quality and reliability. With George Stone you can rest assure that your project is in safe hands.

Unmatched Variety, Competitive Pricing

Our extensive range of marbles consist of more than 5000 shades sourced from various quarries around the world, including our own three quarries as well.

Decades of Trusted Expertise

With over 30 years in the industry, we have successfully completed thousands of international projects in more than 128 countries.

High Production Capacity

Our well-established production line have an annual production capacity of 100,000,000 square meters. So, whether you need marble for your house or building – we have the ability to produce it.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We ensure top-notch production with our modern stone processing equipment. We have a team of 215 professionals at our two major processing bases and 20,000 sqm factory.

Rigorous Quality Control

Our dedicated quality inspectors and customer service staff provide weekly updates on order progress. We also share product photos with you to ensure strict quality standards.


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Certifications and Product Parameters

Dive into our certifications and a comprehensive product guide which reflect our unwavering commitment to superior quality. These credentials underscore our expertise and dedication to delivering only the finest marble to our clients.

Discovering Brown Marble: Expert Answers to Your Top FAQs

Everyone knows that brown marble represents elegance and beauty. To answer most of your questions George Stone team developed a detailed guide for you. Our guide will cover everything related to this luxurious stone.

Let's get started.

The Emperador light brown marble is a most adaptable variety of brown marble because of its uniqueness. Imagine having a stone that increases the beauty and charm of your space with different colors and materials. This stone is most likely used in both commercial and residential areas due to its warm tone and coziness whether used for countertops in a bustling cafe or tiles used in bathroom. 
Emperador light brown marble produces a welcoming atmosphere. The smooth texture of this marble makes it a perfect choice for both dining table and graceful flooring. If you gives importance to aesthetic and functionality in equal manners than this marble is a best choice for you.

At George Stone, we deal in a broad range of brown marble textures with varying vein patterns. The texture is mainly classified into two major types: light brown marble and dark brown marble. Each type has its own unique features and elegance. Light brown marble displays soft and creamy texture which are suitable for creating cozy and inviting ambience. On the other hand, dark brown marbles like Armani and Emperador are suitable to display luxurious and bold ambience.

Stones like Fantasy brown marble and Irish brown marble also come with a variety of textures which make them suitable for countertops and flooring applications.

What’s More?

If you are more into natural look and looking for something to make your place exotic – we have an exotic rainforest brown marble for you. Its striking veining makes it a suitable choice for those who seek dynamic and visually captivating textures in their space.

Each type has its own unique patterns and personality. They are not only diverse in their textures but they also differ in their functionalities. We have more than 5000 shades in brown marble so you can choose the best one for your domestic or commercial project.

Don’t Forget:

Not all textures are suitable for every spaces rather each on represent its own unique charm. You should be careful in choosing the right one for your space because one wrong choice might make or break your space elegance. To avoid this our experts will help you with 2D, 3D designs and a free virtual tour that shows how your place will look like in a specific marble type.

If you are struggling to make a choice between light brown marble and dark brown marble, don’t fret. We are always here to assist you. For outdoor spaces you should choose dark brown marble like Armani brown marble or emperador dark marble because it gives natural look to your outdoor space.

While for indoor spaces you should choose the light brown marble because it gives a brighter and airy look to your smaller and congested areas. Its lighter tone increases the brightness of your space and creates a warm welcoming environment. The selection of light brown marble for your kitchen, bathroom and living room area is an excellent choice.

Best color selection increases the elegance and beauty of you space. You should be careful which color is best for your space. 

Brown marble tiles are most commonly used in residential areas such as kitchen, living room and bathroom flooring. It increases the beauty of any space that’s why it is also used in commercial areas like shopping malls, restaurants. 

If you are looking for crème de la crème (the best of the best) , then imperial brown marble is the best choice for you. This marble is from the southern parts of Spain. It shows your taste because it’s not just a marble it’s a sign of lavishness and beauty. Their unique breccia pattern makes it different from other marbles. It has a noble texture that’s why it is also used in premium projects world widely.

