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The Stunning Outlook Of China Marble Company–

George Stone

Presenting the striking balance between traditional Chinese craftsmanship and modern technologized production, George Stone Makes the best spot. If you’re seeking ideal China Marble collections, we’ve got you covered with highly integrated VR technology, a state-of-the-art production center, and a team of over 1000 members. Embrace quality at its best price!

Embrace the best quality and infuse life into your dream ideast through our virtual reality technology facilitating truly practical visions.

Marble Collection

The marble collection at George Stone ensures that all of our customers always have access to a huge variety. Our catalog features a wider collection than most of the other suppliers around. Get your hands on the high-quality products at George Stone and make your projects shine.

Marble Quality Control

At George Stone, we highly prioritize marble quality control processes, ensuring high-quality delivery at all times. The products are never messed up because our professional staff diligently manages all the tasks.

Why Choose George Stone Marble

George Stone Marble offers a high-quality variety that features highly durable and aesthetically plteasing stone solutions consistently. The uniform quality and impressive production center ensures the best experience with China Marble at George Stone.



As your certified stone solution provider, George Stone boasts several international standard certifications including the ISO and SGS certifications. We follow international quality standards and ensure focusing on sustainable practices. You can blindly trust us with your Dream projects.

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George Stone— A Complete Guide To China Marble

Here’s a go-to guide if you’re planning on incorporating China Marble into your spaces. Prior research can streamline the shopping, installation, and maintenance steps.

With so many Marble companies in China, finding the right quality and variety is much easier if you’re good at researching and comparing.

Abundant Varieties

Having huge marble reserves, China offers the largest supplies and stunning varieties. The varieties are highly diverse considering the colors, textures, and patterns. This way, the Chinese varieties cater to everyone’s needs and aesthetic preferences. This way the applications and possibilities are endless.

Advanced Techniques

Chinese producers offer highly integrated advanced production practices. The eco-conscious approach further improves the production procedures and makes the process environmentally friendly. Highly advanced machinery and innovative techniques are used.

Highly Skilled Craftsmanship

Having a rich cultural heritage, China offers impressively crafted marble stone products using traditional practices and modern technology. The unique combination combines traditional and technology, bringing forth the best. This way, each product coming forth is an impressive masterpiece.

Competitive prices

Since the market is huge, you’ll find the best quality at reasonable prices. The providers are bound by the competitive prices so there’s no monopoly system. You’ll find fair prices, that too without compromising on the quality.

Quality Control

Stringent quality control measures are adhered to by China’s suppliers so throughout the production processes, everything is considered. The quality is keenly inspected and maintained by highly integrated and systematic techniques. This ensures visual appeal and quality consistency at all times. China has gained a reputation over many years by constantly providing the best.

Investment in technology

Chinese suppliers invest in state-of-the-art production and equipment. This ensures constant development and cutting-edge technology updates. This meets international standards and the customers’ requirements.

George Stone is a real marble factory equipped with an impressive production center and amazing staff members. The team of over 1000 skilled staff members is always on their toes, ensuring proper marble manufacturing practices. The state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology bring forth a highly impressive marble production center.

  • The precise production and installation convenience makethe best quality easily accessible  
  • Here raw marble stoneis converted into exquisite products having impressive quality features.
  • The stone is precisely cut and finished into the best products. The products are a product of expertise and high-quality raw materials.
  • George Stone is your trusted marble factory having your dream products.

George Stone factory George Stone factory

China marble naturally occurs in various regions in China. There are several rich marble quarries in different provinces in China. Here’s a complete account.

  • Southern Province Guangdong has rich sources in Yunfu and Guangzhou. Herein several Marble variants. Colorful palettes and veined patterns are significantly found in this region.
  • Other regions like Fujian, Sichuan, and Yunnan are characterized by impressive reserves. The marble found in the Fujian Province Is significantly known for its pure texture and white color. In a nutshell, China falls among the biggest marble supplier shaving large varieties in various regions.

