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Orange Marble - George Stone

Rejuvenate Your Spirit and Energy with Orange Marble Supplied by
the World’s Affordable Supplier, George Stone.

Top Picks: George Stone’s Top Orange Marble Picks

Here are our top picks from all orange marble in our collection to design a versatile and elegant home.


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George Stone’s Orange Marble
Make House a Warmth Welcoming Place

Do you like creating eccentric interior designs and being warmly welcomed at the house?

Orange is a color of energy, vitality, and freshness. So, the orange marble color comes into play here to design the interior and exterior of your house. It warmly welcomes you when you arrive home.

Imagine sunlight entering your room through the open windows and glowing across the orange marble. If your room is painted, sunlight won’t glow and charm you like marble does.

Rooms decorated with orange marble whisper, “Please come in, stay awhile, and feel the sunshine on the skin even if the sky is grey.”

George Stone, a seasoned Chinese supplier of all types of marble and granite, including orange marble, provides its customers with high-quality, durable, and cut-to-size format marbles………

Why You Can Choose

George Stone For Orange Marble

You can choose us for multiple reasons. Here you are

  • As mentioned before, we provide emotions, not just material. We produce high-quality products in our factory. How is it possible to maintain quality? You are almost sure about the quality of production when you have qualified workers. 
  • We have over 215 workers in our company to collect stone from the quarries. We collect stones from China, the USA, the UK, etc. Then, they process it to meet customer demand. The end product is done to install. However, installing marble requires experts because this differs from other DIY works.
  • During collection and manufacturing to produce an end product, there might be subtle cracks if non-experts handle the whole process. Eventually, the marble will not last longer. So, expert-vetted workers are highly in demand, and we hire them only.
  • We produce bulk quality marbles in our factory. We believe in quality over quantity. Although we have to produce bulk marbles, we always strive for quality.
  • We have been in the stone and marble manufacturing industry for over 30 years. We always prioritize our customers’ satisfaction. We give them free samples and 2D designs before ordering products. After the sale, we also help them install marble on their floors, kitchen countertops, etc. We make them satisfied with our quality marbles.  
  • We hold ISO and SGS certificates to be institutionally certified by manufacturers and suppliers. We are not only holding certificates but also have 30 years of experience in this industry. So, we know what customers want and what they actually need.
  • We can manufacture 100,000,000 square meters per year without compromising quality.


  • We have in-house workers and do not have to hire agencies to market our product. We sell marble directly to our customers at a very competitive price.
  • Our dedicated 24/7 online team listens to your needs and objections.

Certifications and Product Parameters

Are you thinking about whether the marble will be scratch-resistant or not? Do not worry. We hold ISO, SGS, and Quality Control Management System certifications.
Our products are durable in Mohs scale and scratch-resistant, bringing luxury to your home wall. The vein with a milky-white background draws attention in a second.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Orange Marble:

We know you have a lot of questions to explore. We have gathered 15 frequently asked questions to clarify everything from zero. However, if you have any questions to ask, you can contact us. Our dedicated support is ready to help you. Without fluffing anymore, let’s dive in.

Orange marble is formed due to the influence of minerals (iron oxide, sulfur), organic matter, and other impurities (clay, salt, and sand) trapped in limestone. Generally, pure marble is white in appearance due to CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate).

During the stone formation, by years of heat and pressure (metamorphism), trapped iron oxide gives an orange hue to the white marble. That is why we see an orange hue with a milky white background. It is called orange onyx marble.

Iron oxide has two forms – hematite and limonite. Hematite gives reddish orange, while limonite gives yellowish orange.

The amount of impurities determines the strength of the shades and the orange-like patterns on the marble. Some marbles have subtle orange veins and patches, and some have vibrant steaks.

Do not think that as it is made of limestone and other impurities, it will not last longer. No, due to the years of natural heat and pressure, everything turns into stone, which, after meticulous processing, turns into orange marble.

We sell pure orange and orange onyx marble in George Stone. Whatever you like, we are ready to help you with it.

The finish affects the appearance of the orange marble. It involves the color, strength, and texture of the orange marble.

The polished finish makes the orange marble shiny and gives a slippery surface. It amplifies the natural orange color of the marble. So, the veins and patches become pronounced and dazzling.

You can use polished marble on your hotel flooring. You have to keep it clean and dry by wiping it. In heavy traffic areas, you have to ensure that it does not become slippery with water. You can use it on the kitchen countertop, wall cladding, decorative pillars, tabletops, etc. It does not mean you can not use it on the floor.

Honed orange marble has a matte finish and a non-slippery surface. If you do not like bright orange color, then go for honed orange marble. The muted appearance is ideal for heavy foot traffic areas. Besides, the non-slippery surface is safe for toddlers.

However, some elite customers want Polished orange hues with honed backgrounds.

We suggest using polished orange marble for walls because the reflective finish enhances the sunlight brightness inside your house by mirroring. And use honed orange marble for flooring.

Whatever finish you want, we have both in our collection with standard quality.

