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George Stone Onyx Fireplaces: Elegance Unrivalled

George Stone Onyx Fireplaces offer unrivaled sophistication. Available in different onyx options, our beautiful sets bring refinement to any room. George Stone provides more than products; it gives skilled advice to help you choose the right design and layout for your fireplace. This makes it both a heat generating element and the center of your house. Leave it to George Stone to combine comfort with functionality in a coherent way.

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Available Color Variations for Onyx Fireplace

Discover the wide range of onyx color varieties offered by George Stone. With white’s pristine elegance to the lush richness of gold, our onyx fireplaces have a blend of luxury and character that is ideal for any interior design. We will assist you to find the right shade to liven up your space.

White Onyx Fireplace

White Onyx Fireplace

White Onyx expresses tranquility, an absolutely bright and elegant look that lights up any room.

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Available Color Variations for Onyx Fireplace

Discover the wide range of onyx color varieties offered by GeorgeStone. With white’s pristine elegance to the lush richness of gold,our onyx fireplaces have a blend of luxury and character that isideal for any interior design.We will assist you to find the right shade to liven up your space,

Black Onyx Fireplace

Black Onyx Fireplace

Bold and stylish, Black Onyx is an excellent contrast, ideal for contemporary and luxurious places.

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Available Color Variations for Onyx Fireplace

Discover the wide range of onyx color varieties offered by George Stone. With white’s pristine elegance to the lush richness of gold, our onyx fireplaces have a blend of luxury and character that is ideal for any interior design. We will assist you to find the right shade to liven up your space.

Brown Onyx Fireplace

Blue Onyx Fireplace

Blue Onyx has a captivating palette that is both peaceful and striking, perfect for designing a focal piece.

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Available Color Variations for Onyx Fireplace

Discover the wide range of onyx color varieties offered by George Stone. With white’s pristine elegance to the lush richness of gold, our onyx fireplaces have a blend of luxury and character that is ideal for any interior design. We will assist you to find the right shade to liven up your space.

Brown Onyx Fireplace
Onyx Fireplace Backlit

Brown Onyx Fireplace

Brown Onyx fireplaces are a welcoming, warm element that give traditional and rustic decors a homely, charmed touch.

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Available Color Variations for Onyx Fireplace

Discover the wide range of onyx color varieties offered by George Stone. With white’s pristine elegance to the lush richness of gold, our onyx fireplaces have a blend of luxury and character that is ideal for any interior design. We will assist you to find the right shade to liven up your space.

Gold Onyx Fireplace

Gold Onyx Fireplace

With gold onyx, you will be able to provide an atmosphere of understated luxury, due to its richness and an irresisting glitter.

Onyx Fireplace before Backlit VS after Backlit

Transform your onyx fireplace with our beautiful backlighting feature. Owing to a unique veining and color, onyx has a subtle natural beauty before backlighting. When lit from behind, these attributes burst into life, revealing the stone’s translucent properties and accentuating the detailed patterns with a welcoming, radiant glow. This type of lighting also enhances the beauty of onyx and provides a moving quality to any room.

before Backlit

after Backlit

Benefits of Using Onyx Stone for Fireplace

Visual Appeal

Onyx provides stunning natural figures that add elegance to any space.


Heat resistant, onyx is stable at high temperatures.

Unique Lighting Options

Translucent attributes make it possible to achieve stunning backlit effects.


Offered in various colors to fit any decor types.

Value Enhancement

Imparts a luxurious feel which can elevate the value of the property.


Onyx is sustainable since it does not require a lot of care.

Why Choose Onyx Stone Fireplace from George Stone

Our factory stretch over 20,000 sqm and in addition to that, we have got two big processing bases with a working force of 215 experienced employees.

Enjoy free virtual room designs and view your project in 3Dbefore it is implemented.

Receive 24/7 professional support, on-site management, andinstallation services to achieve project success

Being a certified golden supplier with SGS, lsO, and producttest reports, we assure quality.

We offer affordable prices due to the large network we haveand effective production capacity.

Our production line that has been in operation for a long timehas an annual production capacity of 100,000,000 squaremeters.


