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Blue Jeans Granite

Did you know that the curly and lovely adorned design in Blue Jeans Granite are what make it stand out. It gives the stone a sense of movement, making it very attractive.  

Keeping it looking good and lasting a long time is easy, just give it a good cleaning and seal it. Since every slab of this material is unique, it’s essential to carefully examine it and choose ones that suit your aesthetic needs.

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The stones shades are usually deep and intense,and the black veining makes wavy patterns and contrasts.


Preserve its flawless finish


Scentless and odorless


Use a disinfectant that is appropriate for use on granite in order to eliminate bacteria and germs.

-Product Advantages-

  • If your blue jeans granite countertops did get split or chipped, it is easy to fix and maintain. With simple fixes at your fingertips you can keep it looking brand new again. With that, you don’t have to change it very often which saves you labor.


  • It is premium grade quality since it comes from the legendary and notable granite deposit in Kunar area of Afghanistan. Its unusual beauty and charm make it a popular choice for many architectural and design projects worldwide.


  • Installing an under mount sink made of Blue Jeans Granite is a great way to upgrade your kitchen. Unlike mounting over plywood, which can get damaged by water, this material provides stable sink installation and is 100%reliable for a long time.


  • If you’d rather not use mats and trivets, Blue Jeans Granite is a good choice. You can safely place steaming skillets and pots on it without fearing about melting thanks to its outstanding thermal resistance.


  • Blue Jeans Granite provides a clean surface since it is not porous and therefore does not retain germs or grime. When you select this, you’re putting your family’s health by ensuring that meals on this surface will not be contaminated by germs.


  • The adaptability of Blue Jeans Granite is beneficial to landscape design like pathways, patios, accents and retaining walls. It is perfect for easily enhancing outdoor areas.


-Material Application-

  • Outdoor shower bench
  • Flower pot stand
  • Outdoor lantern stand
  • Garden sculpture pedestal
  • Kitchen towel holder
  • Spice rack shelf
  • Pot rack hanger
  • Cabinet door handles
  • Wine glass holder
  • Centerpiece tray
  • Napkin holder
  • Espresso machine countertop


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone services make sure that you can keep track of your product well and that you get it on time.

We also help our customers to keep an eye on the whole process from the initial idea for the design to the final placement to make sure everything goes smoothly. We also make sure that eco-friendly practices are followed throughout our supply chain.

Free Design Services

We also offer visual simulation and a virtual preview of the product.