While picking China marble colors, the most fun part is that you’ve got several options in hand. Each color variant exhibits a different geological makeup that bestows it a unique color palette. This offers you different color themes and aesthetic styles. Here are the different variants you can pick:

● Chinese White Marble

Chinese white marble stands as the most sophisticated option out there. If you’re seeking a minimalistic design featuring ultimate elegance, this one’s the best fit. It has a subtle veined pattern making the whole space stand out in the calming effects.

● Wooden China Marble

Featuring organic earthy hues this variant makes the best fit if your themes are inspired by earthy looks. The grained patterns make the whole space look beautifully put together. It forms a striking balance between the modern and traditional looks.

● Grey Marble

The grey minimalistic is often underrated. The Sophistication it offers is amazingly stunning. It provides a balance between light and dark themes if you’re confused.  it’s a versatile option that compliments all décor themes.

● Saint Laurent Marble

This variant features a unique combination: blending in gold and black color. The deep black color gets a bolder outlook as the golden veined patterns blend into the deep colors. If you’re seeking dramatic patterns and colors, this is needed a combination.

● Black Marquina marble

Another stunning bold variant, the Black Marquita Marble features some subtleness. If you’re not looking forward to bolder looks, the white-veined pattern balances the whole look quite well.

● Ming Green

We’re impressed by how these stunning green hues make the spaces look lush. These hues are ideal if you’re seeking a fresh and royal color pop in the spaces. Make your spaces look stunning using this colorful variant.

Chinese white marble has a hardness level of around 2-3 on the Mohs scale. Generally, the China Marble hardness level lies between 3 and 5 on this scale. The geological composition affects the hardness. Also, it may vary in different sources. The main component is calcite and dolomite. They’re both relatively softer which explains why marble’s hardness is lesser.

  • The structural makeup and metamorphic processes also play their role as an important factor in this regard. Higher density and lower impurities levels ensure greater hardness. This kind exhibits greater resistance and lower scratching risks.
  • China marble is mainly loved because it has a stunning outlook. It appears luxurious and possesses intricate patterns.
  • Taking adequate care and proper sealing helps you fight all the unwanted effects induced by less hardness level. A good sealant prevents any substances from seeping into the surface.

Although the hardness level is lower than granite, it can withstand pressure and other things if maintained well. Good maintenance practices can make it appear new.

Building China marble countertops is only practically feasible if you’re investing in the right slabs. Consider all the practical and aesthetic aspects if you’re seeking the best results. The final product will be a huge success if you’re looking into the following aspects

Visual appeal

Before delving into the other aspects, find the perfect visual appearance. Consider your kitchen’s surrounding theme and pick the color accordingly. The countertop slab is the central focus point in your kitchen, so pick the right colors and patterns. This will ultimately pay off by making your kitchen spaces stand out as luxurious.


Since kitchen countertops are quite busy stations require high-quality material. High-quality China marble can withstand all the pressure and continuous activity in the kitchen. Also, high-quality marble has fewer impurities which makes it appear more luxurious so it’s a win-win situation.

Slab thickness

The slab’s thickness indicates its strength. Thicker slabs are more durable and reliable. However, this thickness affects the price also. So if you’re seeking lower price and budget-friendly options, pick less thickness in the slabs. 2-3cm is generally an ideal slab thickness, however, 1.8cm is also available which is cheaper option.


Finding the right finishing in the slab helps you find a practical and aesthetically more suitable option. Some finishes are more slip-resistant. If you’re seeking a shiny and appealing finish, a polished finish would be ideal. However, honed finishes feature a more matte look. Similarly, some surfaces are easier to maintenance aspects than others. Therefore you should consider all the aspects.


The slab’s cost affects the whole counter’s price. This is why considering the price aspect and comparing different options is important. The different suppliers’ prices and quality grades and find the best fit.


China Marble

Italian Marble


The China marble varieties are more expensive than the Italian marble varieties. Therefore you have a budget-friendly option.

The Italian marble is more expensive and might cost you a lot more.


The patterns and colors are more compact and prominent.

The veined patterns are lighter and more subtle.


