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Incredible Onyx Marble Variety

Explore Our Onyx Collection

Explore our widest onyx collection to elevate the true beauty — featuring a valuable addition to your spaces. Our impressive catalog includes some enchanting options, providing you with a larger variety.

The clear white purity of white onyx embodies timeless elegance, inducing a calming sense.
Green onyx reflects the true essence of nature, having a tranquil impact on the surroundings.
The monochromatic sleek look can help make your spaces effortlessly luxury and beautiful.

Our distinct collection is sourced from a set of advanced quarrying practices and high-tech virtual solutions.
Choose us and redefine your spaces — incorporating your favorite Onyx varieties. We offer unique precision techniques and high-quality regulating mechanisms ensuring consistent quality at all times.

Transform Your Spaces With Onyx Marble

Onyx’s marvels are unbelievably impressive, bringing forth the marvelous color palette curated by Mother Nature. It can instantly redefine the true essence of luxury.


Nature possesses a timeless beauty with nature’s artistic creativity. The mesmerizing veining patterns make a beautiful masterpiece featuring appealing designs. This is surely not just your ordinary stone, since it focuses on defining true beauty.

Onyx can provide a practical solution while coping with all the practical issues. It’s a durable and versatile solution, having robust functionality features. It redefines the overall look while proposing a comprehensive solution.
Whether it’s a wall cladding, countertop, or any other part of your space, onyx reveals a calming glow revealing from the translucent layers. Since the stone Features several translucent layers, the light pours through each layer and creates an enchanting appearance. The luxury radiates from within as you light up the stone, creating a magical effect that looks almost unreal.
backlit onyx

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Embracing The Maximal Beauty Of Onyx Stone — The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The durability, visual appeal, versatility, and cost-effectiveness together make onyx your ideal fit if you’re seeking the perfect stone solution. It’s easily adaptable into various applications since it offers a diverse color scheme allowing greater room for choices and building possibilities. The applications include:

Intricate Onyx Lighting Shades

The translucent nature helps you craft beautiful lighting shades, illuminating and decorating your spaces. The light diffuses and elevates your spaces, adding luxury and sophistication. Add different colored stones — considering the theme and color scheme within your spaces.

Kitchen Countertops

If you’re seeking an all-in-one solution featuring functionality and aesthetic benefits at the same time, onyx countertops and dining tables can be the right fit. It helps create a smooth and shiny surface, having some slip resistance too. It’s durable and easily manageable.

Onyx Floor Tiles

Create stunning flooring using beautiful varying color patterns. The interactive patterns and rich texture are worth considering if you’re planning on building luxurious floors.

Bathroom and Bathtubs:

Having your stone adequately sealed, you can easily use it and build your dream bath spaces having stunning floors, walls, and bathtubs.

Onyx Wall Cladding Backlit

This stone features several beautiful translucent layers, light pours through each layer creating a bold and glowing illusion. This way you can build stunning wall cladding backlit elevating the spaces.

A distinctive and captivating natural stone, onyx naturally occurs in various regions across the world. It is widely known for its premium luxurious look, durability, and versatility. These natural stones are more likely to occur in areas highly involved in metamorphic and geological processes.

The quality and variety highly vary depending on the different geological regions. The colors and durability highly depend on geological factors originating from the source. The potential suppliers include China, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, and Greece. These regions offer different qualities, varieties, and prices depending on various factors.

You should always pick suppliers with a wider variety because it can help you acquire a wider collection at the best price. China is one of the best options — featuring smart technologies, advanced quarrying practices, rich artistic craftsmanship, international standards, and competitive Onyx marble prices.

The Onyx stone price is a crucial factor affecting your building choices. Marble and onyx are two popular choices known for their versatility and sustainability. Here’s a comprehensive analysis chalking down the affordability aspects while choosing Onyx. The average onyx slab cost is $100 to $150 per square meter.  

  • Onyx is a rare and valuable natural stone featuring a widely varying color palette being itsimpressive feature. It’s not common like marble — which is a common choice among homeowners and is considered to be easily accessible because it occurs abundantly in nature. Onyx, on the contrary, showcases impressive rarity making it a luxurious and premium choice, making your spaces look expensive and high-end. It possesses a stunning translucency and intricate designs.
  • Its quarrying process can be a bit more challenging than marble. This makes Onyxslightly pricier.
  • Adding onyx is a cost-effective investment, raising the overall value of your spaces since it’s a semi-precious marble.

