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Cappuccino Onyx

Cappuccino Onyx is a mixed soft earth-colored stone. This stone has brown and white swirling all over the cream background. Its breathtaking features create a luxurious artistic space.

Bring a unique balance to your project with Cappuccino Onyx. This stone brings a marvelous contrast and harmony to the design elements.

Additional information


Iran and Egypt


Natural Onyx




thin or thick tan to taupe curve, swirl, and cloud-like marks




susceptible to extreme weather and easy to crack


requires extra attention and care

-Product Advantages-

  • This stone is a rising star material for interior and architectural design. It is gaining recognition for its unique veining patterns with serene cascades throughout the slab.
  • Cappuccino Onyx exhibits neutral tones with bursting patterns. Its hue ranges between the shades of yellow and brown.
  • They never look the same. Some slabs display dramatic cloud-like swirling patterns with darker shades, while others may have muted soft white web-like and cloudy markings.
  • A bookmatch piece of this material with backlit is spectacular. Its distinguishing highlighted features create depth and texture in any space.


-Material Application-

  • Cappuccino Onyx makes a great statement and accent in key indoor areas. You may install them as interior walls and floors. Let the artful jaw-dropping details fill the room with warmth, comfort, and relaxation.
  • You can place this material with fancy lighting on countertops, wall panels, and backsplashes. Either with dim light or bright light, this translucent stone brings forth an unforgettable opulent experience.
  • For best results, you may also consult our professional team in selecting and designing the material for you. They are equipped with knowledge but also high-end technology to assist you in bringing your creative ideas into your project.
  • This material goes well with wet surface areas as well. You can place this stone as bathroom sinks, vanity, walls, and floors. Its splendid visuals add sophistication and offer a pampered retreat.
  • We have Cappuccino Onyx in random sizes readily available. You can opt for 1.5 to 3cm thickness or a custom size and thickness. We can cut the stone for you.
  • You can also enhance its beauty with finishes. We provide a finishing stone application. You can choose from leathered, bamboo, honed, polished, and sawn cut processes.
  • This material goes well with minimalist, traditional, and rustic interior design. Cappuccino Onyx has a majestic visual. It adds movement and balance with other elements. It blends with neutral-tone decoration, furniture, and brass fixtures.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

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As certified in the field, we strictly follow high-quality assurance standards, regulatory requirements, and safety guidelines. You can also trust us like our satisfied customers worldwide. We only deliver the best quality materials.

Contact us now. Let us fulfill all your dream residential or commercial designs.

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