Some popular options are:

● Brazilio grey

● Ming classico

Some popular options are:

● Carrara marble

● Statuario marble

● Calacutta marble

If you’re planning on building China Marble flooring, learning about the maintenance process is crucial. This helps you maintain them and make them appear new for a longer period. This process is quite straightforward and doesn’t involve any hassles at all.

  • Developing a good hygiene level always saves your marble flooring and prevents any permanent damage or stains. Develop a proactive cleaning approach and do not let the debris stay on the surface. Clean up any spills or dust as soon as you see them. This completely cuts down staining risks and ensures longevity and a better visual appearance.
  • Sweeping with a softer material is suggested if you’re seeking long-lasting size on the floor. Sometimes dry cleaning isn’t enough and you need wet cleaning too. While wet cleaning the floors ensure that you getyour hands on a high-quality cleaning product that isn’t acidic. It should be pH-neutral. Stay one more step ahead by diluting the cleaning product in water and forming a mild cleaning mixture.
  • Seasonal sealing sorts out the porosity issues of China marble flooring and makes it more resilient. You can easily expose the surface in moisture if it’s properly sealed. Since it’s a bit porous sealing can effectively reduce all the risks.
  • Seek professional assistance and get any damaged areas fixed. You wouldn’t need that often. However, getting everything fixed in time sorts all the bigger issues.
  • Harsh acidic substances like vinegar can cause etching on the surface. Other substances like bleach and ammonia can also affect the surface. If you want the China Marble flooring appearing new for longer periods, ensure keeping all such substances away. In case you accidentally spill them, clean upeverything readily.

Maintaining China Marble isn’t an issue at all especially if you know all the ins and outs.

The china marble price is 10-70 USD per square meter and 1-7 USD per square foot. This price range is incredibly impressive considering the luxurious appeal and durability it features. The China Marble is high-quality and offers a huge color variety. Here’s how it’s a cost-effective investment:

  • Investing in China marble goes a long way since you don’t need frequent replacements or maintenance hassles. If you know the right maintenance tips, it looks new always.  
  • The stunning veined patterns and colors look luxurious. Since the color scheme is wide, you’ll surely find your ideal fit within the varieties.
  • Increase your project’s overall value by introducing luxurious marble stone variants into the spaces.

The prices may vary depending on different aspects like the thickness, color variants, and supplier. Sourcing it in a competitive market helps you enjoy fairer prices.

The designs are versatile as you start exploring the China marble varieties. You’ll come across different patterns and designs. Having so many options in hand, it’s a lot easier to find the best fit.

  • Black portoro: this variant features a mysterious yet stunning gold and black pattern. The pattern is quite dense in this design and the veins appear as intricate webs mergein one another.
  • Panda White: the stunning hues form a beautiful design appearing as furrows merging into each other. This design ideally complements the colors This is a unique design so if you’re bored of the typical stuff, this is for you.
  • Ancient gold: this is the classic hit ideally suggested if you’re seeking a classic and traditional design.
  • Seashell: the sea shell design is pretty obviously apparent in this variant. If you’re having an ocean-inspired theme, this one’s surely an ideal pick.
  • Versailles Green: the smooth pattern merges so Beautifully that you cannot even point the seams out. This seamless is minimal and sophisticated while offering some green hues.

Black Galaxy: The sleek and modern Black galaxy marble features barely any design. There are some specks and a few veined patterns.

China marble slabs can be effected in the spaces in different applications around the house. From countertops to vanity tops, these slabs find their application everywhere. Knowing the right slab sizes helps you find ideally fitted slabs in the spaces. The average popular sizes are herein mentioned:

  • 240 by 120 cm
  • 260 by 160 cm

Sometimes the slabs are Jumbo-sized and they make around 280 by 200 cm. There are different sizes available you need the right measurements that will help you find seamless installation.

If you’re taking proper care and appropriate measures, China Marble exhibits high resilience and doesn’t break easily. The key element is having a well-managed protective handling mechanism.  If you’re getting your China Marble from George Stone, you’re all covered since several key steps are helping you avoid breakage:

Protective Film

Our China marble varieties are protected from breakage by using an impressive protective film feature. This shields the surfaces and prevents breakage and scratches even when mishandled. The pristine quality is maintained in the long term. This ultimately enhances the overall look and structural integrity. This is a great feature, making the marble handling a hassle-free task.

