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G648 Granite

To tell you more about G648 Granite, it has a natural stone that has a feel of fine to medium grains. Its color is like copper brown, though the undertones and strength are different.

The cherry brown structure makes it look even more unique and this is very famous in China’s mainland. Just 0.35% of this natural material is water absorbing.

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Copper brown shade


With cherry-brown structure of finest to medium grain


Durability against high pressure water jets in cleaning application


Resistance flaking along edges


To get rid or organic spots like urine or pet accidents, use an enzyme cleaner that is safe for this granite

-Product Advantages-

  • G648 Granite can handle a lot of pressure due to its compressible strength of 151.29 megapascals.


  • It also showcases some variations, with a cherry brown structure featuring grains from fine to medium. The way these colours and texture look together is beautiful and one of a kind.


  • G648 Granite is well known for being strong and long lasting, which is why it is a favourite for building and designing things.


  • With its solid pack of 2630 kilograms per cubic meter, G648 Granite is quite heavy for its size. In this way, you can expect it to feel solid and substantial when you interact and touch it.


-Material Application-

  • As an attractive and long lasting surface for your home or commercial establishment, G648 Granite can be cut into panels that can be used to cover your walls.


  • In addition to making porches and stairs safers, balconies and balustrades made from G648 Granite make it look expensive and eye-catching. G648 Granite columns can support buildings and give it an elite, royal and noble look.


  • G648 Granite copings can be a good way to make sure your pool is safe. You can finish off walls or pool edges with these edges or caps, which make it a strong border.


  • The slip and heat resistant properties of G648 Granite pavers make it great for pool decks. It is perfect and safe for a place near a swimming pool.


  • When paving outside, these materials are used on walkways and streets. G648 Granite cobblestones and curbstone give your outdoor places a look that will last for years.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

In order to make your project go more smoothly, we provide a variety of services as your trustworthy granite supplier.  To learn more about how we run our business, just look around on our website. It has buying guides and stone displays.

If you need new ideas and solutions for your home, our skilled interior design team is here to help you. The foundation of your project will be strong thanks to our high quality stone goods.

For business and residential projects all over the world, George Stone is committed to providing high quality stone.

Rest assured that price won’t matter if you choose us. We make sure that our prices are fair and reasonable so that you can afford it white still getting the quality you deserve.

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