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G684 Black Basalt

G684 Black Basalt is widely used in construction. It boasts a bold elegance that elevates the appearance of spaces. Its deeper black color with dark static provides a sophisticated touch to any design. It also provides perfect resistance to friction and wear.

Being a multi-purpose material, this stone can be used either indoors and outdoors. It has a fine textured look and a soft matte finish. The G684 Black Basalt veers more towards a timeless appeal. This variety effortlessly fits into both modern and traditional styles. This is a proof of its adaptability and longevity.

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feldspar, olivine, biotite, pyroxene, quartz, hornblende




light to dark grey specks


High (6 Mohs Scale)


weather resistant, fire resistant, radiation resistant


washing and occasional sealing

 -Product Advantages-

  • G684 Black Basalt is recognized for its outstanding resistance to wear and foot traffic.The same case with weather and chemicals. It is suitable for all types of applications. Its durable structure guarantees resistance to notching, scratching, and impact. It makes a perfect selection for active applications and exterior installations.
  • G684 black basalt has a curiously beautiful deep black color and pebbles of grey. It is an ideal rock for both modern architecture and traditional ones. It is a versatile rock in terms of the ability to blend in when used in construction. Its application scope is broad. It ranges from indoor infrastructures including flooring and wall cladding. It also fits the outdoors like landscaping features and more. Designers applaud this attribute because it is a basis for openness to creativity. It can be combined with other materials in order to acquire distinctive looks.
  • It has commercial grade stain resistance, scratch resistance and fade resistance. To a large extent that all it needs is just routine cleaning to maintain a good condition. The stone’s matte or honed finishes are resistant to scratch and long-lasting. Therefore refinishing is not required more often.
  • This basalt feeds the human eye with its exclusive look and smooth surface. It is its deep black coloration, which can have patches of grey. It adds dignity and personality, and will make any room look luxurious. It has a unique charm that never gets old. anIt does not age with time. Instead, it makes the indoor and outdoors of a house look better.
  • G684 Black Basalt guarantees durability and sustainability for the long term. Its durable capability keeps the item from breaking down or wearing out. This reduces long-term repair and replacement works. It will not cause heavy maintenance costs and waste products.


-Material Application-

  • Garden walls
  • Outdoor paving
  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Exterior and interior flooring
  • Shower walls
  • Wall cladding
  • Furniture tops
  • Landscaping
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Water features
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom vanities


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