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Mastering the Art of Onyx Fireplaces: A Detailed Guide

We would like to invite you to our FAQ guide on the onyx fireplaces. If you are in need of exploring the sophisticated world of onyx stone fireplaces you have arrived at the right place. Onyx, due to its inherent attractiveness and translucent properties, adds a different charm to any space. Even if it is the warm glow of backlit onyx fireplace that brightens your living room making the room more inviting to us or the minimalist look of black onyx fireplace which has quite a strong presence each of these pieces makes a focal point promise. This guide will benefit two main segments of the market – individuals and businesses that want to bring luxury to the environment.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how an onyx fireplace can change your room to make every minute by the fire unforgettable.

An onyx fireplace is a wonderful decorative element for a home, which brings the harmony between the natural appeal and fine art. Onyx, a stunning stone characterized by subtle veining and transparent properties, is well-suited for backlighting, which adds a mesmerizing design effect to any interior. This kind of fireplace surround can be a very important center point of your living space and not only will it give you warmth but it will be a conversation piece because of its striking look.

Onyx is flexible and is thus suitable for use in different applications, beginning from a basic fireplace surround to a more sensational fully clad onyx wall around the fireplace. The backlighting capacity is more appropriate for designs that seek to achieve a deeper aesthetic impression since the stone glows with an almost ethereal light that contribute to the luxury and sophistication of the decor. Furthermore, onyx is not only a useful element of home heating but also a major part of interior design, which is versatile and can be fitted into both modern and traditional decors.

However, having an onyx fireplace in your home is not only about the style; it is about making a statement and selecting a piece that will last, capture the eyes and hearts of those who see it.

The beauty of onyx fireplaces depends on constant cleaning. While onyx can be affected by some chemicals, some other luxury options do not have this type of weakness. The surface is best cleaned using a soft cloth and a mild soap since this avoids scratching. You need to avoid acidic cleaners as these can etch the surface of the stone, leaving it matt.

  • Onyx fireplaces require regular dusting to avoid accumulation of dust and debris. This helps to keep its beauty and also keeps the stone’s natural shine.
  • Onyx is one of the natural stones which are porous. Wiping up spills right away is crucial to avoid staining. To enhance the protection, sealing should be an option, but this should be done while considering the onyx type and the use of the fireplace.
  • If your onyx fireplace is equipped with a backlighting facility, you should check the lighting components from time to time. Longevity and low maintenance are the reasons why LED lights are often used, but replacement or cleaning might be necessary to preserve the vibrancy of the backlit effect.
  • However, maintenance aspect in regard to cleaning and stain prevention is the same for other luxury fireplaces such as those made from marble or granite in comparison to the onyx fireplace. On the other hand, the translucent nature of onyx and the colors it comes in may require more careful choice of cleaners to prevent damage.

In fact, an onyx fireplace is to be cleaned regularly, stains are to be removed immediately and sealants should be used with care. With these steps, the fireplace will continue to be the focal point of your room, offering warmth and a dramatic aesthetic.

Prefer the black onyx fireplace to other materials provides special aesthetic and practical advantages. Here are some compelling reasons why a black onyx fireplace might be the right choice for you:

i. Distinctive Appearance:

These black onyx fireplaces are noted for their dramatic aesthetic. Onyx is the deep, rich black and it could be used as a focal point in any room. Compared to other materials, onyx can be backlighted, which further makes its natural patterns even more beautiful, and will transform the lighting of your space.

ii. Durability and Maintenance:

Onyx is a natural stone that needs some care to maintain its sheen but is quite resistant when handled well. It is essential to remember, however, that along with other natural stones, Onyx can be prone to scratching and may need to be sealed regularly. Nevertheless, the upkeep is bearable and will help to maintain the fireplace as a permanent feature of your decoration.

iii. Luxurious and Versatile:

Onyx fireplaces are decadent and can be adjusted to suit different styles whether they be modern or traditional based on the aesthetics. Its flexibility enables it to integrate with any interior decor. Onyx can be tailored to the particular aesthetics you seek, be it a smooth polished finish or a textured matte finish.

iv. Emotional and Physical Benefits:       

Notably, onyx is thought to have good properties in terms of emotional steadiness and power. It is believed to assist in the reduction of personal stress and growing emotional stability. These benefits are more metaphysical, but the choice of a black onyx fireplace would provide warmth itself and also create a soothing atmosphere in your home environment.