Generally, marble stones are less scratch-resistant than granite stones. The mineral composition, grain size, and finishing determine the scratch-resistant of marble. Here are the details based on colors –

White Marble: As it is composed of mainly calcite, it is moderately less scratch-resistant than orange marble.

Black Marble: It contains pyrite or tremolite, which is why it is more scratch-resistant than others. However, the calcite veins are susceptible to scratch.

Gray Marble: It is similar to white marble. However, the dense grain in Bianco Grigio makes it more scratch-resistant than other gray marble.

Beige Marble: Due to dolomite, fine grain, and calcite, it is more scratch-resistant than white marble.

Green Marble: It is less resistant than others. Serpentine-containing green marbles are less scratch-resistant than others, while Talc-containing marbles are more scratch-resistant. It really depends on the presence of specific minerals.

To clarify yourself, let us know your demands and ask for information.

Red Marble: It is more scratch-resistant than others mentioned above due to the presence of hematite.

Orange Marble: It is also more scratch-resistant because of hematite. Besides, some marble contains quartz, which is responsible for higher scratch resistance. But all orange marble does not contain quartz.

Tennessee Orange Marble is more scratch-resistant than other marble out there because of the presence of quartz.

In a nutshell, orange marble’s scratch resistance is similar to black marble when it contains quartz.

Fine grains have higher scratch resistance than coarser grains. Polish finish makes the marble glassy so that it is more scratch-proof.

Orange onyx marble is suitable for both countertops and floors. But, as we mentioned earlier, the polished finish can be used for countertops because the glassy sheen prevents water from damaging them.

Using honed orange marble on floors is wise because it is not more slippery than polished marble.

Proper maintenance and precautions allow you to use orange marble anywhere in your house to add a natural vibe to life.

Orange marble can last for decades, centuries, or millennia. It depends on the care and management of it. Orange marble is mainly derived from calcium carbonate (limestone), which inherently weathers wear and tear. Besides, the hematite and quartz make it scratch-resistant, durable, and resilient to stain.

The maintenances you should follow are given below –

  1. Clean daily with pH-neutral cleaners.
  2. Do not use harsh chemicals to wash.
  3. Use sealing to prevent liquids from absorbing into the stone.
  4. Avoid using scouring pads because they can etch the marble.
  5. Do not prick with sharp objects.
  6. Use a soft cloth to remove the dust and grime.
  7. Remove the food immediately after falling on the countertop or floor.

Note: Direct exposure to sunlight and using harsh chemicals fade orange veins. You may be wondering, we were talking about sunlight mirroring at the beginning but now turns 180 degrees. No, the hue of the sun shines on the orange marble wall. We do not say to expose your marble wall directly under the sun.

The outside path covered with orange marble stone will be faded with sunlight and acid rain after years. However, re-shining can recover the shiny appearance.

Yes, orange marble pairs well with other materials like wood, metal, or other stones to make your project more appealing and welcoming.

According to BHG, orange pairs with intense blue for bold people because of high contrast. You can have navy blue cabinets with orange countertops in your kitchen.


You can follow analogous coloring schemes to convey harmony by pairing with yellow, green, and red.


If you want orange marble to shine without overpowering, you can make a black canvas with black, grey, and white marble.

However, here are some color complements with orange marble:

Wood: If you are bold, go for blue furniture with orange onyx marble in your living room. But Maple, birch, or walnut-toned wood makes a great complement to orange marble. This makes your house atmosphere cozy.

Metal: Sleek stainless steel complements orange marble countertops. To add sophistication, you can go for gold metal.

Other Stones: White and orange marble create an elegant look for a room. You can pair it with black stones to add drama and intensity.

The typical price range for orange marble slabs or tiles is 10-50 USD/sqm.

The price of the orange marble depends on thickness, shades, and patterns. The more the thickness is, the more the price is.

Orange onyx marble with complex patterns also costs more. Polish finished marbles generally cost more than honed marble.

  1. Low thickness and simple patterns cost 1-5 USD/sqf.
  2. Unique patterns and shades cost around 5-10 USD/sqf.
  3. The rare collection costs more than 10+ USD/sqf.

You have only limited the use cases of orange marble. There are so many uses of orange marble. Here, it starts with common uses of orange marble. –

  1. Countertops: They are widely used in kitchen and bathroom countertops.
  2. Feature walls: They are also used in accent or feature walls to demonstrate calmness.
  3. Fireplaces: Surround fireplaces with orange marble. It seems a focal point because the fire color and orange tone pair accurately.
  4. Flooring: Orange onyx marble is commonly used in flooring. The entrance hall’s flooring should be orange because this color is welcoming.
  5. Staircases and Facedes: You can use orange marble for staircase treads and rises. Besides, the exterior facades with orange marble look stunning and eye-catching from a distance.
  6. You can also use orange marble on columns, pillars, and tabletops.

The uncommon uses of it:

  1. Water flows over orange marble in the garden or indoors, creating a dynamic scene.

Nowadays, people are using it on jewelry.

