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Marble Medallion - George Stone

Transform Your Floor And Living Space With a Hand-Crafted And Floral Designed Natural Marble Medallion.

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Marble Medallion Production

George Stone produces every type of marble medallion, like Tivoli, Parisian, and waterjet marble medallions for luxury marble flooring. In our showroom, you can easily access marble medallions of different sizes that you can install on your countertops. We have a bulk production capacity (100,000,000 square meters, which includes a marble medallion). So you will not get stuck in the middle of your project.
One more thing: you will get a strong, stable, durable, and luxury marble medallion from George Stone, we assure you.

George Stone Design Service

  • You may be wondering, hey, I have a concept. Can I get a custom design from you?
  • Yes, we are providing marble medallion design services, too. You have let us know your concept. We will show your concept in real life using a CAD drawing and 2D and 3D rendering. We provide 3D floors, balusters, booking centers, external halls, and backsplash design to our clients. Then, they select when it fits their concept. Finally, we go for production.
  • Our top designers know how to play with marble to give it a good shape.
  • Our designers keep themselves updated with current design trends, so you will likely get an enhanced design. Our CNC cutter and waterjet cutting accurately match the measurement, and installation will be as easy as pie.

Reasons for Buying Marble Medallion from George Stone

You have already guessed why you can buy from George Stone. However, here are some reasons we have to unfold to consider buying from us.


We hold the dignity of the 2022 World Cup Qatar athletes’ accommodation decoration with our products. We have started our journey since 1992 to provide top-notch quality products to our clients. Yes, we have 5300 happy clients. Our products are installed in Qatar Airways accommodations and five-star hotels worldwide.
Did you see someone who was hassled about getting different home decoration products from different suppliers? This leads to the following reasons why you should choose us.

1 – Legacy 2 – All-in-one Solution 3 – Bulk Producers
4 – Free Samples and Design 5 – Certificates and Experience
6 – Installation Guide and After-Sale Service

All-in-one Solution

We offer every type of product related to home decoration with stone, marble, and granites at a very competitive price. You do not have to run to and fro to find out suppliers.

1 – Legacy 2 – All-in-one Solution 3 – Bulk Producers
4 – Free Samples and Design 5 – Certificates and Experience
6 – Installation Guide and After-Sale Service

Bulk Producers

We quarry products from different geographic areas worldwide and manufacture bulk products. We have different patterns, shades, and designs for a single type of marble, granite, and quartz product. For instance – you want to see different types and designs of Medallion marble. We have different types, such as rectangular, oval-shaped, and intricate designs of marble medallions. We produce around 100,000,000 square meters of products per annum. So, you do not have to worry about our capacity.

1 – Legacy 2 – All-in-one Solution 3 – Bulk Producers 4 – Free Samples and Design 5 – Certificates and Experience 6 – Installation Guide and After-Sale Service

Free Samples and Design

We provide free samples to our customers who want to evaluate the products. On top of that, we provide a 2D or 3D design to see your concept in real life.

1 – Legacy 2 – All-in-one Solution 3 – Bulk Producers
4 – Free Samples and Design 5 – Certificates and Experience
6 – Installation Guide and After-Sale Service

Certificates and Experience

We hold SGS and ISO certificates and have 30 years of experience in the stone quarrying and manufacturing industry.

1 – Legacy 2 – All-in-one Solution 3 – Bulk Producers
4 – Free Samples and Design 5 – Certificates and Experience
6 – Installation Guide and After-Sale Service

Installation Guide and After-Sale Service

Our expert team will survey your project place in person and give you a measurement of how many square meters of marble medallion you need. We also provide video instructions on installing marble on the floor or wall.

1 – Legacy 2 – All-in-one Solution 3 – Bulk Producers
4 – Free Samples and Design 5 – Certificates and Experience
6 – Installation Guide and After-Sale Service

Certifications and Product Parameters

We have ISO, SGS, and Quality Control Management System certificates under our belt.

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Marble Medallion FAQs

A marble medallion is a decorative centerpiece made of marble with intricating floral designs, military emblems, geometric patterns, etc. As it is made of marble, you will get the aesthetic beauty of a natural stone. Besides, marble is so solid and durable that it can easily tolerate the wear and tear of heavy traffic areas.
Medallion marble is used as a decorative accent on floors, ceilings, and walls. Some people use it on countertops.

