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Step into a world of refined beauty with our top gray marble selections, offering a range of unique shades that promise to transform your interiors into a haven of style.


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George Stone: Your Destination for
High-Quality Gray Marble

At George Stone, we take pride in being a leading provider of high-quality gray marble. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every slab we produce. Sourced from the finest quarries in China, our gray marble is renowned for its unique textures and enduring beauty. Whether for luxurious interiors or grand architectural projects, our selection of gray marble stands as a testament to sophistication and quality. Choose George Stone for marble that truly transforms your space.

Why Choose George Marble Stone?

Certified Excellence in Stone Manufacturing

As a certified golden supplier with SGS, ISO, and product test reports, George Stone is a benchmark for quality and trust in stone manufacturing.

Expansive Facilities, Expert Staff

Our 20,000 sqm factory and two major processing bases are powered by 215 dedicated staff members, ensuring top-notch gray marble production.

See Your Vision Come to Life

Our free virtual scene room design service, backed by a top designer team skilled in 3D Max and AutoCAD, lets you visualize your project in stunning detail.

24/7 Professional Support

Our online services are available 24/7, providing expert and experienced guidance for your project

On-Site Management and Installation Guidance

Our on-site management and installation services ensure quality control and time efficiency.

Unwavering Quality Control

We maintain strict quality oversight, with regular updates and photo reports from our quality inspectors and customer service team on your order progress

Certifications and Product Parameters

Explore our commitment to excellence, certified by leading industry bodies. Our product guide reflects our dedication to delivering quality, offering detailed insights for informed selections that align with the highest standards.


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Welcome to our guide on the elegant world of Gray Marble

Welcome to our guide on the elegant world of gray marble, a timeless choice that brings a touch of sophistication to any space. You’ve seen its beauty across magazines and galleries and are now considering it for your project. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your area or a business seeking that perfect lobby flooring, gray marble offers versatility and style. Dive into our FAQ, where we unravel the charm and practicality of this natural wonder, giving you clear, concise insights. Let’s examine what makes gray marble stand out for your next venture. Ready to discover more?

Gray marble is like nature’s artwork, subtly blending hues to add sophistication to any space. Imagine a stone that dances between shades, where light plays on the surface to reveal a spectrum of grays. From the soft touch of light gray marble countertops to the profound depth of dark gray marble floors, it captures attention without demanding it.

Picture This:

Think of this stone as a chameleon in your home or office. Depending on the angle and lighting, it can shift from a gentle backdrop to a striking centerpiece. Its seamless texture can create an expanse of elegance, mainly when used in large areas like gray marble bathroom floors or as a grand gray marble top dining table.

What’s More?

Gray marble doesn’t just look great; it feels great, too. Curious how it could elevate your space? Imagine the quiet luxury it can offer, a whisper of opulence that’s always in style.

Gray marble isn’t just a single stone but a tapestry of options, each with its unique shade and character. You’ll find them in tones and textures that can seamlessly blend into or boldly define a space.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the most sought-after types that might just be the perfect match for your project:

  • Tundra Gray Marble:Picture a cool, foggy morning, and you have Tundra Gray. It’s sturdy, with a cloud-like vein pattern that adds a touch of the ethereal to floors and walls alike.
  • Armani Gray Marble:This one is the epitome of luxury. Its white veins strike through the premium gray like lightning, making it a favorite for those exclusive, high-end spaces.
  • Sunny Gray Marble:Hailing from the rugged terrains of Balochistan, this stone presents a warmer gray, versatile for various designs, and blessed with a natural, subtle pattern.
  • Pietra Gray Marble:With its spectrum of gray and resilient nature, it brings a modern twist with its stark white veins that cater beautifully to a chic aesthetic.
  • Bardiglio Gray Marble:Imagine the early night sky, a gradient of gray that speaks of sophistication. Bardiglio’s strength makes it a go-to for both interior and exterior decor.

Each type of gray marble holds its own story, ready to be laid into yours. Whether you envision a sleek gray marble countertop kitchen or a serene bathroom sanctuary, these marbles offer a slice of the earth’s beauty cut to fit into your life’s design.

Absolutely, gray marble comes in a kaleidoscope of textures and hues, each with its unique charm. The variety at your fingertips is impressive if you’re eyeing a gray marble floor tile. For instance, Cloudy Atlas might catch your eye with its smoky swirls, perfect for adding a touch of drama.

