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Eramosa Marble

Eramosa Marble or Tobacco Brown as what other people call it, is a unique marble that easily makes a warm and classic atmosphere to the area where it applied. With this marble, you can easily turn your dull-looking space into a sophisticated and elegant interior.

This stone comes with the beauty of a rich dark brown background that has the same hues  of a polished old wood. It looks strikingly dark brown with darker shades of brown or almost black veining. This veining flows into the brown surface making it look like fine wood grain. This design adds an in-depth and more captivating sense to the stone.

Additional information




natural marble




brown or almost black veining


very durable


scratch、stain and heat resistant


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • If you want your home or business have a natural-looking interior, this stone will definitely match with your ideas. Its wood-like appearance creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere that you can comfortably rest after a long day of working.
  • This marble, with its high durability can make your building long lasting. According to experts, a marble is capable of lasting a lifetime.
  • This stone is also more affordable if you compare it with other stone types with the same level of beauty and strength. If you are cutting on your project budget, but still want the best looking interior, you can always go with marble.
  • Heat-resistance and weather-resistance are also other aspects of marbles that make it a desirable material. These properties make the stone easily chosen in different applications. You can use in in the kitchen and outdoor structures where it will constantly encounter heat. The constant heat exposure will not cause problems to the marble’s surface.


-Material Application-

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Patios
  • Driveway paving
  • Landscaping
  • Pool edges
  • Water features
  • Tub surrounds
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Shower walls
  • Door panels
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen islands


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

Hear at George Stone, you can buy the marble of your dreams at a cost-effective price. We are a global supplier of different types of marbles and other stone products. Our reach goes beyond China as we also cater orders from different sides of the eart.

Ordering from us will give you guarantee of the quality of your stones. We have a very high standard of product quality checking and packaging. We also have loading and delivery partners that will ensure the safety of each product while being shipped to clients. You can expect the safe and efficient delivery from us all the time.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

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