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Beige Travertine

Beige Travertine is a magnificent construction stone. It has white, black, or gray veins and streaks on a beige surface.

Elevate your classy interior design. This material has visually pleasing aesthetics, a hardwearing surface, and a timeless appeal. It works well with any furnishings and decorations.

Additional information




Natural Travertine




Light cream, taupe, and varying shades of beige


durable and strong


weather, stain, and moisture resistant


easy to maintain

Beige Travertine Advantages-

  • Beige Travertine is one of the favorite travertines of project managers, homeowners, and interior designers due to its style versatility, durability, and ageless beauty.


  • Beige Travertine texture is organic and stylish. Its natural features are from environmental changes and phenomena. It displays a wavy to bumpy surface. This organic feature adds tactile aesthetics and dimension to any interior design.


  • Its warm, neutral tones blend well with other design elements. It also creates a serene and inviting atmosphere. This material has a soft white color. It adds contrast to the overall design.


  • Beige Travertine tile is a tough-surfaced construction material. It can handle high-volume abrasions, staining, high humidity, and high temperatures.


  • Moreover, this stone is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


Beige Travertine Application-

Maybe you are searching for a construction material with long-lasting beauty, style, and strength. Beige Travertine stone is the perfect match for you. This material is nature-friendly. You can install it indoors or outdoors.

  • You may choose if you want honed, antique, filled, unfilled, tumbled, brushed, and polished finish for your material.


  • You can widen your residential floor with Beige Travertine Tile. Its soft white hue creates an illusion of a larger space.


  • You can also place this on your living room wall, kitchen, and bathroom. Its neutral color brings a tranquil mood to the space.


  • We also offer cutting stones into preferred shapes, sizes, and dimensions. You can design your decorative mosaic tile and surround your vessel sink, fireplace, tabletops, and windowsills with shell Beige Travertine.Our professional team will assist with your creative ideas and openly suggest which fits your overall design.


  • You can accentuate your kitchen design with this heat-resistant material as a backsplash and countertops.


  • This fascinating material creates opulent pools. You can place it as the pool deck, coping, and steps. It is a sturdy and non-slip material.


  • You can also create a breathtaking exterior facade, garden wall covering, and farmhouse sink with light Beige Travertine.


  • We are readily available for order and delivery in random sizes. You can also ask for a custom cut. We offer this material for $40-$100 per square foot.


-Why Choose Travertine From George Stone-

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We provides excellent client assistance, product customization, and seamless project supply and delivery. Our skilled workers facilitate on-site management and installment guidance.

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