Each piece offers a different mood, from the warm depths of Grey Emperador to the calm whispers of Tundra Forest. With seamless textures and diverse tones, gray marble is a decorator’s dream. You’ll find the perfect match to complement or define your decor’s personality.

Whether it’s the subtle elegance you seek for a gray marble bathroom or a statement piece for your dining area, the options are as vast as your imagination.

Pietra Gray Marble, known locally as Lashator marble, stands out as the star in the world of gray stones. It’s not just famous; it’s a bestseller, celebrated for its versatile gray-to-black backdrop and the striking white veins that run through it.

Each slab of Pietra Gray is like a fingerprint, unique with its pattern and intensity of veins. It’s a favorite for those who seek a touch of sophistication, whether as a sleek gray marble countertop in a kitchen or an elegant surface in a corporate lobby.

Its popularity is a testament to its timeless appeal and the statement of luxury it brings to any space.

Absolutely, gray marble is a top pick for flooring, not just for its look but for its robustness.

Picture This: 

A seamless gray marble floor that doesn’t just add a dash of elegance and stands the test of time. You’ll get durability paired with the natural charm that only stone can offer. And if you’re into details, imagine a backsplash with a gray marble stone texture that pops.

Keep it in tip-top shape with proper sealing, and you’ll see it resists water stains like a champ. It’s the kind of floor that says ‘luxury’ without a word.

Gray marble countertops aren’t just a feast for the eyes; they’re practical, too. They stay cool, resisting heat naturally. That’s a bonus when you’re rolling out pastry or just want a cold surface to work on. Plus, they’re a timeless choice. Whether it’s a light or dark gray marble texture you choose, they hide smudges and crumbs better than lighter colors.

Keeping your gray marble in top shape is simpler than you might think. Start with sealing it periodically; this wards off stains and keeps that polished look alive. When cleaning, think gently – harsh chemicals are a no-go.

Instead, use a soft cloth with mild soap for those everyday wipe-downs. Spills? Tackle them quickly to prevent marks. And here’s a pro tip: ditch the abrasive pads. Stick to these easy habits; your marble will thank you with years of enduring beauty. It’s about giving a little care to get a lot of wow.

Yes, you’ll find gray marble in various shades at George Stone. Whether you fancy the whispers of pearl and silver or the deeper, edgier look of graffiti gray, there’s a tone for your taste.

Each piece flaunts a unique texture, seamless in its beauty, ready to elevate your space. So, if you’re picturing a light gray marble countertop or dreaming of a dark gray marble floor, you’re in luck. Dive into our collection and find the perfect gray hue that speaks to you.

Consider the vibe you want to create when deciding between light gray marble and dark gray marble. With its soft texture and seamless elegance, light gray marble can brighten up spaces and give an airy feel. It’s perfect for a serene bathroom or a sleek, modern kitchen countertop.

On the other hand, dark gray marble makes a bold statement. Its rich texture adds depth and can be the centerpiece of any room. Think of a dark gray marble dining table or a bathroom floor, infusing sophistication into your space.

Also, ponder the practicalities. Lighter marbles can disguise minor blemishes and scratches better than darker shades. Yet, both need your care to keep their seamless charm. Regular sealing and gentle cleaning are musts.

So, take a moment. Envision your room with the timeless allure of gray marble. Whether it’s the light whisper of a Pietra grey or the boldness of an Armani gray marble, your choice will transform the room. Ready to choose? Let the marble’s natural texture be the guide to a space that’s unmistakably yours.

The texture of gray marble is a game-changer for its overall look. Imagine the difference between a smooth, seamless gray marble countertop and one with a more rugged stone texture. Light plays uniquely on each surface, highlighting subtle color variations and patterns.

A polished finish on a light gray marble can reflect light, brightening your space with a lustrous sheen. On the flip side, a honed or brushed finish on dark gray marble gives a matte look that’s contemporary and forgiving with everyday use.

So, when you’re eyeing options, think about the feeling you’re after. Will it be the sleek sophistication of a Pietra gray marble bathroom floor or the earthy allure of a tundra gray marble dining table? Touch, see, and let the marble’s texture speak to you. It’s not just a stone; it’s a statement.

