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Fossil Grey Marble

Fossil Grey Marble is a natural stone that comes in a wide range of color tones, from soft light greys to strong powerful shades of grey. Its many styles, including soft brown hints and fossil details, make it very appealing.

This marble is the best choice for a wide range of projects since it is famously strong and flexible. This stone works well in any setting, from the grand fronts of buildings, to kitchen and bathrooms where it adds a touch of modern luxury.

Additional information




natural marble




brown hints and fossil details


Highly durable


Does not corrode or rust in humid environments


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • A classic option for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Fossil Grey Marble gives a feeling of unmatched refinement and luxury, thanks to its unique fossilized veining and mesmerizing tones of grey.
  • In spite of what most people think, Fossil Grey Marble doesn’t need much care to keep its perfect look. For long lasting beauty, regular sealing and light cleaning are all needed for this marble.
  • Customization choices let you change the finish and size to get the appearance you want for your project.
  • Fossil Grey Marble has remarkable heat resistance, protecting it from scorching pans and fireplace surrounds. It is the perfect material for high traffic areas of your home.
  • Because of its transparent and smooth surface, Fossil Grey Marble is able to prevent the formation of algae, contributing to the creation of a healthier atmosphere inside.
  • Due to its sanitary  qualities, it is an excellent option for surfaces in the restroom and kitchen.


-Material Application-

  • Featuring veining that looks like a fossil, this marble would be perfect for a modern office desk and would make working on much more pleasant.
  • With its smart design, it creates an environment that is perfect for getting work done and staying focused.
  • With the Fossil Grey Marble dining table as center of attraction, you can organize unique dinner parties and get togethers . You will enjoy your meal more given that this marble is unique and it will create an environment of refined wealth and class.
  • You can also use this marble to make your outdoor patio flooring look cooler. Its long lasting quality makes it a great choice for making stylish and useful outdoor living places.
  • Fossil Grey Marble will make your bathroom vanity look better and give a touch of classic beauty and luxury to your daily cleaning routine.
  • The surface of this marble is both strong and hard so you can make sure that it will last for a long time.
  • By installing Fossil Grey Marble around your bathtub, you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious destination reminiscent of a spa. The veining of this marble which is both sleek and classy will produce an atmosphere that is tranquil and soothing, making it ideal for resting after an active day.
  • With Fossil Grey Marble steps, you can make your stairs look even more grand. Each movement is a work of art which demonstrates the minimalist beauty and classic charm of this fossilized marble.
  • Use Fossil Grey Marble wall panels to create a striking focal point in your living room or entryway whether you want to make an unforgettable impression or highlight certain architectural features, these panels are sure to do the trick.


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