In sum, a black onyx fireplace is not only functional; it is a piece to make a statement of elegance and uniqueness in your living. The maintenance and care of it are worth the effort considering the beauty and ambience it creates.

Choosing the right size for an onyx electric fireplace for your space involves several important considerations to ensure it fits well and meets your heating needs:

  1. Measure Your Space: Primarily, measure the place in the room, a fireplace is going to be installed. It also helps you know the amount of heating power needed and makes sure the fireplace fits perfectly in the specified location.
  2. Consider Room Size and Usage: The size of the room greatly influences the size of the fireplace that you should select. A larger room would need a broader fireplace to ensure that the warmth is distributed all over while a smaller one would be perfectly equipped with a smaller model. The use of the room – either a high-traffic family room or a quiet study will also influence your selection.
  3. Check the Power Requirements: Know the fireplace heat output, usually in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The larger room or colder climate usually means that a fireplace with higher BTUs is needed to properly heat the area.
  4. Architectural Considerations: If you choose a recessed model, measure the wall depth and ensure the desired fireplace will fit in the wall. If the wall is not thick enough, you can choose the wall-mounted or freestanding model.
  5. Personal Style and Features: Select a style that suits your home’s decor. The new electric fireplaces are available in many designs and may include features such as adjustable flame color and speed, realistic ember beds, and even integrated lighting to improve the environment.

Considering these aspects, you can pick an onyx electric fireplace that will add to the aesthetic of your space as well as offering you the necessary heat and functionalities.

Safety should be the first consideration when installing a backlit onyx fireplace to enjoy both the beauty of the installation and safety of the space.

Here are key considerations:

  1. Proper Installation: Make sure that the onyx slab is properly installed and supported as it has quite a weight. It is recommended to hire a professional for installation so as to avoid accidents due to wrong handling or mounting.
  2. Electrical Safety: The backlighting is consisted of electrical elements. Certified electrical installations must be used to avoid fire hazards. Make sure that all electrical wiring is in accordance with local building codes and is properly insulated as well as installed away from flammable materials.
  3. Lighting Type: For onyx backlighting, LED lights are usually the best choice because of their low heat generation, energy saving and even light spread. This is vital in making not only the safety but also in making the two; the onyx and the lighting system live long or survive ads a pair.
  4. Heat Management: Even though LEDs are cool, heat management is still necessary. Provide proper heat dissipation around the lighting in such a way of having a good ventilation to avoid any heat buildup that can damage the onyx or degrade the LED’s life span.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Ensure that the onyx and light panels are free from dust to preserve optical light transmission and aesthetics. Additionally, regular inspection of electrical components is important to avoid any issues related to electricity.

By considering these factors, you safely install and appreciate a backlit onyx fireplace, turning it into a fabulous center of attention in your home and business that will last indefinitely.

To repair a crack in an onyx fireplace surround, you’ll need to follow these steps to ensure a safe and effective fix:

  1. Prepare the Area: Before you begin the restoration, ensure the fireplace gets completely cooled. Clean the cracked site well to remove any dirt, rocks or any other debris. This makes the repair material bond more effectively.
  2. Choose the Right Filler: The best adhesive for onyx is a transparent epoxy resin which is able to have a strong bond with the stone and can be polished to a high gloss which will blend in with the surrounding area. You will combine epoxy with a hardener as specified in the product directions.
  3. Apply the Epoxy: Gently spread the combined epoxy over the crack with a putty knife or one of a similar type of tool. Be sure to fill the crack fully, pushing the epoxy in with force to make sure that it gets to every part of the crack.
  4. Curing Time: Let the epoxy cure according to the directions on the package. They normally last for at least 24 hours.
  5. Finishing Touches: When the epoxy is completely dry, you can send it to make the surface even again. Complete by buffing the area to return it to its initial shine and appeal.

Make sure you use safety goggles and protective gloves while working on this process to prevent the sharp edges of the onyx or the chemicals in the epoxy from harming you. But if the crack is big or if you are not sure about doing it yourself then you should seek a stone repair professional to achieve the best result.

When choosing between onyx, marble, or granite fireplace surrounds, all three materials carry their own distinctive features and aesthetic value to your area.

