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Dakota Red Granite

Came from South Dakota, American Dakota Red Granite has lovely deep dark carmine hues with a variation of pitch and frost all over its surface.

Only 0.106% of its weight is absorbed by water and with a standard mass of 2,680 kilometers per cubic meter.

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South Dakota (United States of America)






With pitch and frost all over its surface


Steel strong foundation


Lightning strike resilience


For soap scum buildup, use a mixture of water and ammonia for effective removal.

-Product Advantages-

  • You can choose Dakota Red Granite blocks with thickness starting at 3-4 inches. The different options lets you pick the ideal slab thickness for your project.
  • You can make your surfaces stronger and more stable by choosing this Granite. Since it is solidly built, it gives your countertops a base that is as strong as steel.
  • Dakota Red Granite is very good at withstanding humidity, from sizzling pot and hot pans, your countertops can handle high temperatures with ease.
  • With this granite, you are able to change the detail to suit your preference, from picking out the right color to customized veining patterns.
  • Dakota Red Granite is open to new ideas since it can be used in a variety of ways. This lets you try out new ideas and designs.
  • When you add Dakota Red Granite surfaces with built led lightning, you make the room more interactive and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Explore the idea of multifunctional Dakota Red Granite  surfaces that can wirelessly charge electronic devices. This would combine ease with modern design in a seamless way.
  • You might want to use self cleaning Dakota Red Granite to repel dirt and water, so your surfaces stay clean and germ free with little care.
  • You can also build wireless charging stations  right into these granite countertops or tabletops.
  • In this way, you can charge your electronics without using cables, combining technology and usefulness in a way that works well.
  • Dakota Red Granite came from the United State of America so you can expect highest and premium precision and standard.
  • Although this granite is one of the hardest natural materials, it stands for strength, resilience and endurance.
  • Despite how expensive it looks, Dakota Red Granite is surprisingly reasonable and accessible compared to other high end materials.
  • Dakota Red Granite natural makeup makes it naturally resistant to damage from lightning hits.


-Material Application-

  • Using Dakota Red Granite for the pool borders will make your outdoor pool area look nicer. It is a useful and aesthetic pleasing choice for making the area around your swimming pool look fancy.
  • For a conference room table, using Dakota Red Granite  looks more professional, perfect for meetings and talks.
  • And also, for long lasting and stylish furniture in your meeting rooms, this material is perfect.
  • If you want an amazing and classy workspace, you can choose an office desk made from Dakota Red Granite.
  • To show off books and other things in style, put Dakota Red Granite shelving and bookcases in libraries. It is perfect for making library furniture that is nice to look at.
  • Installing Dakota Red Granite mantles on your fireplace makes it a noticeable area, it is great material for framing fires, making your home more beautiful and useful.
  • The elegant look of Dakota Red Granite makes it perfect for your home bar countertops which create a stylish setting for spending time with your friends.
  • Get a spa-like feel in your own home by adding Dakota Red Granite  countertops to your master bathroom.
  • If you want to make your home office look classy and well organized, use  this granite as a shelf. You can store books, files and artistic items in it.
  • Using this granite for the steps and risers of your stairs will make it look more grand, since it’s a great material for building stairs.
  • If you want your kids playroom to be a stylish place for creative play and activities, choose tables crafted from Dakota Red Granite, making it perfect for art, crafts, games and more.
  • It’s deep color and rough texture make a classy background for your bar area. If you have one, it will keep your walls clean for mess and droplets.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

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