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Premium Marble Mosaic Company Ltd In China

Exquisite Marble Mosaic - Directly From The George Stone

  • Treat yourself to the most sophisticated and naturally alluring collection of stone products for your projects. Let George Stone make you feel at home. 
  • With an outstanding collection of natural stones and their earthy charm, we present you with the finest from our stock to cater to your needs. We also facilitate customization as per your order. 
  • Avail the added benefits of professional guidance with us. We make sure to guide you from placing your order till the installation of the product with extended after-sales service.

George Stone Marble Mosaic Collection

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Black And White Marble Mosaic Tile

Pros-Luxurious And Reflective
Pros-Heat Resistance
Cons-Porous Nature
Cons-Not Suitable For All Areas

Why Purchase Marble Mosaic From George Stone?

Marble Mosaic Application

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Floor Tiles

Marble mosaic tiles are extensively used as indoor floor tiles. Whether used as a medallion or floor inlay, they are versatile in nature. They elevate the look of any place and can adorn it with elegance and serenity.

Kitchen Backsplash

marble mosaic backsplash

Marble mosaics are also one of the preferred choices of homemakers for kitchen backsplashes. They are a marvelous piece of decoration and are resistant to moisture and stains as well.

Bathroom Shower Floor

marble mosaic floor tile

You can give yourself a relaxing ambience after a tiring day in your beautifully styled, appealing marble mosaic shower. They are capable enough to elevate both the functionality and aesthetic of your bathrooms.

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Handcrafted marble mosaic

Whether you want to highlight a specific area or feature of your place or add more elegance to your room, try making a captivating marble mosaic border with a beautiful geometric or floral marble mosaic pattern of your choice.

Wall Tile

You can use marble mosaic wall tile in bathrooms, kitchens, and rooms. They can make any wall the focal point of the home by their unique formation and natural veining pattern.

Fireplace Surround

Handcrafted marble mosaic

You may make a marble mosaic fireplace surround, giving it a touch of warmth and coziness. The added perk of resistance to heat also minimizes the risk of damage to the tiles.

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Your FAQ Guide To Stone Relief- George Stone

Marble is, and has been, one of the most preferred natural stones by architects throughout history. It has been broadly used for monuments, sculptures and decorative refined masterpieces of marble mosaic art. The enchanted charm of the marble has made it the top choice for individuals with sophisticated taste and aesthetics. With advancements in construction strategies and materials, the use of mosaic tiles has risen significantly. Among other stones, marble mosaics have held a central position. Made from small pieces of marble, the mosaic tiles can lift your space to new luxury standards.

Following precautions must be considered while manufacturing marble mosaics:

Accurate Cutting, Shaping, And Polishing

The marble is extracted in the form of large blocks from the quarries. Once they are in the working unit, there must be proper handling of them while cutting and shaping them into the required shape. Appropriate tools and techniques must be used to avoid any damage to the stone or its shape. Furthermore, the outlook of the final mosaic depends significantly on the type of finish.

Consistency Of The Pattern

Being a naturally made stone, the designs, colors, and veining patterns in marble vary greatly, making every piece unique. This uniqueness sometimes creates a hurdle in making a consistent pattern or color combination in mosaic tiles. Special care must be taken to ensure consistency in the mosaic tiles as they may look somewhat unmatched with each other.

Suitable Grout And Adhesive Selection

The adhesive used for assembling the small pieces of tiles to form the mosaic should be selected with due consideration so that it may be compatible with the tiles and bind them firmly. Also, the grout used must not damage the delicate surface of the marble and must be in accordance with the nature of the mosaic.

Proper Sealing

Lastly, the durability and beauty of the marble mosaic are only complete with proper sealing. The process of sealing protects the mosaic from staining and scratching due to daily wear and tear. The proper sealing after the manufacturing of marble mosaic and before installation must not be skipped.

Before jumping to the discussion of the suitable grout for marble mosaic tile installation, let’s quickly review the types of grouts:

  • The most common is sanded grout, made from combining sand, cement, and water. It is used for filling more significant gaps between mosaic tiles.
  • Another is unsanded grout made with only cement and water. It’s used for filling small gaps.
  • Epoxy or polymer grout is another type which is a complex one. It provides excellent resistance to stains and moisture.

Out of the grouts mentioned above, the unsanded one remains the most suitable choice for marble mosaic tile installation. This is because the sanded grout may contain sand particles that are harsh and abrasive for the polished surface of the marble mosaic tiles. As it is suitable for smaller gaps, it does not scratch the natural delicacy of the marble.

Creating a mosaic with different thickness levels may seem difficult in the beginning, but with some tricks and tips, you can quickly achieve the desired results.

