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Cherry Pink Granite

Cherry Pink Granite is a wonderful-looking natural stone. This granite is more stunning than the others among the stones. It’s known for its pretty color palette that makes it elegant. The dominant color on its surface adds a vibrant pink tone. The appearance of this granite is greatly resembling cherry blossoms. Its enchanting colors add uniqueness to the stone. Its gray specks and patterns give it a visually captivating texture. This granite also offers a great feature. Its ability to adapt to different applications.

A peculiar feature sets Cherry Pink Granite apart from other stones. When the sun hits its surface, it gets even more beautiful. This is great for both interior and exterior applications. Especially in areas where there is exposure to direct heat. Ideal uses for this would be as fireplace surrounds or countertops. It endures high heat without having to worry about discoloration.

Additional information




Quartz and feldspar




gray specks and patterns


high (6-7 Mohs scale)




Regular cleaning and sealing

-Product Advantages-

  • Cherry Pink Granite is a suitable option for exterior spaces. You can apply this in paving and landscaping. It can withstand prolonged exposure without losing its visual appeal.
  • Granite’s elegant natural look increases your home’s value. It can bring an amazing look to your property. Its effect on your home attracts prospective customers. It can give a higher return on investment from property owners.
  • Natural stones allow a variety of customization. It has the flexibility to meet specific needs. This kind of adaptability is necessary for designers. So that they’ll be free to express their creativity. Designers will guarantee the uniqueness of your home design.
  • Cherry Pink Granite is a natural and eco-friendly material. It doesn’t contain chemicals that may destroy nature. Choosing this natural stone is a perfect addition to your home. It creates a natural and warm vibe in your living rooms.


-Material Application-

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Balustrades
  • Pavers
  • Window sills
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Monuments
  • Sculptures
  • Exterior/interior walls
  • Stairs


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George Stone can certainly provide you with high-quality natural stones. Our company has a natural stone selection that you could imagine. We have granite, marble, and many other stones.  We can provide for any project. Professional guidance will be provided by our experts.

We are globally known in the stone business industry. We can help you pick the stone that suits your design. You may chat with our specialists. You may also check out our website to learn more.

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