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Eagle Red Granite

Eagle Red Granite is mostly the same tone and has a simple structure. Most noticeable is a bright ginger-red tone, and the red layer is covered by a cimmerian-black underneath.

It has also a biotite of 7.2% of it which is a type of mineral, and 1.8% of accessory minerals, which are extra minerals mixed in.

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Ginger-red tone


With murky-black below the ginger-red tone




Rockfall hazard resistance


Remove moss and algae from outdoor surfaces with a diluted bleach solution.

-Product Advantages-

  • Did you know that Eagle Red Granite has 18.2% of plagioclase by weight?  Numerous or not all  kinds of granite contain this kind of mineral group.


  • Let’s say you want to put Eagle Red Granite on your kitchen counter. You find a slab that has a unique ginger-red shade and there’s a darkened-black layer under the red-tone.


  • It’s different from other red granite choices because of this mix. It’s not too red which makes it a unique and appealing choice for your kitchen area.


  • With its rockfall resistance, this granite is perfect for your needs. For sturdiness and safety, it can handle possible impacts from falling rocks.


  • Most Eagle Red Granite slabs are between 1.18 inches thick. This standard thickness makes sure that it works with a variety of installation ways and fits in perfectly in your space.


  • Eagle Red Granite is very flexible and easy to form and put in place for different projects. You can do creative projects without much trouble.


-Material Application-

  • The beauty and amazing appearance of Eagle Red Granite makes it a hot pick for cooking area countertops.


  • Eagle Red Granite tiles are a good choice for your floors if you are remodeling your inside residence.  It will surely amaze your visitors how elegant this granite is.


  • Eagle Red Granite steps are stable and give your business a polished look when it is finished in the right way.


  • If you live somewhere cold, you can add an Eagle Red Granite fireplace frame to your living room to make it look better.


  • Think about adding this granite as a column to the style of your building. It is nice and can make strong statements and stand out with its grandeur.


  • If you have a private pool at your home, consider lining its edges with Eagle Red Granite copings. It is made to keep your kids from falling and give your pool area a smooth and finished look.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

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