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Premier Marble Fireplaces by George Stone

Find a perfect focal point for your home with the leading marble fireplaces of George Stone. We offer a comprehensive range of top-quality marbles that suits every decor style with something uniquely beautiful. Which of the marbles will best fit your space? Our team of professionals will help you in selecting the design from our collection so your fireplace matches but supersedes your imagination. Opt for George Stone for exceptional elegance.

Top Picks of Marble Fireplace

George Stone Marble Fireplace Factory

George Stone provides a wide range of marbles for fireplaces, which differ by patterns and designs and can satisfy any taste. Our high-quality marble is sourced from three specialized quarries in China, and from famous locations around the world, thus providing a variety of choice. But if you want a more detailed view of our fantastic range of marble fireplaces line, and have a chance to make your findings on your own, we welcome you to our showroom. 

Available Marble Options

Check out our prestigious selection of marbles, each with its own appeal and elegance. George Stone offers stunning selections in a wide variety of styles, from the classic beauty of White Carrara to the dramatic artistry of Victorian Black Marble. Find the ideal marble that screams your style.

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White Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace

White Marble Fireplace

Timeless and clear, white marble in your living room will bring light and an illusion of open space.

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White Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace

White Carrara Marble Fireplace

This is one of the most renowned Italian marbles that has really good quality and luxurious veins as well as a timeless elegance to any setting.

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White Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace

White Micro Marble Fireplace

Micro marble provides uniform smooth finish that reflects elegance at an affordable price.

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White Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace
Black Marble Fireplace

Victorian White Marble Fireplace

These fireplaces are detailed with intricate carvings and elaborate designs that are ideal for introducing a touch of history.

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White Marble Fireplace
Black Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace

Black Marble Fireplace

Black marble is sleek and powerful, and it provides a real sense of boldness and depth to any room.

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Black Marble Fireplace
Marble Fireplace
White Marble Fireplace

White and Grey Marble Fireplace

The gentle mix of white and grey tones gives an adaptable and modern appearance that suits different interiors.

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George Stone Services for Marble Fireplace

Get excellent services at George Stone for your marble fireplaces requirements. Being your full stone solution provider, we provide various services. These are created to give reality to your vision in a perfect and graceful way.

Virtual Design Services

See your project in action before it starts through our complimentary virtual scene room design. Our premier design team incorporates the advanced 3D Max and AutoCAD technology to create lifelike mock-ups that guarantee – “what you see is what you get”.

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George Stone Services for Marble Fireplace

Get excellent services at George Stone for your marble fireplacesrequirements. Being your full stone solution provider, we providevarious services. These are created to give reality to your vision in aperfect and graceful way.

Quality and Variety

Our modern production lines, which are powered by the best Chinese and Italian stone machinery, enjoy a strict quality control. Our collection includes stones from our three quarries and a hundred others, guaranteeing a wide range at affordable prices.

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George Stone Services for Marble Fireplace

Get excellent services at George Stone for your marble fireplaces requirements. Being your full stone solution provider, we provide various services. These are created to give reality to your vision in a perfect and graceful way.

Design pictures VS real pictures

Our service is offering design pictures as well as real pictures with which you can make a comparison by yourself and see how exactly our initial designs reflect the final product installed.

Marble Fireplace
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George Stone Services for Marble Fireplace

Get excellent services at George Stone for your marble fireplacesrequirements. Being your full stone solution provider, we providevarious services. These are created to give reality to your vision in aperfect and graceful way.

Secure and Safe Delivery

With our packaging standards surpassing international norms, complemented by forklift and loading services, your marble stone will arrive in an excellent condition.


We hold certificates necessary for a legitimate company, such as SGS, ISO, and Quality Production Management System.

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Elevate Your Space with Marble Fireplaces

We bring you our comprehensive fireplace guide that explains the elegance and functionality of a living or an office. Whether you are thinking about a traditional white marble surround or pondering a daring black marble hearth, knowledge of marble in a fireplace setting is critical. Marble does not only give a sense of luxury but also provides its users with durability and a timeless beauty that has the power of turning any space into something special. 

