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Denizli Travertine

Denizli Travertine displays a beige, cream, and brown surface. Its pleasing neutral color palette supplements other design pieces, adds warmth, and creates an inviting space.

Ramp up your interior design. This environmentally friendly material has an enchanting aesthetic, organic marks, and an enduring surface. It brings forth lavish, rustic charm and adds sophistication to any style.

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Natural Travertine




Varying shades of brown


durable and strong


Moisture, stain, and heat resistant


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Interior and architectural designers favor this building stone due to its authentic stone marks, solid surface, and pleasing aesthetics.
  • This stone displays cream, light, and dark shades of brown. Its neutral hue pairs well with other colors. It adds warmth and sophistication to the overall design.
  • Denizli Travertine supplements with other art decoration and furniture. Its rustic charm suits the classic, traditional, retro, and contemporary interior style.
  • This natural stone stands out from other travertine due to its prominent linear marks. They termed it as waterways. These intricate natural pores and voids provide a unique texture.
  • Moreover, its organic texture adds depth, dimension, and tactile charm to the space. It also works as a non-slip surface on wet surfaces and in the rainy season.
  • Its durable surface can handle everyday scratches, chipping, and high temperatures. It is also moisture and stain-resistant.


-Material Application-

  • Maybe you are searching for a firm building material with striking, distinctive textures yet soothing, fascinating hues. Denizli Travertine falls on your preference well.
  • This material works well in residential and commercial spaces. You can install this stone in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • You can stylize your interior walls and floors with this material. Its unique features and soft neutral color make a soothing wall covering and flooring. It creates a stylish backdrop for other designs and decorations.
  • You can also place this stone on your kitchen countertops. It can endure water exposure and heavy abrasions.
  • This material resists moisture. You can install it as bathroom vanity tops, sink surrounds, and shower walls.
  • We provide stone customization services. You can virtually preview and freely design your material. Our professional team will assist you with design with 3D CAD graphics.
  • You can place these decorative stones as mosaics in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions on windowsills, steps, and fountain surrounds.
  • We also provide coating application services. You can choose from our available finishes: filled, unfilled, honed, antique, rock-face, tumble, acid wash, sandblasted, and sawn cut.
  • This material makes perfect outdoor pavers on garden pathways, terraces, and verandas.You can also place it on your pool deck flooring and coping. It has a durable and anti-skid surface.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone is the best project solution provider you can trust. This certified gold supplier and the manufacturer have a 25,800-metre square factory area. It stores a wide selection of stone materials from in-house quarries and production bases.

They can accept, process, and deliver large orders and follow international packaging standards for a secured stone delivery.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

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We also offer visual simulation and a virtual preview of the product.