Also, it cuts down the overall decorative costs in the spaces because the mere addition of onyx stone makes your spaces look put together. The translucent stone available in various colors looks incredibly beautiful and luxurious.

Preserving its beauty requires strategic cleaning using the right products. You must adopt a specific approach for this, and follow these guidelines mentioned below.

  • Frequently remove the dust and regularly unleash the stunning texture. Use a soft cloth and wipe off all the dust particles built up over the surface. Do not use any rough cloth since it can potentially cause scratches over the smooth surface.
  • If you’re seeking a cleaner, buy a neutral one. pH-neutral cleaning products can prevent damage caused by acidic environments. Just like all natural stones, onyx also needs extra care while cleaning up since acidic environments can potentially damage the stone’s In case the cleaner requires dilution, dilute it according to the instructions on the product.
  • Remove the cleaning product’s residues after cleaning and rinse off using water.
  • After a cleanup session is over, it’s finally time you dry up everything using a soft towel. Using a micro-fiber towel can ensure gentle cleaning without rough handling.
  • In case the surface gets stained, taking professional help is recommended. Do not use cleaning remedies using harsh chemicals.

You can effectively clean the surface without damaging anything using all the above-mentioned tips.

The following is an account discussing the main differences between marble and onyx.

  • Composition

The marble tiles are mainly formed by the recrystallized carbonate minerals, typically dolomite and calcites. They’re metamorphic rocks. However, a sneak peek at onyx’s composition reveals its cryptocrystalline mainly formed by quartz.

  • Formation Patterns

Limestone’s metamorphism results in the marble’s formation, providing it broader spectrum color range combining pretty veined patterns. However, silica’s deposition results in onyx formation. This creates stunning layers, having a translucent appearance — featuring stunning colors.

  • Appearance

Marble is completely opaque however onyx features a beautiful aesthetic outlook since it’s a bit translucent and you can observe a layer-like appearance. If you backlight the onyx tile, light partially passes through and makes it look stunning by giving it a beautiful outlook.

  • Application

Onyx’s translucent texture makes it practically more applicable. It can be used in decorative applications too. Marble, on the contrary,  showcases its practicality in applications like countertops, flooring, sculpture, etc. Onyx is also used in applications like building sinks, bathrooms, and a lot more.

Ensure consider all the above-mentioned differences between the two while choosing the right building material integration in your project.

Here’s how you can build your onyx marble bathrooms effectively.

Consider Water Resistance Aspects

Onyx is naturally porous and can absorb water, so you must consider these aspects while building a bathroom using onyx. This underscores sealant’s significance in the building process while preparing bathroom surfaces using onyx. This builds up a protection layer and prevents water from seeping into the surface. Regular sealing reapplications can facilitate maintenance and ensure durability.

Provide Proper Ventilation

A proper ventilation system in the bathroom helps maintain the onyx marble properly. It can ultimately help control humidity, providing moisture prevention. This ultimately increases onyx marble’s durability.

Prioritize Practicality

Onyx can be easily incorporated into various parts for instance, you can consider building a stunning black onyx sink or white onyx sink. Similarly, different onyx countertop colors can enhance the overall outlook of your onyx marble bathroom 

Acquire Professional Help

Hire professional assistance and get the installation professionally done. The measurements should be precise ensuring clean and seamless finishing. After installation, these bathrooms can be easily maintained using appropriate cleaners. This prevents soap scum building up on the surface and makes your bathroom look always new and put together.

Effectively crafting an onyx kitchen countertop requires precise planning and installation, bringing true aesthetic appeal.

  • Plan Beforehand: making a plan beforehand helps you ensure proper implementation and budgeting. Browse different options in hand. For instance, some popular countertop ideas are minimalistic white onyx countertopsor onyx backlit countertops adding some extra glow-up. The better you plan, the better your project is going to end up.

  • Select The Slab: keep your plan in consideration and source the material accordingly, you can go for a blue slab, red slab, yellow slab, honey slab, white slab, black slab, or green slab. There are many more options you might want to consider.
  • Be mindful regarding the marble thicknesswhile picking the countertop slab in the kitchen. This ensures the countertop’s durability in the long
  • After making the right choices, it’s finally time that you consider precise cutting and installation. Accurate measurements can help you plan a seamless installation, especially if the design is complex. Pick good quality substrate and use a wet saw since it can prevent heating up.
  • Prepare the edges well since it finishes a beautiful look. Popular options are beveled, mitered, and bullnose edges.