If you visit high class hotels or luxury residential areas you will see this marble adds an extra charm due to its unique veining pattern and rich color. 

Apart from functionality for your kitchen, its distinctive veining pattern creates a unique charm of warm welcoming environment with different designs and styles. They are also very resistant to high temperature, scratches and are more durable and long lasting. Brown marble countertops has a combination of durability, beauty and aesthetic which make them a best choice increasing the kitchen aesthetics.

Of course, Brown marble is also a best option for bathroom use. Each slab displays unique veining pattern which gives a stylish look to your bathroom. It also has a variety of designs and each design creates a different look. 

This marble have porosity which makes it susceptible for staining. Different substances such as makeup remover, soaps and hair dryer stained from their porous structure. To prevent their staining marble safe cleansers are required. Moreover, the periodic sealing of this marble is also important to maintain its beauty and integrity.

In short, it enhance the beauty and charm of your bathroom but it requires proper care and maintenance. Some preventive measures are also important to maintain their elegance and durability. 

This marble has different types due to its different veining pattern. It has uniform to bold veining pattern which creates different look at different spaces. Every type has its own unique pattern which gives different charm to your space. Some most common types are as follows:

  • Armani Brown Marble:This marble has a rich brown tone and it showed a light veining pattern that adds a sophistication touch at your space.
  • Emperador Brown Marble:This type is commonly known due to its dark brown color which has different lighter veins. It gives luxurious touch to your space.
  • Rainforest Brown Marble:Its veining pattern have resemblance with tree branches. This marble type is the representation of their name.
  • Brown Italian Marble:This type originated from Italy and this marble is popular due to its high quality and elegancy.
  • Fantasy Brown Marble:This marble is considered as a best choice for both modern and traditional areas. It showed a combination of earthy brown and gray marble and also have a marble like pattern.
  • Brown Fantasy Marble:It displays a combination of different colors and patterns. This marble is variously used in different applications.
  • Coffee Brown Marble:As the name of this marble indicates that this type has a resemblance with coffee rich tone. It gives a warm welcoming and comfortable touch at your space.
  • Irish Brown Marble:The name of this marble showed that this marble originated from Ireland and it is commonly known by its natural beauty.

Each type have different shades and textures which makes them appropriate for different applications such as in wall cladding, flooring and countertops and increasing the lavishness and charm of your space either used it in commercial and residential areas.

Brown marble flooring are well known by its elegance charm and durability. Its durability depends on the use, care and different environmental factors. Notably it can last 20 to 50 years. If you want to increase the lifespan and beauty, then regular maintenance is required, such as:

  1. Don’t use acidic substances for cleaning of your marble surface because it cause staining.
  2. Remove dirt and grit regularly by using vacuum or sweep.
  3. Use suitable cleaners in order to clean the marble floor.
  4. Don’t wear abrasive shoes at indoor spaces because it can damage the beauty of your space.
  5. Use deodorizer and gentle cleaners periodically.
  6. In high traffic areas use mats and prevent it from scratches.
  7. To prevent it from stains and damage seal marble after 3 to 6 months.

By following these guidelines your brown marble flooring remain same for the year of decades and their beauty remain same and long lasting.

By using different appropriate strategies and regular care you can keep your table stain free. Application of an appropriate concealer is also an effective method to prevent stains. Sealer covers the porous surface of the marble from where coffee, water or any other substances cannot get absorbed and lead to stain.

Regular cleaning is also an important method. Use marble friendly cleaners which are specifically designed for marble surfaces. For cleaning use soft cloth and apply gently on the surface. By using these two methods you can keep your marble pristine.

The beauty of brown marble floor tiles can be maintained by the regular sealing and polishing.  


Marble floor sealing should be done every 1 to 3 years. It depends upon the type of sealer used and the level of traffic. In high traffic areas the time period of sealer is shorter that’s why at these areas more frequent sealing is required. While in other areas where high quality sealers are used such as Deepshield Gold sealer which increased the protection for up to 15 years.


