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Alaska Cream Granite

If you are curious enough on this natural material, the Juparana Delicatus Granite looks like a mountain ice ridge from above. People usually think of this granite as being white, but it has beautiful designs, veining and creamy tones.

In addition to being a good choice for many uses, it has a mix of colors that make it better overall.

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With sable hue spreading over the surface


Fortifications in high risk zones


Resistance to dirt accumulation


Harsh abrasive can scratch an dull granite services

-Product Advantages-

  • Alaska Cream Granite that has been treated in a certain way can reduce glare and reflection.
  • It is perfect for a place where too much natural or artificial light can be uncomfortable and cause vision problems.
  • When you touch Alaska Cream Granite surfaces, you can feel emotionally calmed since it gives a  sense and feeling of security and solidity.
  • The classic beauty and timeless style of Alaska Cream Granite surfaces can make you feel pleased, proud and emotionally connected.
  • This granite makes your living places more appealing and improves your overall mood.
  • Alaska Cream Granite is great for precision building and manufacturing because it is naturally stable and has a uniform composition.
  • In places like kitchens that get a lot of wetness and moisture,  Alaska Cream Granite transparent surface can help stop algae from spreading.
  • Alaska Cream granite anti static traits keep electricity from building up so grit and other fragments don’t stick to surfaces.
  • The thick nature and weathering resistance of this granite make it exceptionally resistant to erosion created by wind and other natural forces.
  • Display artisanal works made from this granite such as vases and decorative accents.


-Material Application-

  • Bench seats in public parks and recreation places made from Alaska Cream Granite make it strong and resistant.
  • It is solid and can withstand moisture, which makes it perfect for outdoor seating that gives park visitors comfort and purpose.
  • For your bar tops and cafe shops,  Alaska Cream Granite countertops are sturdy which can provide a comfy place to interact with your customers.
  • Your customer will surely enjoy the drinks on this granite surface. It can handle heat and dirt well, which makes it a good choice for busy food and drink places.
  • Alaska Cream Granite flooring is used in lobbies and counter areas in healthcare centers like clinics and hospitals.
  • Alaska Cream Granite is also a popular and great choice for flooring and walls at high end university and campuses.
  • For shopping malls bathroom, Alaska Cream Granite can enhance it looks and make it look like an elite appearance.
  • Alaska Cream Granite backsplash that goes along the wall behind your stove and sinks look great.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

We offer interactive design tools and virtual reality experience that allows you to visualize how different granite options would look in your spaces. For a wide range of taste and interest, our selection includes different shadings, patterns and finishes.

Our team of experts use advanced techniques and specialized treatments  to protect the granite you purchased on us, ensuring it allures for years to come.

We push the limits of creativity to give you new and unusual ways to use this classic granite. From furniture and lightning fixtures made of granite to art pieces and sculptures, we do whatever it takes to make this happen.

Our focus on quality and attention to detail help us go above and beyond what customers expect, helping you make your dreams come true for indoor or outdoor areas.

Contact us now. Let us fulfill all your dream residential or commercial designs.

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We also offer visual simulation and a virtual preview of the product.