Making the right choices between building materials ultimately helps you cut down the project’s overall cost and improve the quality at the same time. Here’s a quick review discussing the feasibility aspects regarding granite and onyx, both outdoors and indoors.

Granite Vs Onyx: Indoors

  • Onyx features a luxurious look making your interiors look put together and well-finished. It’s especiallysuggested in case you’re planning on creating unique décor styles inside your interior spaces. It brings forth a unique color palette opening more décor options. Although granite looks equally graceful, it might not satisfy your aesthetic requirements since the color palette is quite limited and you have a monochromatic color scheme.
  • Onyx can be easily maintained indoors if you’re willing to pay reasonable attention, granites maintenance requirements are much lower though.

Granite Vs Onyx: Outdoors:

Outdoor spaces are massively exposed in harsh weather, so the building material you pick should be more durable and weather-resistant. Onyx and granite both feature impressive durability, however, granite slightly supersedes onyx since it doesn’t require sealing and protective maintenance measures like onyx. The perk is that it offers a huge number of outdoor theme colors.

Onyx makes an ideal fit if you’re planning on building a stunning wall cladding backlit. It can instantly elevate the overall ambiance, making the whole ambiance luxurious and beautiful. This is an in-depth write-up introducing all the key considerations:

  • This natural stone possesses a uniquely translucent outlook and lets the light pass through. This property suggests that it’s ideally applicable if you’re seeking a beautiful wall cladding backlit.When it’s lit up, it glows up and pours in some eye-catching beauty in your spaces.

  • Diverse color options and intricate patterns can provide you several choices to incorporate your style. Create a personalized onyx backlitconsidering your décor themes and preferences. Illuminating these colors effectively showcases the true beauty in these patterns and colors blending.

  • Create a backlit introducing a beautiful lighting source providing functional and aesthetic benefits. Enjoy a warm glow inside your spaces and make it look more appealing.

The wall cladding backlit is ideally suggested for both residential and commercial uses — providing you a go-to solution if you’re confused about the décor styles. An onyx backlit never goes wrong! It ideally fits into all décor styles, Adding appeal.

Just like every natural stone, onyx features certain perks and a few downsides at the same. As you delve into the profound aspects, it’s easier, breaking down the pros and cons, since it can help you make wiser decisions. Always consider your preferences and Practicality, and ensure well-informed choices.


  • Onyx is a valuable natural stone featuring a mesmerizing color palette —pink onyx, white onyx, yellow onyx, Black onyx, and green onyx. It offers several other colors like honey and beige, expanding the aesthetic possibilities. You’re never short on options if you’re picking it.
  • The stunning translucent texture givesa dreamy look especially when you backlit the area. The light partially passes through and creates a beautifully glowing illusion. This further enhances the beauty and proposes a solution featuring functional practicality and visual aesthetics at the same time.
  • Onyx, if well-maintained, provides a compatible and durable solution.
  • The versatility feature is an incredible perk if you’re choosing it. Build your countertops, wall cladding backlit, accentwalls, backsplashes, and a lot more.


It requires adequate sealing preventing staining and water absorption into the porous surface. Since it has a luxurious touch, it needs more maintenance.

If you’re seeking a mesmerizingly designed onyx marble fountain, finding the appropriate source is critical.

Consider reputable sources and ensure taking expert assistance — building a durable and visually pleasing fountain. Here’s a guide for assistance through your shopping experience.

  • If you’re seeking a wider onyx color collection — expanding the possibilities and ideas while sourcing a fountain, pick a Chinese supplier having a larger quarrying system. Having a sustainable supply chain and local quarrying practices, China’s suppliers are offering larger varieties.
  • In China, you can get your hands on intricately crafted fountains using premium quality stone at competitive prices. China’s rich traditional carving art can further elevate your shopping experience.
  • Pick a reputable supplier complying with international quality standards. This will ensure the fountain’s quality and durability. A supplier having international certifications should be opted since it can make your experience cost-effective.
  • Credibility is another complex matter while you’re picking a supplier, and sourcing your beautiful onyx fountains.
  • Performing thorough research on all the suppliers can help you find the right one, falling right into your requirements.