You might wonder where this stone fits best in your space. Here’s how you can weave the elegance of gray marble into different corners of your environment:

  • Bathrooms:Opt for a Bardiglio gray marble sink or a sleek Pietra grey marble bathtub. These pieces turn functional areas into luxury retreats.
  • Floors and Walls:A gray marble floor tile ushers in a timeless elegance, while gray marble tiles on walls add depth and texture to any room.
  • Countertops:Light gray marble countertops in your kitchen or a gray marble laminate countertop in your workspace resist wear while exuding sophistication.
  • Furniture Accents:A dining table made from dark gray marble becomes the room’s focal point, as it infuses style into your meals.
  • Architectural Features:Imagine a sunny gray marble fireplace surround or an Armani gray marble staircase statement features that never fail to impress.
  • Decorative Elements:Small accessories, like a gray marble background for your bookshelf or gray marble bathroom ideas for your powder room, speak volumes.

Each application showcases the beauty of gray marble and leverages its durability.

Absolutely, gray marble stands as a stellar pick for outdoor settings. Imagine the chic pietra grey marble gracing your patio or as a striking facade for cladding, effortlessly blending durability with sophistication. Its ability to weather the elements while maintaining its timeless charm makes it an ideal candidate for your outdoor oasis.

Whether you’re after that seamless gray marble texture for your garden paths or a majestic dark gray marble touch to your exterior, you’re on the right track. Get ready to elevate your outdoor space with a material that’s as robust as refined.

Gray marble, with its sophisticated allure, pairs beautifully with a variety of colors. Each combination can set a different mood in your space, giving you the freedom to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

  • Red and Gray:This classic duo brings a bold and energetic vibe. Perfect for spaces where you want to make a statement.
  • Mustard and Gray:Mustard adds a warm, inviting contrast to the coolness of gray, ideal for a cozy yet stylish area.
  • Green and Gray:Green brings a natural, refreshing touch, seamlessly complementing the stone texture of gray marble.
  • Teal Blue and Gray:Teal blue is your go-to for a serene and tranquil ambiance. It’s like bringing a piece of the ocean into your home.
  • Blush Pink and Gray:This combination screams modern elegance. Blush pink softens the gray, adding a chic, feminine touch.
  • Blue and Gray:The coolness of blue with gray creates a calm, collected atmosphere, great for bathrooms or relaxation areas.

These color pairings enhance the beauty of gray marble, allowing it to fit into various design schemes. Whether you’re aiming for bold and dramatic or soft and serene, a color out there pairs perfectly with gray marble.

When eyeing gray marble for your space, budget plays a big part. For a touch of luxury without a hefty tag, Chinese gray marble offers a range of $10-50 per square meter. The price depends upon the type, size, and finishing of your required gray marble.

So whether it’s decking out a sleek countertop or splashing sophistication on your floors, there’s a gray marble that fits your wallet just right. Choose wisely, and let the elegance unfold!

Delving into the realm of gray marble, you’ll notice some distinctions between Chinese and Italian varieties. Chinese gray marble boasts fine lines and is renowned for its availability and cost-effectiveness. It’s a go-to for projects where both budget and aesthetics matter. Italian gray marble, on the other hand, is often viewed as the epitome of luxury with its rich textures and exclusive feel.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Texture: Italian marble often has a unique texture depth, resulting from its rich veining, making it a statement piece. Chinese marble provides a more uniform appearance with subtle elegance.

Availability: You’ll find Chinese gray marble more readily available, which can be a significant advantage for timely projects.

Cost: If you’re budget-conscious, Chinese varieties can provide the chic look of gray marble without the steeper price tag ($10-50 per square meter) associated with Italian options. The Italian gray marble slab can cost $50-100 per square meter.

Choosing between them comes down to your priorities. Are you after that touch of Italian luxury or leaning towards practical elegance with a softer hit on the budget? The choice is yours.

Gray marble is undoubtedly a beauty with its alluring texture and timeless elegance. However, when it comes to holding up against the rigors of daily life, it’s a bit softer to the touch compared to granite. Granite takes the crown for toughness; it’s the go-to for bustling kitchen counters where hot pots and pans are the norm.

Marble, while sturdy, asks for a gentler hand and a bit more care to avoid heat marks and scratches. So, if your heart’s set on marble’s classic look for your space, just remember it likes a bit less hustle and bustle.

Indeed, your gray marble will need a bit of tender loving care (TLC) to stay pristine.

· Sealing:

It is vital to keep those spills on the surface and the stone’s character spotless. Think of it as a shield against stains and scuffs.

· Polishing is also a smart move:

It keeps that glossy, elegant look intact. Picture your gray marble countertop, its texture gleaming – the reward of a little upkeep. And while it may seem like extra work, the payoff is a surface that stays fresh and sophisticated for years to come.