In this guide, we will explore different things, including installation advice and cleaning and maintenance. If you want to improve your living area or offer your clients high quality choices, this article will provide you with useful information. Prepare yourself for learning how to improve the ambiance of any space.

Of course, you can cover it to provide a new look. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Tile over It: The new tile can be mounted onto the marble as it is. Pick tiles that coincide with the interior of the room. Ensure that you use the appropriate adhesive and grout that are designed for high-temperature areas to be used near your fireplace.
  2. Paint It: A dareful switch of the looks, and the painting of your marble surround is a smart choice for you. First, sand the marble slightly to improve the sticking of the primer and heat-resistant paint. This kind of paint is crucial as it is able to resist the high temperatures of a fire place.
  3. Use Peel-and-Stick Panels: If you want an even simpler update – try peel-and-stick panels. They are available in different designs and textures, for example, wood or stone, and are easy to put on and take off if you decide to change styles.

Whichever the method you go for, it is necessary all the materials are appropriate and safe to use in the high heat condition. This swift facelift will really change your space, no matter what style you are going for!

Here are the three simple tips to help you select the perfect marble:

  • Match the Style to Your Home: Initially, consider your home’s general style. If you like traditional décor, select a marble fire place that has classic pattern and complex details. If you are going for a modern look, great clean lines on marble will suit your space well.
  • Select the Right Color and Finish: Marble is offered in different colors such as white, grey, and black which are widely used for fireplaces. For the matte look, you can select honed finish, and for a high gloss look, you can choose polished finish. Consider what will in the best way suit the colors of your room and the lighting.
  • Consider the Size Proportionally: The marble fireplace should be of the right size for the room. In a large room, a big and imposing fireplace can serve as a centerpiece, while in a smaller room, a smaller marble fireplace can ensure the proper balance and not dominate the room.

Keep in mind that the marble selected have to be functional rather than looking elegant, but it has to be intended for the use around heat safe. After following these tips, you will be able to get a marble fireplace that not only satisfies your desire but also complements your house perfectly.

It is a decision offering several strong advantages in the sense of functionality as well as aesthetics of your living area. Here’s why it’s a smart choice:

  • Beauty and Warmth: Marble not only provides a modern look to any room, but it creates an atmosphere. A marble fireplace as a centerpiece of your living room area shines with comfort and luxury making it a welcoming place.
  • Easy Maintenance: Marble is convenient in the aspect of cleaning. The top wipes almost all spills and dust with a damp cloth. Maintaining a clean appearance will make it perfect for high traffic areas such as near a fireplace.
  • Durability and Heat Resistance: It is heat-resistant, making sure your fireplace is safe and operational for generations.
  • Unique Variations: Each marble slab is one of a kind, having its own design and color. This makes your fireplace not only functional part of your space but also a unique piece of art.
  • Versatility in Design: Marble goes with any style, whatever your home has a modern or a classic look. You can modify its polishing and finish and specify details to suit your personality and home decor.

Choosing a marble slab for your fireplace not only brings elegance but also gives you an opportunity of coming to everlasting benefits, so it’s very reasonable to have a marble slab in your house.

Marble tile will significantly improve the appearance of your living space if applied around the fireplace. Here are some stylish ideas that could inspire your next home improvement project:

  • Herringbone Pattern: Set Carrara marble tiles in herringbone pattern for a sleek, contemporary style. The design is equally beautiful in the contemporary and traditional settings, bringing in some sophistication and visual interest.
  • Subway Tiles: Choose white marble subway tiles in order to create a timeless and classy look. You can decide on white or grey tiles according to your style. White tile with white grout appears seamless, while black grout can create a dramatic contrast. This is especially effective with darker tiles.
  • Mosaic Tiles: If you want to add detail and texture, then marble mosaic tiles is a consideration. Patterns such as arabesque lantern designs or hexagons could be a beautiful central feature in your room providing unique visual effects.
  • Black Marble with Bold Veining: For a statement that is strong, choose tiles of black marble with noticeable white veins. This choice is perfect for modern décor.
  • Combination of Textures and Colors: Mix different textures and colors for a very exciting look. In this regard, mix a polished white marble with blue tiles to generate depth and fascination. This style is suitable for mixed or farm-house interiors.

