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Check out our some of top-selling products. All these products feature a perfect blend of endurance and natural beauty. We have pink marbles in different hues so you can choose what suits the overall theme of your project.

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Why buy Pink Marble from George Stone?

Premium Quality

When it comes to quality, George Buildings does not compromise. All our building materials undergo a strict quality control process before we supply them to our customers. We provide 100% authentic marble.

Direct Factory Sales

We offer marble and other building materials at the best price. Since you get material straight from our factory and no middleman is involved, you get a better price.

Free Samples

If you want to check the quality of the marble before making the final deal, you can avail of our free sample service. You can check our samples and feel the quality yourself.

Diverse Range

We cater to people of different choices and budgets. Therefore, we keep pink marbles of varied varieties. You can buy which suits your project requirements and budget.

Expert Guidance

The team at George Building is quite experienced. It will support you throughout your purchase process. We also guide you in choosing the perfect marble based on your project’s demand.

Pink Marble Buying Process


Visit Our Website

Check products on our website. Make the initial inquiry about the product and service by contacting our sales team.


Get Price Quote

Our team will send you the price quotation based on the product you choose.


Product Sample

If you agree on the price, you can check out the product samples online. You can visit our showroom. We can also send samples to your location on your request.


Place an Order

Once you are satisfied with the quality, place an order. We process orders within 24 hours. If you have custom requirements, we can design marble as per your unique needs.



We pack your material in sturdy packaging material (wooden boxes) to ensure safety during the transit.


Delivery & Shipment

George Stone manages the delivery and shipment of your goods straight from its factory to your destination port.


After-Sales Support

We do not leave our customers in the middle. You can contact us for all your queries and questions. If you need any help regarding the installation, you can contact us.

Certificate and Product Parameters

George Stone is one of the leading building material companies in China. Since our inception, we have earned numerous owners and honors. Some of our certifications include ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, FUGRO Fireproof Certificate, AGC certificate, and Intertek Certificate.

Pink Marble: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

pink marble side table

As the name suggests, pink marble features a pink shade. However, do you know how it forms?

Well, it originates due to the metamorphism process. The marble forms in heat and pressure inside the earth’s surface.

This process creates various patterns on the marble called veining. The shade of pink marble can be pale pink to magenta. Sometimes, it is even darker.

This pink limestone is mined in various countries. Some of its top producers include India, Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

If we discuss the history of pink limestone marble, we trace its roots back to the era of the Romans.  

Romans and Arabs used to make sculptures out of colored marbles especially from pink and red marble. In some civilizations, people consider this marble as a symbol of purity.

Pink marble is excavated in different countries. These marbles feature different patterns, shades, and characteristics.

Based on these variances, we categorize these marbles into the following types.

Rosa Aurora Marble

Rosa Aurora marble is mined in Portugal. Due to its lively color and veining, individuals use this marble for various applications. The stone represents a soft ivory backdrop with rosy overtones. You may also see white veining in some Rosa Aurora marbles.

Onyx Pink Marble

Onyx pink is one of the renowned pink stone varieties. Since it is a rare stone, it is costlier than other types.

The marble features an enthralling shade of pink that gives a striking visual effect. The base color of this stone is pink. However, you also see some multi-colored wave patterns on its surface.

 The stone does not require chemical processing as it has a natural long-lasting shine. You can use this marble to make wall panels and countertops.

It is also used for interior decoration. You can notice its usage in making a pink marble dining table or coffee table.

 Udaipur Pink Marble

 As the name indicates, this marble stone is extracted in the mines of Udaipur, India. It features an upbeat pink color with black and gray patterns.

This marble from Udaipur makes captivating countertops, monuments, wall cladding, and more.

 Salome Marble

 Salome marble exhibits a blend of pink and cream tones. The stone is extracted in Turkey and globally used for making wall capping, stairs, window sills, fountains, and wall interiors.

Rosalia Marble

Extracted in mines of Turkey, Rosalia marble has a pinkish-beige color with red veining. People use Rosalia stone for making vanity tops, swimming pool areas, bathroom walls, and flooring.

Norwegian Rose Marble

Norwegian Rose Marble is another well-known pink marble type. The stone features a perfect combination of transparent rose pink and icy white colors. Its grayish-green veining gives it a unique yet aesthetic appearance.

The marble is used for various applications, such as flooring, countertops, and art pieces.

Since pink stone comes in various hues and veining patterns, it has various applications. People use it for both interior and exterior settings. Some of its popular uses include:


Since pink is a neutral color, many people use pink stone for flooring, especially in bathroom areas. Pink marble tile floor gives bathrooms a luxurious appearance. Moreover, such tiles are easy to clean and maintain.


When it comes to countertops specifically, Tennessee pink marble countertops are prevalent. These countertops are durable and resistant to heat.

This marble has a unique pink hue with elaborated veining. As a result, it makes sophisticated countertops.


Some individuals who want to give their bathroom a lavish look invest in a pink marble bathtub. The warm pink tone of this bathtub enhances the overall feel of a bathroom.