Yes, gray marble can get scratched. While it’s quite a sturdy material, it doesn’t beat the hardness of quartz or granite. So, if you’re not careful, everyday items might leave their mark. To keep your gray marble countertops or floors looking smooth, steer clear of rough cleaners and pointy objects. The exact vulnerability of your marble might vary, depending on its finish and type. But no worries, a little caution goes a long way in keeping your marble’s elegant texture scratch-free.

The luster on your gray marble can stay vibrant for quite some time. If it’s a bustling spot, think about a refresh every 2 to 3 years. In a quieter area, the shine lasts longer—around 5 to 6 years. Remember, this can vary depending on where the marble is installed.

Proper care will keep your gray marble countertops, floors, or bathroom surfaces gleaming for years. Keep them polished, and they’ll thank you with enduring beauty.

Keep these pointers handy when you’re on the hunt for top-notch marble.

  • First up, eye the polish—your marble should reflect light uniformly. A seamless gray marble texture suggests a superior finish. Check the slab thickness; consistency is key here. While you’re at it, scan for cracks. They’re deal-breakers.
  • Next, size matters. Custom sizing is a sign of quality craftsmanship. Match up your slabs with samples to avoid surprises. And don’t forget to examine for bends; a flat surface means no future headaches.
  • You can also test for porosity without any fancy tools. Simply let some water sit on the marble. It’s more like a sponge than a solid stone if it seeps in. Lastly, ensure the tiles are even in size and free from artificial coloring—it’s the real deal you want.

With these tips, you’ll choose your perfect gray marble floor tile or countertop like a pro. Keep this checklist in mind; your gray marble will be the envy of all, whether it’s gracing your kitchen, bathroom, or dining space.

At George Stone, we harness advanced machinery to ensure every cut of gray marble is precise. Our lineup includes wire dressing machines for detailed shaping and edge trimming machines for perfect borders. Slabs get their shine from auto grinding and polishing, while bridge milling machines handle the heavy carving. We employ flaming machines and calibration machines for uniform thickness and texture.

CNC machines offer intricate customization, and water jets slice with precision. Profile and molding machines create elegant edges, and bisection-cutting machines ensure clean splits. Stone engraving machines add artistic touches, and our 5-axis CNC countertop machine perfects complex cuts. This high-tech gear guarantees the gray marble you receive is nothing short of perfection.

Yes, we do offer installation services for our gray marble products. If you prefer a professional touch, the George stone team is on hand to ensure your marble is installed with precision and care.

But if you’re feeling hands-on, we’ve got you covered, too. We provide detailed installation manuals, step-by-step videos, and handy tips to guide you through the process safely and effectively. Whether for your gray marble bathroom floor or a chic countertop kitchen, we ensure you have the support you need to create the space you’ve envisioned.

Absolutely, consider us your one-stop solution for all things marble. Not only do we provide the finest gray marble, but we also take care of the logistics. This means we’ve got you covered from the moment you choose your stone to the time it’s installed. Our services include handling the transportation to ensure your marble arrives safely and on time. Plus, we’re here to assist with installation and after-sales services.

Yes, we proudly operate our own production facilities. Located in Guangdong and Guangxi, these centers are the heartbeat of our operations. With over 200 skilled employees, we can precisely craft and deliver high-quality gray marble products. We produce an impressive 750,000 m² of cut-to-size marble each year, contributing to around 200 projects globally.

Our work graces everything from star-rated hotels and plush office buildings to luxury homes, private villas, and exclusive clubs. It’s not just about quantity; the quality and reach of our work sets us apart, making spaces worldwide a bit more elegant and extraordinary.

Absolutely, George Stone’s production facility doesn’t just meet standards; it sets them. We’re proud to say we’re a certified golden supplier. This isn’t just a title; it’s a promise of quality and reliability. Our commitment to excellence is further affirmed by our SGS and ISO certifications. But we don’t stop there. We also conduct rigorous product testing, ensuring every piece of gray marble that leaves our facility is top-notch.

Certainly! George Stone is happy to provide you with samples of our gray marble. Preparing the sample takes about 2-3 days, after which we’ll ship it directly to you. The delivery speed then depends on DHL’s service to your location. Just reach out, and we’ll get the process started for you.

Your order’s processing time typically ranges from 20 to 30 days. This duration can vary depending on your order’s size and location. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring the highest quality for your gray marble needs.

Whether it’s for a sprawling floor or a bespoke countertop, we’re committed to getting your order right and to you on time. Contact us, and you’ll enjoy the elegance of gray marble in your space soon enough!

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