The polishing of marble floor tiles vary from place to place. In residential areas the marble floor tiles require polishing after every 6 to 12 months while in high traffic areas there is need of polishing after every 3 to 6 months. For the maintenance marble floor polishing and shine a pH neutral cleaner as well as dust mopping is necessary.

In short, regular sealing keeps your marble stain and damage free and polishing maintains the shine and beauty of your marble.

It is a best choice for both countertops of your kitchen and bathroom flooring because it has unique veining pattern and charming shades. This marble stone is not just known by its beauty, but also because of its durability and functionality.

It is also used in many outdoor applications such as patio . Different types showed different shades and textures.

Of course. You can put your warm coffee mug or plate directly from oven on your countertop. But, we advise you to use hot pot or pan stand to maintain the shine of your marble.

Every type of this marble are resistant to heat. It adds a combination of practicality with style at your space. Choice is yours: which shade you will choose for your space.

The maintenance is very easy that’s why it is commonly considered as a best choice for indoor use. This marble stone have low water absorption which helps in humid conditions. To clean the surface of your marble simply use a soft cloth with gentle cleaner. This simple method maintain the shine and beauty of your marble.

For those who want to use this marble in high moisture areas than it is a best choice because of its durability. By using it at your residential or commercial spaces you will get a blend of versatility and beauty.

Like other varieties of marble, Brown marble floor tiles are well known by its strength and durability. Usually, the marble tiles can bear up to 5 to 10 pounds per square foot weight while thicker tiles can bear a weight of 11 to 12 pounds per square foot. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) directed the average weight capacity of tile should be at least 250 pounds or 113kg. It indicates that the brown marble tiles meet their standards accordingly due to their strength and durability. It considered as a best choice in foot traffic areas that’s why it is more suitable for both residential and commercial areas.

To ensure the quality of brown marble you should follow a few basic steps:

  1. Firstly, check out the polish quality because a well-polished marble have smooth surface and do not have any scratches on it. If you want to check your marble whether it is well polished or not than take a sample slab and place it under bright light and examine it from different angles.
  2. Secondly, check the thickness consistency of your marble which is an important factor for flooring. Slabs should have uniform thickness whose tolerance level should be 0.1-0.3mm. Non-uniform slabs can damage easily.
  3. Checking for cracks is also an important factor. Examine it by the use of ultrasonic scanners or through visual inspection because slab which have cracks on its surface have poor strength and durability.
  4. Test porosity of the marble stone can also reveal the quality of your marble. If you want to test the porosity of your marble than place a drop of lemon juice on the surface of marble floor. If it absorbs quickly it showed that it has high porosity and low quality. High porosity level reduced the durability of your marble.
  5. At last, do not use artificial colors and coating on your marble surface. These coatings cause damage to the surface of your marble.

By following these simple steps you can check the quality of brown marble for your project.

Surely, we have different lighter and darker shades of brown marble at our showroom. We have more than 5000 shades. If you are in search of light brown marble or dark brown marble we have it all. We have different varieties of brown marble like Armani brown marble and Emperador brown marble that gives natural beauty to your space. Select the ideal shade of brown marble according to your space. Both lighter and dark shade of brown marble provides a sophisticated and stylish look to space. Select it according to your taste. George Stone source brown marble from all over the world.

Yes, the production facility of George Stone is certified. George Stone is a sign of excellence. We have SGS and ISO certifications as well. We do not only holding the title of golden supplier we meet their standards and define them in an excellent way. Our standard of excellence does not ends here we strictly check each piece of marble stone either it is a light, dark, gray or brown marble. We ensure to maintain the trust of our customer.SO, if you are choosing George Stone- Don’t worry, you are at right place. You are not just choosing a marble – You are choosing a promise of excellence.

If you want to place an order at George Stone, simply go online and contact with our sales team. Our sales will guide you about the whole process. If you are looking for light brown marble tiles for your bathroom or dark brown countertops you can order directly from our website. Our website will provide a direct assistance to you. In addition, we have a six different Alibaba shops which makes your shopping experience smooth. So, if you are searching from your laptop or phone our high quality brown marble is just a few click away.


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