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Era Silver Marble

Era Silver Marble is a silver grey marble with a fine grain that comes from Northern Greece. The deep colors and complex patterns give it a strong, long lasting vibes that make any room more pleasant.

This marble is consistent and very strong, so it is very great for big projects and heavy duty uses. It’s solid qualities, along with constant color, make it easy to combine with other materials. This is popular and stylish for modern design jobs.

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natural marble




bright veins


Highly durable


Weather and abrasion resistance


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Longevity is guaranteed by it’s natural strength, which makes it a good investment for both homes and businesses.
  • The stunning beauty of Era Silver Marble is one of it’s best features. The fine veining and soft color changes make the stone look beautiful and improve the mood of every room.
  • Given that it is flexible, it can go with a wide range of architectural types, from classic to modern.
  • In contrast to some other natural stones, Era Silver Marble doesn’t need much care.It only requires a polish to enhance luster and shine to keep it’s perfect look.
  • By it’s very nature each slab of this marble is different, with it’s own designs and color. This limited availability gives each placement a unique look by providing a touch of individuality.
  • Variables like quality, slab, size and location can change how much Era Silver Marble costs. Although it may be more expensive than some options , it will last longer and look better over time, so it’s an excellent investment.
  • Given Greece has a long history of stone mining and artistry, this marble roots make it prestigious. The fact that it comes from this area shows how high quality and real it is, adding to it’s status as top natural stone choice.


-Material Application-

  • From a large hallway to a cozy living room where Era Silver Marble is used on the floor. The smooth surface reflects light beautifully and makes the whole area better.
  • In the kitchen Era Silver Marble countertops look classy and provide a strong, useful surface for work. It can handle heat and  temperatures in your cooking area.
  • Era Silver Marble sink can turn your bathroom into a spa like haven, It’s smooth texture and classic look make the atmosphere more elegant, making it a peaceful place.
  • Use this marble for a spectacular feature wall. The natural beauty becomes a focal point giving depth and refinement to any interior area.
  • With the addition of Era Silver Marble surrounds you, you may strengthen the coziness and allure of your fireplace.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

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