Such ideas not only improve the look of your fireplace, but also transform it to warmer and more comfortable place.

Here are some of the best ideas to make your fireplace more elegant:

  • Simple Black Marble Mantel: Choose a black marble mantel of minimalist details. This type is suitable to modern interiors as it is quite assertive but elegantly reserved, not overshadowing the room.
  • Contrasting Elements: Incorporate black marble to contrast with the lighter aspects of the room. The mantel combines both contemporary and traditional elements, and installing it against white or light gray walls will transform the fireplace into a highly dramatic focal point of the entire room.
  • Geometric Patterns: You may also think about placing black marble tiles in geometric or herringbone layouts around the fireplace. Such patterns bring in the complication and can be the focal point, improving the modern look of your settings.
  • Metal Accents: Using metal details, for instance, stainless steel or brass frames, on the fireplace and walls will enhance the design. This black marble with metallic accents provides a luxurious modern look.
  • Minimalist Approach: Adopt the contemporary concept that less is more using a frameless black marble surround. Incorporating it right into the wall produces an elegant transition, giving your living area a tidy and modern look.

Each of these concepts focuses on a refined and sophisticated appearance, while capturing the natural beauty and drama that black marble brings to the fireplace surround. The trick is to mix with other elements the harsh black marble in your space in order to gain a modern and stylish room.

The process of maintenance of the marble around your fireplace is simple and can help you to keep it as new.

Here’s how you can maintain the elegance and integrity of your marble fireplace:

  1. Preparation and Safety: To commence cleaning, make sure that the fireplace is cold, and the best thing is to wait at least 12 hours after the last use. Cover the furniture and the floor with dust sheets, to prevent damage. Make sure that you always have personal protective gear such as goggles, dust mask, gloves and long sleeves to avoid contact with ash and cleaning solution.
  2. Removing Ash and Debris: For the ashes, use a shovel and for the marble surround, use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove the loose dirt and dust. This will minimize the chances of scratching the marble while cleaning.
  3. Routine Cleaning: Create a mild detergent or dish washing liquid in warm water. With the use of a cloth or a soft sponge, cleaning the surface in a delicate manner is the best approach. Marble should be gently cleaned and avoid using acidic cleaner such as vinegar and lemon juice which can etch the marble. Wash the area with clean water, and dry with a soft towel.
  4. Addressing Stubborn Stains: For excessive dirt, apply the cleanser that intended for stone. Use the cleaner as per the instructions, scrub lightly, rinse and dry. To remove deep stains, a poultice may be required to pull the stain out of the marble.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Try to apply a sealant on a yearly basis to keep the marble stain-free and in good condition. First assay the sealant on a small and unobtrusive place, so that you can know if it will not change color or destroy the marble.

Following these steps will ensure that your marble will keep its shine and will be a striking focal point of your home. Routine cleaning improves your fireplace looks, but it also helps in the promotion of the marble’s life and strength.

The price of a marble fireplace is determined by the design, quality of the materials, and complexity. Here’s what you should expect:

  • Simple Designs: The cost for a standard marble fireplace usually varies from $500 to $1,000 per set. Such are simple designs that do not have details that are too intricate, which makes them an affordable solution for adding elegance to your interior.
  • Detailed and Custom Designs: When you are going for something unique or detailed the prices can go up drastically generally around $1,000 to $3,000 per set. The high price is due to the intricate workmanship and the superior grade of the marble utilized.
  • Factors Influencing Cost: The end cost will also be influenced by some other factors including the size of the fireplace, the type of marble (some more expensive varieties are Carrara or Calacatta), and any extra features such as custom carvings or integrated mantels.
  • When planning your budget, do not forget to take the installation costs into account, which may depend on the complexity of the work and the place where you reside. To make sure that you get a reasonable price for the installation, it is better to collect quotes from several contractors.