  • Onyx is appreciated for its amazing look and translucency, which can be revealed by backlighting to produce an impressive effect in any room. It is usually selected due to its opulent appearance and the dimension it provides to spaces, making it a focal point.
  • The beauty and versatility of marble are timeless. It is heat resilient, is available in different colors, and veining patterns which make it suitable to almost any interior decoration. The marble gives an element of class and elegance with its heat resistance.
  • On the other hand, granite is known for its durability and in that it does not fade away under the agent of elements such as heat, scratches, and stains. Maintenance is minimal, and it is very practical, making it an ideal choice for a busy household. Granite can stand the harsh conditions of a fireplace and still look just as beautiful through the years.

Each stone has its own benefits depending on your aesthetic preferences and functional needs for your fire space. Here’s a comparison table summarizing the properties of onyx, marble, and granite when used as fireplace surrounds:

Table 1: Onyx Fireplace Surround vs. Marble and Granite

Onyx fireplaces are a unique combination of beauty and benefit, but they may have some albeit fewer drawbacks than other materials in terms of lifespan and durability.

  1. Durability and Maintenance: Onyx is a quite fragile substance. It needs to be looked after from time to time for keeping its look and integrity. It further involves regular sealing to avoid stains and damage since it is more porous than other harder stones like granite. This attribute makes onyx unsuitable for high traffic areas but excellent for a fireplace surround where direct contact is minimal.
  2. Heat Resistance: Onyx is very heat-resistant, what is very important attribute of materials used around a fireplace. Nevertheless, it is significant to remember that onyx can withstand heat, however, with strong changes in temperature, there are still some risks, so it should be kept away from very high temperatures.
  3. Aesthetic Value and Unique Features: To have an onyx fireplace is the real benefit of such a piece in a home it is just simply marvelous. Onyx is a naturally attractive material, with a variety of colors and patterns that can include translucence, which allows for creative lighting effects such as backlighting to bring out its natural patterns. This transforms an onyx fireplaces from only being a source of heat into an art piece, the core of home decoration.

To sum up, onyx fireplace is a very good selection for those who wish to have a luxurious and dramatic look. It is particularly suitable for places where the fireplace is not used too much and rather represents a decorative element. Proper maintenance and careful usage will prolong the life and elegance of an onyx fireplace.

It is not conventional to use an onyx fireplace outside since this stone type is rather fragile and vulnerable to climatic conditions. Onyx is a soft stone that is susceptible to damage caused by sunlight and harsh weather conditions, and is, therefore, appropriate for interior applications such as countertops and indoor fireplace surrounds. If you still want to use onyx outside, you would need to apply a good sealer and carefully maintain the stone, so that it is not damaged by UV and water.

Outdoor fireplaces need materials that will live longer despite of weather variations, which can be harsh. So, opting for materials highly recommended to be used outside or consulting an expert on suitable protective treatments for onyx would be required, in case you would like to go with this unconventional application.

An onyx electric fireplace is an environmentally friendly option, particularly when compared with conventional fireplaces of wood and gas.

Here’s why:

  1. No Direct Emissions: Onyx electric fireplaces are smokeless, create no carbon monoxide, or other dangerous emissions that usually originate from wood or gas fireplaces. This also makes them a better choice for your indoor environment and also outdoors.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Electric energy which electric fireplaces use, converts to about 100% heat. Furthermore, this level of energy efficiency is quite high so that little electricity is lost, and if the electricity comes from green sources, it can lead to energy saving on the whole.
  3. Low Maintenance: Electric fireplaces are nearly maintenance free because they don’t produce soot and ash, and hence, don’t need regular cleaning like wood-burning fireplaces. This also decreases the amount of chemicals used for cleaning, which in turn minimizes the environmental impact.
  4. Sustainable Use of Materials: Although onyx utilized in these fireplaces is a natural stone, the consumption of wood or gas is not needed. Moreover, the substance of onyx itself does not emit dangerous substances, thus, the quality of the onyx is conserved and no indoor pollution is caused.

In general, opting on an onyx electric fireplace, adds beauty to your home while being a more sustainable and environmentally friendly heating alternative. It provides the pleasure of heat and visual beauty of a fireplace with none of the downsides that come with a regular fireplace.

