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Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl Granite has an all-black canvas. It is accented with glittering silvery, grayish, as well as green and blue at times. It produces an alluring visual performance. It produces an effect that looks like stars scattered across the canvas.  

Black Pearl Granite tile can be cut into small uniform pieces. The tiles with speckles on black base would be equally beautiful as the slabs. They make up an excellent decoration for any space. Black Pearl Granite kitchen can make your space a modern and high-end look. It is generally applied in the kitchen due to its massive strength.

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Deep black


High (6-7 Mohs Scale)


Moisture and water resistant


Sealing and cleaning

Additional Names

Angola Black Granite

Black Pearl Granite Advantages-

  • Black Pearl Granite countertop is widely embraced in both residential and commercial sectors. Its sparkling starry sky indeed gives the kitchen a luxury and sort of classy look. With white cabinets,it provides a striking contrast in your kitchen area. Black and white colors are always in fashion. It can easily go with other design items.


  • This granite has low thermal conductivity. It does not convey heat that fast. It disperses heat gradually.


  • Indian Black Pearl Granite is similar to that. It carries a black base with a play of silver, gray and other colors in it.It makes a focal spot that pulls the viewer’s eye.


  • This kind of black granite is available in different finishes. Black Pearl granite leathered or honed gives a more matured and modernized look. It has a smooth and soft feel to it. It pairs perfectly with modern and contemporary interior design styles.


  • Its price may fluctuate due to factors like quality and supplier. Its prices usually fell between $38 and $43 per square meter for slabs. The Emerald Pearl Granite slab price is also around that range. It may possibly be slightly higher due to the fact that the stones were distinctive.


Black Pearl Granite Application-

  • Floors
  • Patios
  • Kitchen counters
  • Office desk
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor paving
  • Interior walls
  • Window sills
  • Pool coping
  • Fireplace surrounds


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