In conclusion, when selecting a marble fireplace, try to balance your aesthetic wishes with your budget, and take into consideration all the costs related to realizing your dream.

Yes, it is. Here’s why you should consider it:

  • Durability and Resistance: Marble is noted for its hardness thus making it resistant to chips and scratches. This is important because the fireplace is commonly found in houses with children and it will be used almost every day, and the fireplace will still look new after ten years.
  • Fire Resistance: The inherent fire resistant properties of marbles make it a safe choice. It is capable to manage the heat produced without any risk, to preserve the environment from high temperatures safely.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Marble adds elegance and sophistication to a room. It is usually associated with luxury and can significantly enhance the interior of your living room. Marble is an ideal part of any style décor due to its natural patterns and a great number of color choices.
  • Versatility in Decor: Due to the neutral shades of marble, the material is very flexible and can fit many different decorative styles. Marble is perfect for the interior changers and static lovers.

A mantle made from the marble sides will provide you with a contemporary stylish look. In addition, it is an investment in a material that is long lasting, safe and receptive to any change in taste.

Here are some critical steps and considerations for the installation of marble fireplace:

  1. Foundation and Preparation: Ensure that the supporting floor or surface area where the marble fireplace is to be installed is perfectly level and has no soft points and defects. Any leftover glue must be removed and the surface should be smooth to prevent any irregularities under marble which will later lead to cracks or instability.
  2. Assembling the Fireplace: Subsequently the parts should be dry assembled before any glue is applied. This is a process of positioning the hearth, mantel, and any decorative elements so that they are in their proper place and require no further adjustment once the adhesive is applied. Use a suitable quality adhesive for marble to prevent the seeping moisture from weakening the bond.
  3. Securing the Structure: For the adhesive to dry with the marble pieces in position, use clamps or temporary supports. At this point the most crucial thing is that everything is perfectly level and plumb to avoid a skewed or lopsided installation. The accuracy can be achieved by using a level in all parts of the setup.
  4. Safety Measures: Keep flammable objects such as curtains and furniture at a safe distance from the fireplace. It is also crucial that installation should be in compliance with the local fire codes to avoid hazards.
  5. Post-Installation Care: Do not walk on the hearth surface or put pressure on it for at least 24 hours after the marble has been fixed to allow the adhesive to cure properly. Mild soap and warm water are used in cleaning to prevent destroying of marble using abrasive chemicals or tools.

These measures will make your marble fireplace a pleasant feature of your house and a durable one.

Your marble fireplace chip repair can be rather simple if you use appropriate materials and steps. Here’s a summary of the best approach:

  • Clean the Area: Prepare the chipped area before starting the repair. Wipe any dirt or debris using a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner such as acetone. This helps in avoiding that the repair materials do not stick.
  • Choose the Right Filler: The choice of the epoxy is ideal for chips that are visible as it can match with the natural pattern of the marble. Put the filler to the chipped area with a putty knife or another tool in a delicate way. If you have the chipped piece, you can use a marble repair adhesive to reattach it.
  • Applying the Filler: If you are using epoxy or resin, follow the instructions of the manufacturer and apply it to the chip. Ensure that the area is whole and the filler is flush with the marble’s surface. In such cases of smaller or shallow chips, a light acrylic gel can be applied instead, which is user-friendly and provides a clean finish that reveals the natural color of the marble.
  • Curing and Finishing: Let the filler dry as recommended—this might vary from a few hours to overnight. If necessary, sand the area gently to remove any rough edges and to make sure the surface is even with the surrounding area once cured.
  • Cleaning Up: Once repaired is cured and the surface is leveled, sand it again to remove any sanding dust. The area can be polished to create a shine and make the repair more unobtrusive.

By these step, you will achieve the perfect look of your marble fireplace and the repair will perfectly blend with the original marble. To have a better effect, especially for larger and more noticeable chips, you may have to get assistance from a professional marble restoration contractor.

If you want to fix a marble fireplace to the wall in a safe and durable manner, you would use a combination of brackets and adhesives, which have to be tailored to the nature of marble, meaning that it is rather heavy and requires handling with care to avoid damage.