Onyx fireplace mantels present a wide range of unique designs uniting luxury and modern aesthetics. Here are some ideas that stand out:

  1. Backlit Onyx Mantels: The translucent characteristic of onyx is what these mantels employ to produce its visual spectacle. The onyx, backlighted, showcases its natural patterns and becomes a mesmerizing focal point in the room.
  2. Floating Onyx Mantels: Onyx floating mantels create a clean and contemporary effect with a minimal and strong statement. The mantels are installed without visible supports that makes them look as if though they are hovering above the fireplace.
  3. Integrated Onyx Mantels: Other designs will do this with the mantel and the surround using huge, continuous pieces of onyx that covers the fireplace. This pattern can run from the floor to the ceiling thereby highlighting the architectural features of the room.
  4. Carved and Sculpted Onyx Mantels: Working with the workability of onyx, some mantels incorporate a variety of carvings or sculpted elements that display classic workmanship mixed with modern design.

All of these designs make use of onyx’s unique characteristics to provide functional warmth and a dramatic design feature in interiors. Onyx mantels are versatile in terms of design and can be customized to various preferences and interior decors.

In choosing between a free-standing and a built-in onyx fireplace, they both have their set of advantages and drawbacks that could sway your decision depending on your space, aesthetic preferences, and functional needs.

1. Freestanding Onyx Fireplace:


  • Versatility: Freestanding models can be situated anyplace in the room, allowing the flexibility of room spacing and design.
  • Installation: They are usually simpler and less costly to install in that they do not call for long alterations to the prevailing structures.
  • Heat distribution: Freestanding fireplaces often radiate heat on all sides, hence they are likely to heat the space more uniformly.


  • Space: They need a larger floor area which can be an issue in small rooms.
  • Safety: Although they can be fitted with safety devices, their naked surfaces may be worrisome for those with little kids or pets.

2. Built-in Onyx Fireplace:


  • Aesthetics: Built-ins can look like they have always been a part of the design, providing a smooth and cohesive appearance that is very desirable to many.
  • Safety: A smaller surface area that is out in the open decreases the chance to accidentally burn yourself, therefore, it is a safer option if you have children or pets.
  • Space-saving: Because they are built into walls, they do not require any extra floor space, which can be useful in smaller or more crowded rooms.


  • Cost: They are usually very costly to set up especially if you do not have a chimney or the right vent.
  • Permanent: Changing or removing is not easy and they are integrated within the structure of the home.

Both types provide efficient heating solutions and can be specified to burn either wood, gas, or electricity based on ones preferences and the fireplace capabilities. When selecting, think about the layout of your house, your lifestyle, and how the fireplace will fit in with your interior style.

The price of an onyx fireplace varies significantly, depends on the style, size, and some design details. Most of the time, you should pay in the range of $1,000 – $5,000 per set. The cost comprises the material onyx that is appreciated for its beautiful natural hues and patterns as well as the handiwork invested into creating and mounting the fireplace.

If you are looking at an onyx fireplace because of its attractiveness and uniqueness, remember that the higher price reflects the quality and rareness of the stone. A fireplace of that kind not only improves the look of your home, but is also a luxurious focal point in any room. While budgeting, it is advisable to take the potential installation costs into account, which depends on the complexity of the project and the structure of your house.

Indeed, onyx fireplace is easily customized to specific dimensions. The versatility enables you come out with an onyx fireplace that exactly suits your space needs and design tastes. Customizing can stretch from the actual size and shape of the fireplace the onyx stone used and even the color and finish of the stone.

You could also enjoy that suppliers can customize the sizes for you – whether you need a compact model for a smaller room or a bigger statement piece for a spacious area. Moreover, options like backlighted panels may be used to emphasize the inherent beauty of the onyx, which in turn, makes your fireplace design even more personalized and high-end.

In the case of a top-class onyx fireplace, George Stone is top on the list for onyx fireplaces supply in your area. Our onyx fireplace designs are varied from luxurious backlit onyx fireplaces to elegant black onyx fireplaces. George Stone is characterized by quality workmanship and outstanding customer service, ensuring that you get a product that beautifully complements your space.

Would you like to examine our marvelous collection? Feel free to contact George Stone. We personally offer you the best onyx fireplaces for your home. Contact us today and change the face of your living area with an amazing onyx object.


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