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Brown Onyx

Brown Onyx is a rare, ethereal-looking stone. It has creamy, light brown clouds to semi-circles on a brown surface. Its distinct quality creates a focal point and elevates design in a non-typical way.

Step out of the ordinary. This stone material brings unmatched naturally-inspired style to any interior. It also balances the dark and light scheme in any space.

Additional information




Natural Onyx




White streaks in grainy darker shades




Prone to itching and scratches, weak against acidic substances


High maintenance

-Product Advantages-

  • Brown Onyx is an uncommon stone material that is hard to come by. People in creative architecture and building project management desire to work on this stone.
  • It displays a fascinating contrast between white and brown. These are presented well under background lighting. It highlights irregular, curvy, and circular shapes.
  • With its unique varying shades of cream, light brown, mahogany, and beige, it turns every piece into an art painting. This stone also shows a grainy texture. It adds a special effect to its overall appearance.


-Material Application-

  • Perhaps you want to create an inviting nature-inspired design or to add some twist from the usual earthy stone colors. Brown Ony will be your best bet!
  • This stone material lets you have a luxurious scene while providing relaxation indoors. Its soothing earth color cradles you with its ability to complement the other design elements and furnishings. Because it is softer than other stone materials, it is perfect for styling interior walls and floors.
  • Besides the residential spaces, it is also best suited to cafés, high-end suites, spas, and more. You can install it in the bathroom walls, floors, shower surrounds, and countertops.
  • You may place it as a kitchen countertop with consideration to putting it on a less busy part.
  • Its earthy tones and grainy texture make a glamorous staircase. Each step leaves a special memory better than ever.
  • You may also ask for a custom cut for the Brown Onyx tile. You can use it for your coffee table, table tops, and sinks. We provide precision-cut stone processing services. Our skilled and experienced staff uses advanced technology to deliver high-quality design and customization.
  • Brown Onyx slab specializes in bringing a soft and light atmosphere. It’s visually pleasing and soothing to the senses; it goes well with contemporary and traditional designs.
  • This material makes a good backsplash with its neutral base. You can explore our various finishes to enhance its protection and beauty. Reach out to our sales team for assistance.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

  • George Stone will never fail you. It has been in the stone industry for 30 years and will continue its duty and commitment. It has massive factory storages and production bases to support all your ambitious design projects.
  • It can satisfy your thirst for luxurious design. It has a professional team, stone experts, and skilled workers that ensure the highest quality of the products. It also has iron-clad connections with other highly reputable international quarries to provide whatever stone you need.

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