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Crater Travertine

Crater Travertine showcases thin beige marks on a brown background. Its earthy tones and rich color scheme add drama and contrast to the overall design.

Add pizzazz to your typical interior design. This sturdy material has natural hues and a warm color base. It livens up the space and adds boldness and character to any space.

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Natural Travertine




Light brown, beige, and cream white with hints of gray


durable and strong




easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Crater Travertine stands out from the other materials. This stone has a bold color palette, organic marks, and an enduring surface. It adds drama and a sophisticated grace to any interior design.
  • It shows intricate beige marks on a dark brown background. Some have light brown surfaces.
  • Its earthy tones blend into the natural environment. It supplements nature-inspired interior style and decoration. It can smoothen the visual interest from the outdoors into the interior design.
  • This material has pores and prominent voids. Its textured surface serves as an anti-slip. It also adds a tactile charm to the design.
  • Its warm tones add a rustic and posh aesthetic to any space. It pairs well with light-colored design pieces and can help it stand out as a focal piece. It establishes an awe-inspiring contrast and balance to the overall design.
  • Its durable surface can withstand weather, wet surfaces, and daily wearing.


-Material Application-

  • Maybe you wanted a material to add class and sophistication to your interior design or accentuate your biophilic style. This stone is ideal for you.
  • This material creates intriguing drama, depth, and refined style in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor spaces.
  • You can install it as residential and commercial interior flooring. It can withstand heavy footing and high-traffic areas without fading. You can strengthen its protection by sealing it regularly. We provide stone coating and treatment services.
  • You can level up your sleek cooking space design. Install this stone as kitchen worktops, countertops, and table tops. It resists moisture and works well in busy areas.
  • Stylize your bathroom area and install this stone as vanity tops, shower walls, and bathtub surrounds. It can add a lavish touch to your space.
  • You can decorate your stairs, wall panels, and windowsills. We provide stone tailoring services. You can ask for customization to mosaics, shapes, and patterns.
  • We offer this material for a competitive price of $4-$10 per square foot. We have random sizes in stock and available for bulk orders and time-sensitive delivery.
  • You can beautify your outdoor spaces with this stone as pavement and patio. It complements the natural surroundings.
  • This material perfectly suits pool pavers, copings, and pool decks. It prevents slipping and keeps a cold surface during sunny weather.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone has provided exceptional stone products and excellent project solutions for three decades. Its 25,800-metre square factory area caters to stone demands and offers an intensive selection and massive collection.

Its 215 productive workers provide efficient stone services using advanced technology and high-end techniques. They follow international packaging standards and deliver your products securely and timely.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

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