Ensure choosing your supplier wisely, since this decides whether your onyx fountains will end up being durable and luxurious — featuring all the desired qualities.

The following are all the key considerations you must follow while building a table.

Slip-resistance: An onyx dining table is supposed to provide some degree of slip resistance.

This ensures safety and convenience because you’re generally handling multiple things on a dining table, and slipping and tripping the crockery and dishes is the last thing you would want. Consider choosing a finish that features slip resistance, enhancing the practical functionality.

Color Scheme: Building the onyx table well requires optimal color choice. There are several color variants, offering a diverse color spectrum.

  • If your space’s décor features a neutral vibe, you can pick the beige, white, or honey color slabs. This adds up a subtle luxurious hint without anything bold or loud.
  • A monochromatic black or white onyx is always a safe option that never goes out of style.
  • Embrace nature’s beautiful color palettes offering pretty red, blue, yellow, pink, and green color slabs introducing stunning combinations.

Thickness And Durability

Ensure getting the right thickness slabs, cut into precise shapes, and leveled edges. This enhances the overall finishing by making the installation seamless. Seal the surface properly since it can prevent staining.

An onyx provides luxury and enhanced functionality at the same time. Since your kitchen sinks get dirty frequently, it’s critical that you hit a striking balance between maintaining hygiene and being gentle on the material. Being gentle is critical if you want your kitchen sink appear new even after years of extensive usage.

  • Warm soapy water mixture is your kitchen sink’s best friend. Use a mild soap formula which is damage-free. Make some water solution using this mixture and let it sit on the surface, at least 10-15 minutes long. Later on, use the softer side of your cleaning sponge and clean up all the gunk and grime formed by everyday kitchen activities.
  • Remember this! Your kitchen sink’s cleaners shouldn’t be acidic. The pH should be neutral because an unbalanced pH can cause substantial harm. Do not rub the soapy build-uprigorously, just ensure using a soft cloth and be gentle while cleaning the surface.

Never forget drying the sink after every washing session, whether you finished cleaning the sink or doing the dishes. Keep a soft fibered towel handy and use it whenever needed. Keep replacing the towel frequently. This can help prevent germs from building up on the drying towel.

Installing these luxurious floor tiles comes along with certain maintenance requisites, requiring your attention and care. The tiles can provide you — a durable solution having equally graceful appearance. Here’s a comprehensive maintenance guide:

Careful Cleaning Practices

  • Ensure cleaning up the surfaces to clean dirt, debris, and other stain-causing substances.
  • Use a soft sponge or lightweightcloth wiping the surface. This will prevent dirt building up on the surface. This process is critical because the tiny dirt particles can be tough on the surface, reducing their
  • Invest in premium quality cleaning products, and ensure gentle yet thorough Clean-up. Acidic substances can damage the surface. Avoid spilling these substances on the onyx countertopsin your kitchen spaces.

Proper Sealing

  • Onyx naturally possesses a porous surface, making it easily stainable. In order to prevent staining and weathering, always ensure sealing the surface using a good quality sealant. You must repeat the process every six months for ultimate protection.

Careful Handling

  • Ensure handling it carefully and do not drop heavy objects or drag heavy furniture over the surface.

If you succeed at following these above-mentioned tips, you won’t require further maintenance or professional assistance in the long run.

Most users are concerned about the visual appeal’s maintenance requirements when choosing Onyx. Since its beauty and visual appeal are the most pleasing aspects, preserving its beauty stands as a critical aspect.

Being a natural stone onyx preserves its beauty and doesn’t lose its color or luster.

  • The stone remains shiny and visually appealing. However, certain external factors may contribute, making it lose its luster.

Remember that it requires reasonable care and maintenance throughout the period.

  • In case you’re neglecting the maintenance requirements or not following the right guidelines through the maintenance process, you might end up damaging the stone.
  • Wear and tear causing scratches on the surface might make the stone lose its luster. These scratches are mainly caused by rough cleaning practices and dragging heavy Furniture over the surface.

The lost luster can be easily restored using a simple polishing process through professional assistance. Make sure regularly clean it afterward, and ensure that there’s no dirt building up over the surface. Also, you must use light cleaning products and avoid chemicals.


The above-mentioned tips can help you maintain and restore its natural luster over longer periods.


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