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Brown Beauty Granite

Brown Beauty Granite is recognized for unsurpassed installation. It is also known for its widening uses in construction and interior designing activities. The Brown granite, in its title, has the light brown color. It ranges from darker browns and lighter brown. Often the veining or specks of other colors are present. Brazil is the major country of the world that exports the same.

This granite in itself can exhibit a wide range of appearances. Each quarry and slab being sourced is unique. It has light tan to deep chocolate with the occasional gray-black-burgundy hints. These natural veins and patterns in each slab give them a unique and individual appearance. This is in turn enriching the spaces they are being used in.

Additional information




Quartz, Feldspar




Light to deep brown


high (6.5 Mohs scale)


Heat resistance, scratch resistance


Proper and regular sealing

-Product Advantages-

  • Brown Beauty Granite is the iconic stone that not only has an aesthetic beauty. But is also rich in brown tones, complex veining, and striking patterns.
  • Its inherent natural beauty boosts the spaces with warmth, luxury and class. This is the most preferred option for decorative or architectural applications.
  • The shade of the stone of Brown Beauty Granite can vary. It can be light  to deep brown. This seasonal color mixture portrays a snug, diverse atmosphere. This makes the indoor and outdoor spaces look appealing.
  • Brown Beauty Granite generally has intricate veining. This traverses the whole surface in natural and flowing lines. They create depth, texture and interest.


-Material Application-

  • Outdoor applications
  • Mosaic
  • Sculpture
  • Pool coping
  • Window sills
  • Accent walls
  • Decorative pieces
  • Landscaping
  • Flooring
  • Fireplace


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