You will see floral motifs, natural elements, and famous artworks on the marble medallion.

Here are the areas of your house where you usually use marble parquet for elegance and beauty –

  1. Entry and Foyer: Using a marble parquet in the entry place and foyer makes your house welcoming for you and your guests. The beauty of unique patterns amazes your guests in no time.
  2. Living, Primary Bedroom, and Dining Rooms’ Floor: The floor is made of marble parquet, which adds sophistication to your house. This floor medallion can easily match up with the furniture and curtains inside the home. Besides, the marble parquet makes a focal point inside a room. You can use a marble parquet to tile the entire house.
  3. Bathroom Flooring: If you want your bathroom to mimic a luxurious spa center, you can install marble parquets on the bathroom floor.

Do not limit yourself to using marble parquet only for medallion flooring. You can also use it in the following areas of your house –

  1. Wall Cladding: You can install it on the wall to make a focal point. You can use any legit popular artwork design to make it warm and welcoming.
  2. Fireplace Surrounding: Nowadays, people use marble parquets to show their fashion demand in fireplace surroundings. This is not only for fashion. It is also for durability. Normal painting melts with the heat of fire, where marble parquet can weather it for decades.
  3. Tabletops: Imagine you have a table with some focal points made up of a unique patterned and colored marble parquet. You will feel luxurious during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  4. Countertops and Vanity Tops: Design your house’s queen room (kitchen) with a marble parquet. You can use a simple but gorgeous marble parquet pattern on the bathroom countertops and vanity tops.

This idea is simple, but you can renovate the house’s beauty with marble parquet. Here you go –

  1. Cover imperfections:Let’s say your wall, floor, or countertop has a minor imperfection that makes it weird to see. You can install a marble parquet to cover imperfections. The imperfection will be covered, and at the same time, there will be a focal point.

These are the indoor use cases of marble parquet. However, you can use it outdoors, like patios, pools, courtyards, etc.

Although marble is the best choice for the medallion, there are other stone materials that can be used for the medallion –


  1. Granite: Granite is an excellent option because it has various shades, patterns, and veins. Besides, it is as durable as marble. So, you will get a medallion with aesthetic beauty and durability when the medallion is made with granite.
  2. Quartzite: Quartzite is stronger and more durable than marble and granite with various colors. So, if you are focused on making a medallion that lasts for a century, you can make it with quartzite.
  3. Sandstone: If you are looking for an earthy and natural vibe outdoors with a medallion, you can use sandstone to make a medallion.
  4. Slate: It is a fine-grained and natural-looking metamorphic rock. It can also weather wear and tear of daily footsteps and adverse weather conditions. You can use it for the medallion.
  5. Onyx: Do you like transparency with gorgeous veining? Onyx can get you covered. You can also enhance the beauty using light underneath it. It works like a backlit keyboard.
  6. Travertine: It is good for the outdoor and rustic look. It has a textured surface.
  7. Porcelain Tile: It is an expensive option for creating a medallion. It is available in various colors and patterns.
  8. Vinyl Composition Tile:It is less strong than porcelain tile. But it also features various colors, shades, and patterns.
  9. Petrified Wood: When fossilized wood is replaced with minerals, petrified wood forms. It is also a good alternative to a marble medallion.


Our two cents here are – if you are looking for durable and elegant beauty, you can go for granite, quartzite, and slate. For subtle fashion, you can go for onyx stone. Travertine and sandstone are the best outdoor medallions.

George Stone has collections of every type of stone material you can use for the medallion. For further discussion, contact us.

