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Black Onyx

Black Onyx is an irresistible stone. This natural stone displays soft white veins on a black background. Its dazzling feature can create a bold statement for any project design.

Flesh out your project ideas with Black Onyx, a material with contrasting light and dark colors to bring balance and add a touch of timeless luxury.

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Mexico, Afghanistan, China, Iran, and Pakistan


Natural Onyx




soft white, thin veins




Susceptible to cracks and scratches



-Product Advantages-

  • Onyx in black is a popular choice for interior and architectural design.
  • This uncommon stone material is widely available in various locations.
  • Its rarity and versatility make it stand out from the other stones.
  • Every slab has its distinct patterns and may never have identical details.
  • Some have subtle and short veins, while some have wide, dramatic white semi-circles throughout the slab.
  • Its quartz components bring shine and gloss. Black Onyx slab showcases quiet luxury in a modern monochromatic interior design. This stone has its unique way of balancing the overall room design.
  • When backlit, it reveals its natural elegance and illuminates the veins of the slab. Its contrasting colors are breathtaking without overpowering other design elements.


-Material Application-

  • Black Onyx slab can come off well with modern, traditional, and classic interior designs.
  • Its dark hue brings forth mystery and bold elements. A book-matched and backlit Black Onyx will be extravagantly appealing on feature and interior walls.
  • Besides the living room walls, you can install this stone in the TV panels and fireplace surrounds. You can also place this stone in the waiting area, entryway, and foyer. Its impeccable beauty will take every guest by surprise.
  • This material is also ideal for kitchen backsplashes, vanity counters, and bar worktops. Even in kitchen countertops, however, it is supposed to be installed in less busy areas. The interior floors and staircases with this impressive material will look charming. You can also add Black Onyx as a decorative detail in your flooring inlay.
  • This stone is typically 18 mm- 30 mm thick slab. Although, we have available random sizes for this stone. We also provide custom-made sizes and thicknesses to fit your project design.
  • You can also opt for a polished or honed finish for this material. Black Onyx slab will look good on either of the finishes. If you want to explore different finishes, we offer stone designing and processing, such as waterproof sealing.
  • We have a wide selection of premium quality stone products. You have diverse options to choose from. In big projects, we cater bulk orders and large quantity delivery.
  • Our professional designer is available 24/7 and will be right behind you in choosing and designing the materials you need in your design plan.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone has a vast collection of top-quality marble, granite, and stone products. It has a 20,000 sqm factory, two processing plants, and 215 dedicated and experienced staff.

At George Stone, we are confident that we only deliver the best products and excellent service. We will assist you from selecting, designing, processing, shipping, and installing the stone products.

Contact us now. Let us fulfill all your dream residential or commercial designs.

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