  • Lay out all the marble stones in front of you and pick up the marble which is the thickest. This piece of marble will be put first, and upon it will be the entire mosaic level.
  • In case of uneven tesserae thickness, you can use an adhesive which is flexible enough to facilitate different thicknesses, such as thin-set mortar. It acts as a supporting cushion for the less thick pieces. This adhesive will be used to even the other tesserae according to the thickest one.
  • Use the least amount of the thin-set mortar at the back of the thickest piece and increase the amount on the thinnest one to make them equally leveled.
  • You have a few minutes before the adhesive dries out. So always remember to check properly that the tesserae are leveled smoothly.

Let’s divide the sealing process into simpler, easy steps to make it understandable for you:

  • The first step in the sealing process is to sweep the dirt and debris on the floor. Prepare a mild cleaning solution and thoroughly clean the floor with a soft bristled brush.
  • Rinse the floor thoroughly and let it dry completely before applying the sealer.
  • Check your marble floor for any damage or stains.It’s recommended that the issue be resolved before sealing.
  • The choice between the kinds of sealers has to be made depending on their use. You can opt for a tropical or penetrating sealer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preparing the sealer.
  • Section-wise, apply the sealer using a dry, clean cloth. The application must be even. Be cautious while applying so as to avoid overdoing it.
  • Let the first coat dry. Sometimes, more than one coat is needed. Apply the second coat for maximum effect. Let that dry, and then buff the surface gently with a clean towel.
  • If you want added shine and protection, you may polish your marble mosaic tiles after sealing.

Both travertine and marble are natural stones extracted from beneath the earth. But there is a difference between the nature and characteristics of the two. Let us discuss the main points of differentiation between them.


Marble Mosaic

Travertine Mosaic


Smooth and even

Textured and honeycomb like appearance


Naturally polish like shine

Matte finish

Color Palette

same and limited colors

multiple color palette

Scratch Resistance

increased risk of chipping and scratching

Less risk  of  scratching

Stain Resistance

Less prone to staining

More prone to staining


Lavish and luxurious  outlook

Cool and rough outlook



More durable


A bit expensive

More budget friendly


Recommended for indoor use

Used both ways but Ideal for outdoor use

The cutting process of the tiles may cause some variations in the size of the marble mosaic tiles. A slight gap is recommended for this issue to prevent any complications while installing the mosaic. The gap is also mandatory for facilitating the subtle expansion and contraction of the natural stone due to temperature changes.

The standard gap between the wall mosaic tiles is 2mm to 3mm. The gap may widen for floor tiles to 3mm to 5mm.

  • The cutting of marble mosaics is like an art. It is not difficult but tricky and engaging. It’s up to you if you want to do it yourself, or you may hire a professional. Let us present you with a step-by-step guide  to help you understand the process:

    Proper Measurement

    The more accurate the measurement, the perfect fit the tile will be. It would help to measure the space where the tiles must be installed. Properly take out the ratio of tiles per space and mark the measurements on the mosaic with a pencil.

    Use The Right Tools

    The right tools with sharp blades must be selected while considering the requirements. The tool with the blunt blade will damage the edges or may cause the tile to crack while cutting.  Generally, a wet saw or tile cutter is used for the marble mosaic tiles.

    Placement And Cutting

    Choose an even surface or platform and place the tile. Place your tiles on an even surface or platform. Ensure the marked measurements and the cutting blade are aligned for a smooth, accurate cut. Switch on the cutter and let the cutter reach the maximum power. Cut the tile with light pressure. Please do not increase the pressure or try to speed up, as it may, in turn, damage the tile.

    Buffing The Edges

    After cutting, the tiles may be rough and must be buffed to have a smooth finish. You can use sandpaper for this purpose. The buffing must be done gently.

Marble is a natural stone that is porous and delicate. Proper cleaning and maintenance help retain the stone’s natural luster. It also helps in extending the durability of your marble mosaic floor.

The  day-to-day cleaning of the floor is pretty simple:

  • Remove any apparent dirt and debris on the floor.
  • If you use commercial cleaners available on the market, use specialized cleaners for marble floors. Otherwise, you can clean the floor effectively with a mild detergent and warm water. Make a solution that is not too soapy.
  • Thoroughly clean the floor with a mop or microfiber cloth dipped in the solution.
  • After mopping, if needed, rinse the floor or mop it once more with just clean water.
  • Remember to dry the floor properly with a microfiber towel. This is done to prevent water stains from forming.

Maintenance Of The Marble Mosaic Tile Floor

  • Never skip the periodic sealing of the marble mosaic flooring every 1-2 years, as the grout in the tiles may absorb water with everyday usage.
  • Be extra cautious while using any cleaners. Never go for harsh chemicals and bleach. Also, avoid scrubbing or abrasive sponges, which may ruin the surface.
  • When you notice any crack in the grout, replace it immediately. It may absorb moisture and, in turn, lessen the effectiveness of the grout.
  • Never leave any water or food spills on the marble mosaic. Wipe them immediately to make the stain leave any mark.
  • Never drag any furniture or heavy machinery directly on the floor. Always use felt pads to prevent the scratching.
  • When your marble mosaic floor is a few years old and has been through a lot of wear and tear, hire a professional to check the marble mosaic flooring every few years to give you a better idea and help with the thorough cleaning, sealing, polishing, and maintenance of the floor.

