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Marble Stone Square Medallions On Sale

Add A Touch Of Modern Beauty To Your Home With A Perfect Mix Of Style And Symmetry Under Your Foot If you’re looking to save up on costs and get great decor material, our square medallions are the perfect place to start. They take up very little space, and can provide a bold look with the right borders designs. We go above and beyond with providing you with both the actual centerpiece as well as service quality that’s unheard of in the stone industry.

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Why Are Marble Stone Square Medallions More Popular Now?

Square marble medallions are a great fit for modern settings – their simplicity allows them to blend in naturally and seamlessly, compared to more ornate medallion styles.

Thanks to this adaptability and their generally timeless appeal, these floor medallions have found their way into the floors of many homes in 2024.

 Although their composition may seem basic at first glance, with the right customizations, they can still feature intricate and eye-catching inlaid designs, especially when crafted from various shades of marble. 

Most variations are made with a carefully crafted arrangement of geometric patterns, combined with the striking contrast between light and dark marble hues.

Marble Stone Square Medallions Design Service

Marble Stone Square Medallions_case Marble Stone Square Medallions_draft

We craft our marble stone square medallions by first picking out the best marble slabs from our in-house quarries – when you get services from us, you get the whole package.

No hassles about sourcing.

These slabs are then precisely cut into square tiles by our talented crafters.

If you ask for any custom finishing, we’ll add that as well. Otherwise, we normally go with polished or shiny finishes.

We take the tiles and carefully arrange them in the right patterns, using different marble colors and grains to create attention-stealing designs.

Once all that is done, we inlay and fit the tiles together like a jigsaw puzzle, to build you stunning square medallions that can be used as floor centerpieces.


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