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Bash Paradiso Granite

Created in the precambrian time, Bash Paradiso Granite in a purple brown granite. Internationally it may be called granite, but in Europe it is called migmatite because of how it is made and what it looks like.

With its non-slip and easy to clean surface, this granite is safe and low maintenance choice for many uses.

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With gold, grey and taupe


highly durable


Excellent resistance to wear and tear


Use warm water and a few drops of essential oil and gently rub to your granite.

-Product Advantages-

  • Paradiso Bash Granite Price is affordable if you are on a tight budget. It costs $24 psqm and 2.3 US dollars psqf.
  • This ranite is very resistant to heat, marks and scratches which make it a great choice for outdoor uses.
  • Low absorption rates makes it less likely for moisture to penetrate in, giving it exceptional resistance to the damaging effects of extended exposure to water of heavy rain.
  • Easy to install, Bash Paradiso Granite will save you both energy and labour.
  • Given that each block of Bash Paradiso Granite comes in a range of dimensions and forms, you can pick the one that meets what you require.
  • In mild climates, you’ll enjoy how refreshing and peaceful this granite feels, which will make your indoor places more comfortable overall.
  • You can feel how soothing it is when you touch it, making your space more inviting and enjoyable for you to enjoy.
  • Bash Paradiso Granite has many uses and customisable options let you make  designs which are very flexible and easy to work with.
  • After being outside in the heat, Bash Paradiso Granite’s calm surface makes space that is perfect for unwinding and catching up on.
  • With the different edge styles available for this granite countertop, you can give your space something that is completely unique.
  • In a room, this granite dense structure absorbs noises, lowering echoes and making the atmosphere more relaxed and pleasant.


-Material Application-

  • Bash Paradiso Granite floors give you a lot of space to work and store things, which help you keep your kitchen clean and organised.
  • As a result of its exact fit and worldwide reputation for countertops use, Bash Paradiso Granite is perfect for kitchen flooring, cabinets and countertops.
  • It can also be applied in both small villas and large mansions, private or public.
  • People often put Bash Paradiso Granite on the hallways and other places where a lot of people walk by.
  • Bash Paradiso Granite is also used in a variety of flooring. This way you can make sure that high traffic areas in your home or business are both strong and attractive.
  • Outdoor dining and gathering can be held on stylish and long lasting granite picnic tables, which provide a stable area for food and activities you have.
  • Bash Paradiso Granite plinths hold up statues or architectural elements and make displays more stable and beautiful whether inside or outside.


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