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Breccia Limestone

Breccia Limestone has a great texture material best for construction projects. It works well with different projects. This stone can be incorporated into various buildings, including contemporary structural designs. Being an elegant natural stone, it lends architectural beauty to applications such as facades.

This makes it convenient to use in any part of the house since it is very sturdy. It brings out the beauty of any of your spaces making them look so natural. Its composition makes it produce different colors making structures even more attractive. It is very suitable for use in places such as yards and pathways because of its non-slip surface.

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tan, brown, gray, green


Low (2-4 Mohs Scale)


Weather resistant, heat resistant


Regular cleaning and proper sealing

-Breccia Limestone Advantages-

  • Breccia Limestone is a great example of the work of nature and can be seen in buildings. Its flexibility can be used in several types of projects including flooring for interiors and exteriors. This beautiful stone has stunning patterns and beautiful colors that instantly transform any environment.


  • Limestone can work impressively for those homeowners who want projects that need to be resistant to weather. This limestone fits all kinds of architectural projects. It has a number of finishes, which makes it suitable for any project.


  • Breccia Limestone possesses great benefits in its ability to be used as a fire-resistant material. This quality is very useful and important in the construction project. Through the use of this it offers a protective barrier against fire dangers ensuring you have a safe material for your projects. This limestone not only enhances safety but also brings a high level of durability to any project.


  • Breccia Limestone can thus provide excellent sound insulation because of its composition and the way the material has been formed. It also reduces sound vibrations thereby improving acoustic comfort and creating a serene environment.


  • Breccia Limestone can be very advantageous when it comes to limestone balustrades. It has a good mix of colors and textures that are very appealing to your project. This particular pattern gives the artifact a really interesting design. Also, this limestone can complement and improve the beauty of the balustrades. This limestone ensures that each balustrade is different and has its own uniqueness.


-Breccia Limestone Application-

  • Floors
  • Stairs
  • Backsplashes
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Shower walls
  • Outdoor projects
  • Interior walls
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Facade


-Why Choose Limestone From George Stone-

George Stone is probably a leader in the stone processing business. We have developed a good infrastructure base, and our employees are also well-trained. We have a large factory of 20,000 square meters. This large factory enables us to produce premium-quality stone products.

Our company has 215 dedicated staff members to ensure that they bring professionalism and passion to assist you. This skilled team is essential for George Stone to continue to be known as a business that provides only the best.

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