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Bath Stone

Any building or structure installed with bath stone exudes the feeling of timelessness and longevity. It has a warm, neutral yet inviting colour that looks even better in expansive projects – which architects and engineers equally look for in limestones.

Bath stone is a limestone that has the flexibility required to suit various design styles – the best style that doesn’t go out even with fleeting trends. This means to say that ordinary buildings won’t look ordinary or common at all.

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United Kingdom






Soft hue with small shell patterns







 -Product Advantages-

  • Mined right at the very core of the UK, bath stone boasts a relatively consistent colour with subtly changing patterns. It creates living spaces that look serene, calm, and fluid. Since there is no extreme variation on each piece, it is suitable for projects that involve bigger spaces.


  • Flooring in busy spaces – whether at home or businesses – requires a limestone that is remarkably durable and bath stone performs exactly the same way. It stands genuinely steadfast in the face of heavy workload, so there is no need to think about replacing it soon.


  • If practicality is what you require, bath stone is a complete mixture of this and elegance. Because of this property, it is perfect to use in structure centrepieces such as fireplaces. It possesses the thermoregulatory effect, which allows it to take care of the heat – promoting safety.


  • Bath stone is one of the limestones that is easy to take care of – which requires no complex procedures or premium cleaning materials. This ease of care helps owners save time on cleaning and keeping the surfaces pristine and impeccable.


  • For indoor and outdoor purposes, bath stone can be used as if it is especially made for these spaces. It can deal easily with exposure to different weather conditions – meaning this limestone can stay as it is for long periods of time, so you get value for your investment.


-Material Application-

  • Building Facades
  • Countertops
  • Fireplaces
  • Sinks
  • Flooring
  • Pool coping
  • Garden Features
  • Architectural Sculptures
  • Interior Wall Cladding
  • Window sills


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

No need to look further if you are with George Stone – for all your construction needs. We have in our possession the largest collection of limestones in the industry considering our immense network of quarries. We also have our own production units manned by trained specialists, which make us able to handle and deal with any type of project. Our experience is testament to our commitment to keeping you satisfied and happy all-throughout.

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