Out of various styles of marble medallions, here are the most common and trending styles –

  1. Traditional Floral:This is a very common style chosen by many householders. The floral design includes the rose, vine, and so on motif. The flower motif is incorporated symmetrically so that you really feel the flower on the floor or wall.
  2. Geometric Patterns: There are rectangles, stripes, polygons, squares, and triangles incorporated into the marble to make an eye-catching marble medallion. The complexity of these patterns makes you strange. The more complex the pattern is, the more aesthetic it is.
  3. Parisian Rotunda:This is a mixture of both 1 and 2 designs.
  4. Tivoli Medallion: This design resembles the Roman mosaics. If you are interested in ancient design, you can have this marble medallion design.
  5. Bordered Medallions: You will see borders that feel like a complete structure in some medallions. The border surrounds the central floral design. There are also borders in the case of geometric patterns, but they are not as common as floral designs.
  6. Abstract Design: It is often trendy because the contemporary design is included here.
  7. Figurative Motif Design: This design tells you the story of nature. You will see the picture of nature incorporated into the marble medallion.
  8. Nautical Design: If you are an ocean lover, this design will fit you. The design of seashells, anchors, and waves are inlaid on the marble medallion.
  9. Custom Design: Different people have different taste buds. So, they want a custom design incorporated into the marble medallion. You can contact us if you need any custom designs like a crest or symbol. We will give it a 2D design using AutoCAD. It will help you visualize what your concept will look like in real life.

George Stone has every type of design in our inventory. Apart from the above-mentioned designs, we have white, Italian, and Katni border-designed medallions and waterjet design marble. You have to let us know your design demand or ask us for the latest marble flooring design. We will contact you with various colors of the same design.

We have categorized marble medallions into three segments, and the typical size ranges from 3 inches to 60 inches.

Here you go –


  1. Small Medallions: Small medallions size range from 3 inches to 12 inches. These are good options for accent walls, fireplaces, and furniture inlays. This size fits well as kitchen backsplash medallions.
  2. Medium Medallions: The size is between 12 and 24 inches, and they are used for floors and accent walls. Mosaic tile floor medallions feature great thickness and a variety of colorful designs. We have it for sale in our inventory.
  3. Large Medallions: These medallions are used in large foyers and grand entries. The size varies depending on the need and is typically 24 to 60 inches.


The square and rectangular medallions are between 24 and 48 inches in size.

Now, you must choose the size based on your space, complexity, personal taste, and functionality.

Yes, marble medallions can be custom-made to a specific size or design. But, it is often impossible with your local sellers. Because local sellers get the marble based on the common design trend and people’s demand. They do not know your interest.

So, it is best to find suppliers who quarry the stone and manufacture products.

As George Stone aims to meet the client’s demand and satisfaction, you can contact us with your custom-made size and design.

Let’s say you want an oval-shaped or round, 27-inch marble medallion and a nautical design for your house, but you won’t find it in the local shop or distributors.

So, you have to contact us. We will then give your design and size demand to our expert-vetted workers. They will manufacture the marble medallion to meet your demand.

Here is the regular maintenance you should follow –

To remove the daily specks of dirt and debris, you have to use a dry microfiber cloth. The dirt can cause scratches on the floor, so daily cleaning with a dry cloth is almost mandatory if you want marble shine for decades.

Here are the steps you should follow to clean a marble medallion –

  1. First of all, you should remove the soil or dust compiled in the crevices of marble with the cleaning agent. The cleaning agent breaks the compiled soil and dust.
  2. Then, use a bi-directional grout brush. This helps liquify the soil.
  3. Then, you must use a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe away the dust and soil. Do not leave the floor damp. Use another dry cloth to dry the surface.
  4. Do not use harsh chemicals. This fades the color of floral and geometric designs.

You should consult a professional deep cleaner if your marble medallion is messed up with heavy stains, dirt, and dust.

Do not forget to use sealing materials to seal the pivotal spaces between two marbles. Use a penetrating sealer to seal.

Yes, marble medallions are susceptible to staining or etching. If it seals, there are no worries about staining and etching.

Staining is common if you have marble medallions for countertops and floors because tea, coffee, colored beverages, and food spills cause staining.

Calcium carbonate means any type of acid causes etching on the marble medallion. But, careful use of calcium carbonate gets rid of etching.

Why are marble medallions susceptible?

They are susceptible because of marble medallions’ porosity and acid retention features. So, you must clean the stains quickly and regularly seal the surface. If it seals, there are no worries about staining and etching.

You should learn how to measure the efficiency of sealers.

