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Antique Grey Marble

This beautiful Antique Grey Marble comes from the Bozkir Konya area of Turkey. It’s a beautiful example of the country’s rich geological history and skilled natural stonework. The base of this unique marble is a beautiful ash grey colour with striking darker streaks and delicate silver grey tones. It has a classic beauty that makes any room look better.

This marble is a great example of Turkey’s well known reputation for making high quality materials. It shows not only the natural history of the area but also the country’s constant dedication to excellence in craftsmanship. This type of marble is a popular choice among designers and builders around the world because it look great and is of high quality.

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natural marble




Deeper, darker lines


highly durable


Temperature resistance


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Antique Grey Marble is  moderately tough. It can withstand daily use while still looking elegant and beautiful.
  • Selecting Turkey’s Antique Grey Marble means you pick a high quality stone that is known for its elegant and sophisticated look. It is perfect for taking your design projects to a whole new level of beauty and elegance.
  • Antique Grey Marble is popular with designers because it is easy to cut and place, which speeds up the process and cuts down on costs and time.
  • Since it is easy to work with, it is a good choice for design projects since it makes sure that the work is done quickly and correctly while still meeting the greatest standard of skills and beauty.
  • Due to its unique colors and veins, Antique Grey Marble slabs look completely different; this makes it even more desirable and hard to get. It’s a popular choice for designers who want to make projects stand out and look classy.


-Material Application-

  • Countertops made of Antique Grey Marble lend an impression of elegance to your kitchen, which act as the heart of the home. Not only does its smooth surface give the ideal canvas for culinary masterpieces, but it also gives a luxury and style in your area.
  • By installing an Antique Grey Marble vanity into your bathroom, you can turn it into a relaxing hideaway that is reminiscent of a spa. In addition to enhancing the atmosphere, the natural beauty of this marble contributes to the creation of a tranquil setting that is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • By putting a floor made of Antique Grey Marble in your living room or entryway , you can make a remarkable statement.
  • Thanks to its endurance it will continue to be beautiful and charming for many years to come while its distinctive evening will provide visual appeal to any area.
  • Making an accent wall out of Antique Grey Marble will give your living room or home office a style and happy vibes. Its timeless beauty never fails to amaze, whether its used as a main focus or a soft background.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

Drawing on our long history of working with stone, we are happy to be your trusted partner, known for our unmatched knowledge and constant drive to come up with new ideas.

We promise greatness in every way, whether you bring your own ideas, choose from our huge collection or ask us to use our advanced cutting edge design software to make something entirely unique for you.

We have modern machinery from Germany, Italy and China that make sure the accuracy and stability.

Have faith in George Stone that we will surpass your expectations by providing unparalleled levels of efficiency and excellence.

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