  • Preparation: Check the strength of the wall where the fireplace will be installed and whether it is capable of supporting the weight of the heavy marble. This may include strengthening the wall, particularly in older houses.
  • Using Brackets: Put on concealed brackets which are made only for marble fireplaces. These brackets should be fixed on the wall and at the back of the fireplace. It is essential to use brackets that can be hidden to preserve the beautiful look of the marble.
  • Using Adhesive: In addition to brackets, a stone suitable adhesive, such as a premium construction adhesive, should be used. The adhesive is to be applied at the back of the fireplace surround that will touch the wall to hold it in place. Especially at mantel and other bigger pieces, which require extra support to remain aligned and safe.
  • Final Adjustments: Once the fireplace is placed, check that it is carefully leveled and make any necessary adjustments before the adhesive dries. However, ensure that everything is properly in place and secure before allowing adequate time for the adhesive to cure as per the manufacturer’s directions before using the fireplace.

Following these steps you will get a stable looking installation that will also be highly durable. If you have no expertise in such installations, then, seek the services of a professional who will make sure that your marble fireplace is installed safely and accordance to the required standard.

Choosing the suitable adhesive is very important when mounting a marble fireplace in order to make the installation look beautiful and last a long time. The recommended adhesives for bonding marble in a fireplace setup are:

  • Epoxy Adhesive: It is one of the most powerful adhesives for marble, assuring strength and a strong glue. Epoxy is especially suitable for heavy pieces of marble and is commonly used for projects when the marble has to bear a lot of weight or tends to be used often.
  • Silicone Adhesive: Silicone adhesive is the best for joints and seams due to its flexibility and strength. It can bear the slight expansions and contractions marble would experience on temperature changes near the fireplace.
  • Construction Adhesive: Some brands have special formulations for stone applications, including marble. These adhesives provide excellent adhesion and are ideal for the marble surround’s flat areas.

Do not use any adhesive before the surfaces are clean and dry, this will improve adhesion. The other people who are also consulted or paid for the safe and right installation of the marble are the professionals especially around the heat sources like fireplaces.

The gentle yet effective cleaner is the best for a marble fireplace, making sure that the beauty of marble is preserved without any harm. Use a cleaner that has a pH of 7 and is designed for marble. This cleaner will remove dirt and soot without damaging the fragile marble.

Begin with wiping the marble using a soft microfiber cloth to rid it of loose dirt. Next, use a soft cloth to apply the pH-neutral cleaner; harsh chemicals such as vinegar or lemon juice can etch marble and should be avoided. For the final cleanup, rinse the area with clean water and buff dry using another microfiber cloth to prevent spots and streaks.

Doing these steps with proper products will make your marble hearth look graceful and contemporary. For daily maintenance avoid the use of acidic solutions and wipe up any spills to prevent staining.

Compared with other materials such as granite, a marble fireplace is typically more expensive since marble is classically attractive and luxurious. The price of Chinese marble is believed to be between $10 and $50 per square meter, which is on average higher than granite, which ranges from $15 to $50 per square meter. Some of the factors that influence the cost of marble are the quality, color rarity and the design complexity. Additionally, the location of extraction matters because Italian marble is consistently among the most expensive ($50-100 per square meter) due to its high quality and the historical importance of Italian quarries.

Due to marble’s stylish and timeless appearance, higher costs are justified to many but it is essential to look into the long-term maintenance costs too, which include regular sealing to avoid stains and etching from acid substances. Marble may be a good choice to use for your hearth material to offer you a statement piece and luxury in your home, even though it is more expensive compared to materials like granite or some manufactured stones.

If you require marble for your fireplace, then you should consult George Stone from whom you get authentic marble that would suit your fireplace installation. We provide numerous marble choices to amplify the grace of your living area. You can contact us for the detailed product options, availability, and pricing. Our team knowledge may assist you in choosing what type of marble will be the best for your hearth in order to make it look well with your interior.

Would you like to learn more or place an order? Contact us today to order your marble fireplace and make your house a home with a touch of luxury.

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