Wall Cladding

The natural pink stone is also used as wall cladding. Due to its unique color, some interior designers use these marble slabs for interior walls, accent walls, and around the fireplace.


This marble is also suitable for stairways in residential and commercial buildings.


The exquisite pink color of this marble also makes it a perfect choice for sculptures and art pieces. Artists can choose a wide range of pink shades, from subtle pink to bright pink.

Additionally, different veining of these marble stones allows the sculptor to add depth to their artwork.

Pink marble has numerous benefits. Therefore, it is used worldwide for different applications.

Some of its prominent advantages include:


The captivating pink shades make this marble one of the most beautiful stones in the world. Its color shade can be light to deep, depending on its type. As a result, wherever you use this stone, it adds charm to the space.

Resistance to Heat

This marble can endure heat to a great extent. Consequently, individuals also use it for kitchen countertops. Even if you place a hot pan on the countertop, it won’t get damaged.

Multiple Uses

This marble has various applications. They make slabs, countertops, bench tops, tiles, sinks, bathtubs, tabletops, etc. Moreover, individuals can use them for both interior and exterior.


Pink limestone marble is quite durable. It is resistant to scratch and heat. With regular maintenance, it won’t lose its natural shine for years. Individuals can use it for high-traffic areas without any worry.


Pink marble has been used to construct temples, monuments, and artworks for years. Due to its natural sheen, the marble symbolizes calmness.

Like any other natural marble, pink stone may stain or discolor. How resistant a marble is to discoloration and staining depends on its porosity.The marble is naturally porous. However, if you treat or seal it perfectly, the marble repels the stain efficiently.

Both white and pink marble can stain from oil, ink, wine, or any acidic liquid.

Below are a few things you can do to protect your marble stone against discoloration and staining.

Regular Cleaning

The best way to prevent the marble from discoloration is regular cleaning. Always use mild detergent and lukewarm water to clean your bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, and floor tiles.

Do not use abrasive cleaners that contain acids and vinegar. You can follow the manufacturer’s guidance for marble cleaning.



Check if the marble is sealed appropriately. It may require sealing touch-ups from time to time. You can ask the supplier about the sealing requirements.

Prevent it From Acidic Food

Marble stones can react to acidic liquid and food. So clean it as soon as food or drink spills on your countertop.

Numerous individuals who want to give their bathroom a relaxed atmosphere prefer pink marble. They use it in bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and even floor tiles.

The pink color is a symbol of love and care. Therefore, some high-end salons and spas that target women specifically use pink marble flooring in their commercial settings.

The pink stone makes exquisite shower walls, countertops, and flooring.

Let us learn how you can use this marble in a bathroom.


Pink marble tile looks lavish and can make your bathroom floor more stylish and elegant. There are several pink marble flooring designs available on the internet. Choose the one that complements the overall theme of your bathroom.



Some people use pink marble bathtubs as a centerpiece in their luxurious bathroom.



You can use pink marble slabs in the surroundings of your shower. Nowadays, bathroom accessories made of pink marble are in trend.

People can use pink marble countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, and even workspaces. Since this marble comes in various hues, you can choose a perfect pink shade that suits your choice.

Pink stone can immediately increase the aesthetic appeal of any space. Its unique rosy hue and well-elaborated veining can give a unique style to your countertops.

In addition to beauty, this natural stone is quite durable. Your countertops will not lose their shine for years.

Pink stone countertops are also an excellent choice from an interior design point of view. Whether you use them in your home or commercial space, they will offer a sense of luxury.

The good thing is that you can pair these countertops with any light-colored cabinetry.

If you want bold yet subtle countertops, pink marble is an excellent choice.

Onyx pink marble is a natural stone mined in India, Iran, and Afghanistan. It is one of the rarest stones which forms in particular geological conditions. The stone is renowned for its premium quality, strength, and toughness.

Since this is versatile marble, you can use it anywhere. It is a perfect option for flooring as well. Its unique patterns and glowing pink hue can uplift the grace of your living room and restrooms.

According to some beliefs, pink Onyx also promotes a healthy life by preventing pain.

It is relatively easy to maintain this marble. Once it is properly sealed, it lasts long without significant maintenance.

Nowadays, you can buy pre-polished and designed pink marble slabs for flooring.

Yes, you can. Several interior decorators and builders use pink marble for flooring, wall cladding, and countertops.

The striking pink color of the marble provides calmness and comfort to the space. It creates a soothing atmosphere and makes your space more welcoming.

The marble comes in various hues of pink. You can choose light-colored pink marble to add elegance to your home. On the contrary, a deeper pink shade lends a touch of luxury.

You can play with the color combinations to enhance the interiors of your home.

Patterns of pink stone also become the center of attraction and enhance the visual attraction.

How you can use this marble to improve the interiors of your house depends on your creativity.

For example, some people use a pink marble coffee table for their sitting area to create a unique theme. Others might enhance the interiors of a bathroom by using bathtubs and shower walls.

When you buy the marble from a reputable and experienced supplier, you do not need to worry about the quality. Still, we insist you check the following to identify the marble quality.


