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Cinderella Grey Marble

Mountain ranges, fault zones and sedimentary areas are just a few of the natural places where Cinderella Grey Marble and many other marbles can be found. Geological changes that happened thousands of years ago can be seen in its beautiful mix of light and dark grey shades and fine white lines.

It is a classic example of nature’s beauty, captivating the senses with its subtle but undeniable appeal.

Additional information




natural marble




There are light grey or white lines like wind slowly cross the surface. Giving it a sense of light movement that makes the stones look more interesting.


highly durable


Not easily damaged by the sun’s intense heat


Cleaning and scrubbing pads that are rough can scratch the surface of this marble, so stay away from it.

-Product Advantages-

  • This luminous quality makes it look even more beautiful when lit properly, making areas great and amazing.
  • Cinderella Grey Marble is very hard and has a very strong construction.
  • While preserving its intrinsic elegance and visual appeal, this feature guarantees its appropriateness for numerous uses.
  • Cinderella Grey Marble is a rare and desirable option for you that values uniqueness and refinement in the design since no two pieces are identical.
  • Due to its workable characteristics, it is an effective material for design projects.
  • These marble floor tiles don’t hold germs like carpet does which make it easy to clean.


-Material Application-

  • With Cinderella Grey Marble countertops, the kitchen which is the heart of the home looks classic and elegant.
  • The installation of this high quality and premium marble in your bathroom has the potential to transform it into a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Walls on your residence made of Cinderella Grey Marble will make your living room or home office seem nicer and superior.
  • Your bathroom appearance will be elevated with the addition of shower walls made of Cinderella Grey Marble.
  • As part of your landscaping project, you can also use this marble on patios and other locations from outside of your residence.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

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