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Azul Noche Granite

Azul Noche Granite is a breathtaking and lovely intense blue tone that looks like the sky at midnight. Its smooth, polished surface brings out the natural shine of the stone, giving your room an air of class and wealth.

Since it doesn’t fade or react badly to weather, this natural stone is great for use outside in open spots. Its unique tone  and veining patterns classify it as a premium or exotic granite.

Additional information






Intense blue


Its dark surface is dotted with little blue glints


Adaptable for use in design uses


Highly immune to abrasion


Use of heavy duty degreasers should be avoided

-Product Advantages-

  • Each slab of Azul Noche Granite has its own unique appearance from variations in veining to patterns. Aside from that it requires only minimal maintenance like mild soap or granite specific cleaner, saving you cost.


  • With its blue color and black and white wavy pattern, Azul Noche Granite is very eye-catching. Although the grain is medium to coarse, it is perfect for making decorative things.


  • As a result of its rock-hard structure, this natural stone is tricky to scratch or chip, ensuring long lasting durability for countertops. While resilient, using a  chopping board during food preparation adds an extra layer of protection or defence.


  • By being natural and only needing minimal processing, Azul Noche Granite countertops are environmentally friendly. Its naturally occurring  structure saves energy and reduces dangerous emissions, making it an eco friendly option.


  • Hot pans can go right on this granite surface because the way it was formed makes it naturally resistant to heat. A sealant is also needed, which makes it waterproof and gives it an edge over others.


  • Since Azul Noche Granite is densely packed, it makes your space quieter by reducing noise. It also resists UV light which keeps it from fading or discoloration, so it stays bright over time. It works well for a long time, providing you peace of mind.


-Material Application-

  • Building stone
  • Ornamental stone
  • Waterjet pattern
  • Balustrades
  • Fireplace surround
  • Shower walls and floor
  • Wall panels
  • Table and bar tops
  • Wine cellar counter and flooring
  • Kitchen sink and backsplashes
  • Decorative landscape
  • Inside and outside staircases
  • Wall covering
  • Swimming pool tile and coping


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

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