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Giallo Reale Rosato

Giallo Reale Rosato is a beautiful marble material that creates an elegant presence when you install it for your diverse home decor projects. It has a shade of yellow, with hues of pink grain, making it a perfectly appealing material to be used in almost all applications around the house.

May it be wall surfacing, flooring, or kitchen decor applications, Giallo Reale Rosato can be your ideal pick for them all. Upon installing them, you will attain a bright and warm touch around the property space. The best part is this material is durable enough for you to use it in exterior applications as well.

Additional information




natural marble




Comes with a variation of pale rose shades and different patterns.


Highly durable


Weather, fire, water, and impact resistant


Moderate maintenance required

-Product Advantages-

  • The Giallo Reale Rosato marble is available in various sizes and shapes for you to adhere to your specific design needs in the house or office space. Your decorative or precise applications will be easier when you consider this marble over others. Apart from that, the Giallo Reale Rosato marble also has an immense compressive strength, adding to its durability.
  • Not only that, but it is also water resistant to help you keep out the moisture damage possibilities. Due to this, you can consider using this marble in either your kitchen or bathroom space as well. In case of exterior applications, you can consider using this material for fountains, pool patios, and other such areas.
  • There are multiple finishes available for you to avail of the varying vibrance of Giallo Reale Rosato marble. Depending on what your home or office interior/exterior designers recommend, you can opt for flawless finishes of this marble material on demand. If you have any inspirational decor designs in mind, do let this marble fulfill them for you!


-Material Application-

  • Whether you want to revamp your house, office floors, or walls, buying Giallo Reale Rosato marble is an ideal decision for you to make. With these marble materials placed aesthetically around your property space, you will be upgrading the entire theme, which will add an essence of sophistication.
  • Beyond that, if you have plans to redo the outdoor elements of your property, this marble can withstand the impact of weather. So, you can make your pathways, terraces, patios, fountains, decorative elements, and steps on the outside without worrying about the longevity or durability aspect.
  • If you have any landscaping design in mind, let your designers know your recommendation for Giallo Reale Rosato marble and see the magic they can create out of it.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone is the one-stop destination that brings to you the proper sizes and finishes of the Giallo Reale Rosato marble on demand. All you need to do is place your orders on our website and confirm your quantity. We shall deliver the materials to your doorstep, irrespective of the location you are in. To know more about this material, connect with us today!

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