Pink marble comes in various hues, from light to dark. Regardless of the type of pink stone you are buying, its color must be consistent.


Check the pattern carefully. They are a result of different mineral impurities. Nevertheless, they should look elegant.


Ask the supplier about the hardness of marble tiles. It should be capable of resisting scratches and regular wear and tear.

Look for Cracks

Look carefully for possible cracks. Some suppliers hide them with the help of polish and other surface treatments.

Check for Grade

Like other marbles, this marble type also has grades. Grade A means the highest quality. Confirm it from the supplier.

Knife Test

It is a popular way to check the authenticity of marble. You can scratch the marble with the help of a knife. If there is no significant damage, the marble is of good quality.

Finding the right marble supplier can be challenging, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Do not worry. We have put together a few tips for you.


Learn for how long your potential supplier/manufacturer has been working in the industry. These suppliers have expertise and knowledge about different types of pink marbles. As a result, you can expect to get better recommendations.

Quality of Product

Make sure the manufacturer/supplier you choose provides quality marbles. They should inform customers about the marble’s porosity, hardness, and density.


You can also check for the marble quality certifications. Generally, trustworthy suppliers get certifications like ISO 9001 – 2008 and ISO 14001 – 2004.

Depending on the country of the supplier, there could be other accreditations.

Variety of Marble

Pink marble comes in various varieties. There are more than 382 types of pink stone marble worldwide. In China alone, there are more than 40 types. Make sure your supplier provides at least popular ones.


Price is a crucial factor for several people. Pick a supplier who provides quality marble at a fair price. Compared to European suppliers, China-based companies provide marble at affordable prices, thanks to their competitive labor and shipping costs.

After Sales Support

Numerous buyers ignore it. However, you must consider it when selecting a marble supplier. The company must have a dedicated staff to listen to your concerns and queries. Also, you must get prompt after-sales service.


The supplier and manufacturer must be capable of providing customized marble pieces. It will help you meet the specific demands of your project.

Pink Italian marble vs. Pink Chinese marble

First-time buyers often get confused about whether they should buy Italian marble or Chinese marble. Both marble types have their characteristics and benefits. You can choose what suits your pocket and needs.

Pink Italian marble is one of the finest marble stones. It is mined in Carrara town of Italy.

The Italian marble, such as Rosso Verona and Rosa Portogallo feature an aesthetically pleasing pink hue with veining. You can use these marbles for kitchen cabinets, flooring, vanity, and more.

Chinese pink marbles are also in demand. China offers different varieties of pink stone marbles. There are about 40 types of pink stones in China. Some primary ones include Rosa Salmon, Cherry Blossom marble, Pink Onyx, and more.

Like Italian marble, you can use Chinese marble for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, flooring, and more.

Italian marble is a classic stone that offers a premium appearance. On the contrary, pink Chinese marble is known for its aesthetics. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for modern architecture.

There is a significant difference in the price of Chinese vs. Italian pink marble. China-based marble is pocket-friendly. You can expect to pay between USD 50 and USD 200 per sqm. In square feet, it will cost you USD 4.64 – USD 18.57 per sq ft.

The price of Italian pink marble is higher than Chinese stone. It will cost you around USD 100 to USD 500 per sqm. It will cost you USD 9.29 to USD 46.45 per square foot.

Yes, you can. Most manufacturers do provide free samples of their material. If you are seriously interested in buying marble in bulk, the supplier won’t deny offering you a free sample.

Nevertheless, we do not guarantee that every supplier will provide you with a product sample. After all, pink stone marble is rare and expensive.

At George Stones, we can provide you with a free sample. Contact our sales team to explain your requirements.

Several aspects determine how long it will take to source marble from China. These are the location of the building material supplier, production time, and the type of shipping method a customer chooses. In addition to this, the customs clearance might take some additional time.


China is a big country with several ports. The distance between your country and the supplier location in China significantly impacts the delivery time.George Buildings is located near the Port of Guangzhou. It helps us deliver our goods on time.

Production Time

If you have custom requirements, production time may take some time. The marble is cut, processed, and polished to meet the exact requirements of customers.

At George Buildings, we also have ready-to-use bathroom sinks, countertops, and flooring slabs.


Generally, we choose sea freight to deliver our products to customers outside China. For emergency deliveries, we also choose air freight. The shipping service is part of our package and we choose the best possible shipping method based on your budget and location.

George Buildings processes orders within 24 hours. You can expect to receive your order within 10 to 15 days, depending on the shipping type and your country location.

We ensure proper legal paperwork at our end so that you do not get any issues with customs clearance.


Pink marble can be an excellent choice for your kitchen, bathroom, and interior of your house. However, you must choose the right marble type and supplier.

In this comprehensive FAQ guide, we discussed the different applications of this beautiful marble stone. Moreover, the guide disclosed how you can maintain your stone and what things you should consider when buying it.

If you are looking for premium quality pink marble stones at competitive prices, reach George Stones. You can call us at +86 13077409280.


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