Wooden Case Packaging

Your marble would never get broken or damaged during transportation or handling since the wooden packaging offers high-end protection. The products are securely enclosed within the, ensuring safeguarded transportation. The tiles reach you in their best condition without ever getting deformed.

Stone Reinforcement Strip

Another additional protective layer is the Stone Reinforcement strip that makes the tiles and slabs structurally stronger and more durable. This reduces any potential chances that your tiles will get scratched or damaged while handling or transporting. Stone reinforcement strips are present at the back of the marble.

Professional Loading and Transportation

Mostly the marbles get broken or damaged during the transportation or loading process. This is where you need the most professional assistance. Since we’re offering highly integrated professional loading and transportation, forget about the stress. The products are carefully loaded up by a professional having Hands-on experience in handling marble. They know all the do’s and don’ts.

The above-mentioned aspects ensure structural integrity and safe receipt of the marble products at your doorstep without any damage.

If you’re seeking Chinese marble tiles, knowing the popular sizes can help you pick the right tiles. Incorporating the right tile size is important in both aspects. They define the aesthetic outlook and seamless integrity of the structure. Find smaller tile sizes if you’re covering smaller areas and larger ones while covering larger areas.

These larger tiles make the spaces look wider and broader. This means that there are fewer joints so the finishing is neat and seamless. Here are China Marble tile sizes that are popularly used by homeowners:

  • 30/60cm
  • 50/50cm
  • 30/30cm
  • 40/40cm

The tiles are generally 2-3cm thick. The thickness may vary, however.

Finding the best China Marble can be hard since inspection is important in person. We understand your concerns so we provide you with the sample. This increases the transparency level since you enjoy a full inspection chance before buying anything. The shopping experience is therefore made more satisfying and easy. Here’s how;

  • You can get a physical sample and assess the visual appeal, veining patterns, and color palette in person. This gives a clear idea about the color shades and ensures that you don’t make a wrong decision.
  • Physically feel the tile’s textures and assess its practical suitability and visual appeal before getting it incorporated intothe spaces.
  • Our customers are highly confident while making the decisions since they’ve already gotten hands-on Before actually making the purchase decision, a critical analysis makes the decision clearer.
  • A sample helps you analyze whether it is compatible and complements your existing theme and style or not. Since the photography results can be varied, a sample helps you analyze the colors in all lights including sunlight.

Simply having a sample cuts down massive pressure and makes the shopping experience quite satisfying in all ways.

Choosing the right Marble supplier is probably the first thing you should while buying China marble. Remember since it’s a natural stone, the quality varies everywhere. That’s why finding a reputable supplier ensures good quality. Here are some factors you must consider while choosing the supplier.

  • Is your supplier well-reputed? This is an important aspect that cannot overlooked. The supplier’s reputation tells a lot about the quality and experience. Look out for reviews on their website or have one-to-one interaction and talk about the quality with the customers.
  • Certifications: This is surely a plus point if your supplier has some international certifications in hand. These certifications testify the quality and professional practices, making the brand more trustworthy. Choosing a certified brand is always worth it even if that means you’ll be paying slightly higher.
  • Good Transportation Service: having reliable loading and transportation services further ensures effective delivery. This cuts down all the hassles and stressesyou get through while being concerned by transitional damage.
  • Greater variety is always another great factor that helps you pick the right variants. China marble has a huge variety so why settle for less? Don’t miss out on the incredible patterns and stunning patterns. Pick a provider having a wider catalog. This helps you match your themes and décor aesthetics.
  • Most users are quite concerned about the prices since they’re on a budget. The costs play a pivotal role in the projects. Therefore, pick suppliers offering fair prices. Remember that you shouldn’t compromise the quality while picking cheaper products. Quality comes first because low-quality products cost you more by the end when you replace or repair them.

If you’re considering all the above-mentioned tips, you’ll surely find the right china marble supplier.


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