Yes, orange marble is suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens. It is eye-catching and stunning, which adds sophistication to life. Its beauty ranges from fiery sunset shades to delicate coral tones. Besides, it comes with various complex shades and patterns, so you must choose what fits you.

As it is heat resistant, you can use it in the kitchen. It can tolerate the kitchen heat, pans, and hot pot.

Orange onyx marble means all marbles make a room cool, so you will have a relaxed and calm room in summer.

Due to the presence of hematite and quartz, it lasts longer with proper maintenance.

You can use it on the bathroom wall. For bathroom flooring, we recommend using a sealer. With proper sealing, you can use it for years after years.

Since marbles are porous, orange marble retains moisture and humidity well. However, the degree of holding up depends on several factors.

Thick orange marble with fine grains absorbs less moisture than a thin one. The dense marbles are less porous, so they retain less humidity.

But, if you live in a high-humid area, orange marble will hold some moisture and humidity.

What is the solution, then?

The solution is that you have to use polished orange marble. Polished marble not only brights stronger but also protects against water absorption.

You must have enough ventilation in your house and bathroom to remove the moisture and humidity to keep your orange marble brightening.

You can also use a humidifier if your nose is bleeding due to dry air. This will work for both you and your house.

Always clean the marble with a dry, clean cloth.

You can tell us about your location and the environmental condition, so we can suggest you make a proper decision.

Multiple factors influence the cost of orange marble installation. Here you are –

  1. Availability of Orange Marble: The most available marble costs less than rare orange marble. For example, if you want to install a Fiorito Orange, it will cost more than any available one.
  2. Complexity of the Project: For plain walls, floors, countertops, etc., you may need a little money to pay. But, when you install it on a curved wall with intricate patterns and custom cutting and fitting, you have to pay more.
  3. Thickness and Slab Size: A thick marble slab installation is more challenging than a thin one. It requires more labor. So, thick slab marble installation costs are higher. The same principle applies to larger slabs.
  4. Polished Vs. Honed: Polished marble requires expensive tools and human resources. It costs more than honed orange marble.
  5. Expert Vs. Non-Expert: Experts require more money than non-experts. But, due to cutting errors by non-experts, it needs extra marble. As a result, the cost will be higher.

If you can hire an expert to install marble in your house, although it costs more the first time, you will get an almost error-free installation.

George Stone has experienced installers. We provide this service to our customers to maintain the quality.

Because no matter how much more excellent the quality of our marble is, a non-expert installer can undermine the quality with his errors.

You have already guessed what important thing to consider when choosing orange marble for your project. However, here is a brief on pivotal things to consider.

  1. Durability and Aesthetics: You must consider these two before buying orange marble. The marble should be durable and aesthetic, with complex shades and patterns. Only durable marble does not add sophistication to life. On the contrary, if marble is not looking good, you may be upset in the long run.
  2. Finish and Use case: You must consider your use case before choosing the finish. Let’s say you are buying marble for wall cladding; you must select polished marble. If you purchase marble for outside flooring, you can choose honed marble. For countertops, you can go for polished marble.
  3. Price: You must consider if you are budget conscious. You need to pay more for exotic or rare orange marble and vice versa. You must go for orange marble, which fits your finance level.

Do not think available orange marbles are not suitable for aesthetics. We have various complex shades and patterns of orange marble to add sophistication to your home decoration. As every marble needs a level of maintenance like sealing, cleaning, etc., it is not a fundamental factor to consider.

You can find inspiration for using orange marble from different places in your home or commercial space. For instance – if you visit any of your friends or neighbors, you will find a great idea of color contrast, shades, and patterns that fascinate you.

Besides, you can visit Pinterest to get an idea.

But what you see in your neighbor’s home or on Pinterest does not match your home’s architectural design and overall environment.

So, you need to consult with an experienced person.

You can call us and let us know everything about your home. We will give you a 2D design and virtual room that helps you find better inspiration.

Here are the facts about orange marble –

  1. It is used in Egyptian elements.
  2. It is used in Roman baths.

Here are the myths surrounding orange marble:

  1. It has a healing capacity, which is wrong.
  2. Due to its veins, it is considered a “Living Stone.”

Finding reputable suppliers is a burning issue when buying marble for home decoration. Here are a few tips you can consider to find reputable suppliers.

  1. Certificates: Do they have ISO and SGS certificates?
  2. Experience: How long have they been in this industry?
  3. Delivery Range: How many countries are they delivering their product?
  4. Sample: Do they provide free samples?
  5. Support: Do they have a support system?
  6. Installation Team: This is for something other than upselling. It is to maintain the quality of a supplier product.
  7. Manufacturer: Are they manufacturers? A manufacturer who also supplies never omits the quality of their product because they know mouth marketing is vital for a business.

George Stone is a prolific product manufacturing company that deals directly with customers. There are no intermediaries between us and our customers. We have delivered our products to 128 countries for over 30 years.


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