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Bordeaux Marble

Bordeaux Marble is admired for both good looks and it’s sturdiness.It’s deep red color makes it look like a Bordeaux wine. The price is usually higher that the other various types of marbles.

When it comes to quality, this marble is highly respected, it is usually put in the category A or level 1 classifications.

Additional information




natural marble




Deep red, like bordeaux wine, is the most usual color change of this marble


durable and strong


Breakage resistance


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • This marble is an example of natural stone that, when properly sealed, does not contaminate the air with any potentially hazardous substances.
  • Bordeaux Marble does not give any bad scents or odors. It creates an atmosphere that is odorless and neutral.
  • Bordeaux Marble is a wise and good choice because it doesn’t get scratch or worn down easily.
  • Feel how nice is to touch this marble smooth polished surface. It’s smooth surface not only looks beautiful but also feel comfortable when you touch it.
  • Though installing Bordeaux Marble may cost more at first, the materials long term durability and the fact that it requires very little care can results in cost saving over the course of the material’s lifetime.
  • Bordeaux Marble can be finished in a number of ways to fit your designs taste and needs.
  • This marble is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to select something that complements your own taste and can be used into a wide range of design schemes.


-Material Application-

  • Frame your mirror with Bordeaux Marble. It has a unique shape that can make reflection looks better.
  • By putting Bordeaux Marble on the floor of your stylish deck, you can turn it into a high class outdoor place.
  • Walls covered with Bordeaux Marble will make your bathroom look better.
  • This high end marble creats a warm and inviting atmosphere, which ensures that your guest will have an experience they will never forgot.
  • Upgrade your outdoor sitting area with Bordeaux Marble tables, perfect for a snacks and drinks.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

  • To fulfill the specific requirements of the numerous projects we are working on, our manufacturing facilities have equipped with a wide range of machinery.
  • For continuous growth and new ideas, we are always working to improve our supply process and look onto new products.
  • We offer free design assistance by creating 3D visualizations to help you in personalizing your interior design.

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