Like all other natural stones, marble mosaic floors are available in many finishes, but as far as functionality and usage are concerned, polished and honed marble mosaic tiles are widely used for floors.

Polished Finish

The polished marble mosaic remains at the top of the list. The reflective gloss on the surface is a complement to the natural luster of the stone. The polished finish includes buffing the stone with a diamond disc and then applying the polish. It suits your indoors and rooms greatly. The reflective mirror surface of the polished floor is luxurious enough to give an impression of high-end living.

Honed / Matte Finish

It also gives a smoothness to the surface, but it’s not reflective. It’s more of a buttery and matte finish. It is obtained by buffing the marble mosaic with abrasives. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer classic home decor. The honed finish makes the marble mosaic less slippery than the polished one

The marble mosaic price may depend on various factors, such as the quality of the marble and its size, shape, color, or pattern. The finish used on the tiles also alters the price. One more factor is the availability and supplier of the mosaic tiles. We always make sure that you get the most affordable prices for premium standard products. Simple, high-quality marble mosaic tiles may cost you $15-30 /sqm or $1.5-3 /sqft. In the same manner, a complex marble mosaic tile ranges from $30-80 /sqm or $3-8/ sq ft, depending on the color, marble mosaic pattern, and finish.

The best marble color for mosaics remains white for years. The marble’s soft, subtle, pure white surface with its varied veining pattern can elevate any space to the raised standards of elegance and beauty.

Let’s discuss some prominent white marble mosaic tile types  to suit your space.

Bianco Carrara Marble Mosaic

Widely famous for its beautiful graining and pure white color, the Bianco Carrara marble mosaic tile is one of the most appreciated and well-known options. It has a white or gray background with subtle gray or gray-bluish hues, giving a timeless beauty to the floor.

Volakas Marble Mosaic

It’s also a white marble mosaic with a white or sometimes creamy brown background. It also has a thicker and more dramatic gray or beige veining pattern. They make an excellent choice for bathroom floors and marble mosaic kitchen backsplashes.

Thassos Marble Mosaic

It is a pure white marble mosaic tile made from the whitest marble, which rarely has any veining. It’s a natural bright marble mosaic with a sparkling crystal shine. Its spotless white appearance makes it a preferred choice for people with high-end living and refined taste in stones.

Although made from the same material, there are some point of differences between the two:


Marble Mosaic Tiles

Marble Mosaic Medallion


Smaller tiles of any shape

Decorative large inlay,mostly oval or circle


Can be used for floors or walls in any manner

Used a centerpiece in floor designs


Simple designing

Complexed designing and pattern


Installation is quick and easy

Installation is tricky and may take time to align


A less expensive

More expensive


Adaptable to any theme

More fixed in their design and less adaptable

We can customize the marble mosaic anytime to fit your taste or specifications. We cater to the customers’ needs and offer a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. And if you want to add a personal touch, we can do it for you. You also have the option to select the finish that suits you. Also, merging the marble mosaic with other stone mosaics can be done to reflect your individuality.

The size of the marble mosaic tiles depends upon the buyer’s needs and specifications. However, if you need ready-made mosaic tile sheets, they come in standard sizes. The most popular standard size is 12×12 inches (300x300mm). As the weight is considered, it may start from 4 pounds and range to 20  pounds per sheet; the variations in weight are due to the mosaic tiles sheet’s quality, thickness and shape.

Let’s go through the checklist for finding a reliable marble mosaic supplier in China, which is not a big deal in today’s fast-paced world of innovation and connection.

Thorough Research

Research the privately owned quarries, factories, and suppliers’ showrooms on your list. It indicates that the manufacturer is professional enough to deliver your order on time. Visit the official websites and social media pages to understand the customer’s review clearly. Moreover, talk to the customer service team to analyze their reliability and professionalism.

Up-To-Date System

Check the suppliers for their new-age technologies and techniques. The supplier must be capable of providing you with 2D and 3D virtual demonstrations for your projects. Also, the working units must be upgraded enough to facilitate accurate and premium quality products.

Uncompromised Quality With The Best Prices

The products manufactured must be of uniform quality and at the best prices. The high competition in the market has given customers the benefit of having uncompromised quality products at affordable rates. Always survey the market trends and prices to decide the best supplier.

One Stop Solution

Always inquire about the value-added service from the supplier. Professional guidance about certain stone products’ collections, design patterns, prices, and aftercare must be provided. Also, make sure you get all your stone needs under one roof. Additionally, he must be professional enough to assist you in installation and after-sales service.

Closing Remarks

The marble mosaic tiles are your complete package of endless beauty and delicacy. They reflect your refined taste in stones and are one of the most enchanting stones with added functionality.

As one of the leading Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of marble mosaics internationally, George stone has served our esteemed customers throughout the globe. We are focused on expanding and improving our products each day to build your trust in us. We are Looking forward to cracking a deal with you. Contact us now.

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