Choosing the best-fit adhesive is vital for installing a marble medallion. The thinnest adhesive is recommended by most fabricators in the world. Here are some adhesives recommended for installing a marble medallion –

  1. Thinnest Adhesive:It is good for floors and walls, especially for marble medallions. There are also two types: modified and non-modified. For interiors, the modified adhesive is the best choice with mesh backing. The non-modified adhesive is also used on outdoor marble medallions backed with solid stone.
  2. Epoxy Adhesive:This is ideal for the adhesion of two marble parts in heavy traffic areas. If you live in an area with higher temperature fluctuation, you can use this adhesive. It is resistant to water, too.
  3. Polyurethane Adhesive: This adhesive is also good for strong bonds and is used in interiors and exteriors.

It is wise to contact the manufacturer or read the manufacturer’s manual to determine which adhesive to use. To get a prompt solution, you can contact us.

Marble medallions are considered a valuable addition to a home. Because it adds a touch of sophistication, elegance, and beauty to your home, as it is made up of a combination of natural stone and skilled craftsmanship, you can perceive its value. Anybody can perceive the value of it, no matter who he is and his financial condition or design sense.

Besides, the rent value will be higher if you use it in a commercial space. On top of that, if you are a real estate agent, you can easily sell the house to a customer on his first visit. Because you know people buy emotion.

But you have to choose the design cleverly. If you buy unwisely, you will regret this investment in the future, which leads to the next question: where can you find inspiration?

You can find inspiration for using marble medallions in your home from these places –

  1. Interior Design Magazine: This is a great source of design inspiration. But, you have to figure out the best and most authentic magazine. Some fishing magazines do not care about the subtle beauty of designs; they care about who they are getting money from. Some designers pay money to feature their designs and get hired by homeowners. So, you have to figure out which magazine is authentic.
  2. Interior Designers’ Website: You can visit websites where interior designers showcase their work portfolios. Just go through the portfolio and consult with the particular designer if needed.
    We have a better idea that nobody is talking about. You can search “interior designers near me on Google” and then land on websites. Here is the tweak: You will find the local designers put their portfolios on their websites with the house names. You have to visit those houses to see the beauty with your naked eyes.
  3. Social Media: You can surf on social media, especially Pinterest and Facebook groups, to find inspiration.
  4. Ask Your Neighbor: It is a little bit tricky, and sometimes you will feel shy. You can do the alternative, like asking the manufacturers directly for better suggestions.

George Stone has a dedicated team to assist you in making decisions.

The typical cost of a marble medallion is between 5-30 USD/sqft. The price fluctuates depending on the complexity of the design, thickness, and size of the marble medallion. For instance, a marble medallion featuring a combination of floral and geometric designs with a border costs more than just a floral marble medallion.

However, our price is lower than the market because we manufacture and directly sell it to the customers.

Here are detailed factors that influence the price of marble medallions –

  1. Marble Type:Exotic marble medallions are pricier than common marble medallions.
  2. Size: The larger the size is, the higher the price is.
  3. Design: Complex design marble medallions cost more than normal design marble medallions.
  4. Custom Design: Custom design requires extra money, so the price will rise.
  5. Thickness: Thicker marble medallions are always in demand, although they cost more.
  6. Finishing: Out of four finished marble medallions, the polished one is pricier, followed by honed, leathered medallions.
  7. Backing: If marble medallions come with mesh backing, the price will be lower. In the case of custom design, medallions may not come with backing. So, you have to pay for it.

The slipperiness depends mainly on the finishing.

The polished finish marble medallion gets slippery when wet. During the polishing process, the friction trait of the stone is reduced to increase the brightness of veins and designs.

So, polished finish marble medallion should be used indoors.

The honed and leathered finish medallion is less slippery when wet. They are used outdoors and in pool lines.

You can buy marble medallions directly from manufacturers. You can contact us for a high-quality marble medallion at a lower price.

You can buy from George Stone for the following reasons –

  1. We provide high-quality, original marble-made products to our customers and are recommended by our customers.
  2. You won’t run out in the middle of your project due to the lack of marble. We are producing the bulk amount of marble medallions in a year that meets the demand of our customers.
  3. You will get after-sale services.
  4. We are trustworthy with SGS and ISO certificates.
  5. You can ask for a free 2D design from us.
  6. Easily get your desired design from the ocean of marble medallions in our inventory. For instance, we have marble, waterjet marle medallions, along with the different types of marble medallions mentioned above.

The problem with buying from local stores or distributors is that they sell stones at a very high price and have limited designs of stones.


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