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Baltic Red Granite

The mineral orthoclase makes up 52% of Baltic Red Granite. Orthoclase is an alkali feldspar. These crystals make up more than half of this granite.

A different kind of granite crystals, plagioclase, makes up 11% of it. In addition to giving this granite unique color and texture, these minerals are part of its general makeup and look.

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swarthy black tone in surface


tight grain structure and high fracture toughness


Resistance to insecticides


Avoid cleaners containing high concentrations of alcohol, as it can harm the sealant

-Product Advantages-

  • When it comes to building and style, Baltic Red Granite slabs usually come in a standard thickness. This makes sure that everything is consistent and works well.
  • This granite has a level of thickness and size which is the same and makes installation easier, which speeds up the process.
  • The mix variations of Baltic Red Granite can give your area an expensive land natural that works for many design and building projects.
  • You can count on this granite to work well and serve you for an extended period of time since it is made of strong minerals that will hold up against ordinary use.
  • With its unique design, Baltic Red Granite can be an eyecatching centre in your home whether you put it in walls, stairs or even in table tops.
  • No need to worry, Baltic Red Granite has a suitable finish that fits wherever you plan to use it. You can find the right finish for this granite that makes it work better.


-Material Application-

  • Putting Baltic Red Granite covering on the outside walls of a building not only makes it look better but it also protects it from the weather.
  • This granite isn’t just good for exterior walls, it can also make the inside of your homes or office more convenient and nicer.
  • With Baltic Red Granite island kitchen, it will surely be eye catching for your cooking area that combines style and usefulness.
  • When you meet around in your kitchen with these granite countertops, you can enjoy its surface that can handle both cooking and socialising.
  • The smooth surface of Baltic Red Granite countertops  makes it an excellent option for putting vegetables and meat for cooking.
  • Baltic Red Granite stairs are both lovely and convenient, it can enhance your room whether you put it in your residential or in a commercial building.
  • Put this around your home pond decorations to make it look nicer. It can be carved into wonderful shapes that make the waterfall look calm.


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