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Grey Saint Laurent Marble

Grey Saint Laurent Marble from Pierabech in Italy is of the highest quality and comes from a place with a long history of mining natural stones.

This marble is a beautiful example of nature’s art, with a wide range of tones occurring within its base color. For indoor and outdoor design projects that want to add both elegance and the allure of natural beauty, this is the perfect choice among other stones.

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natural marble




Subtle pink and white tones make the dark grey base of this marble stand out.


Highly durable


Its resistance to compression ensures it can bear heavy loads without cracking or breaking.


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • No matter if it’s for floor, tables or walls Grey Saint Laurent Marble is pretty easy to put down. It is easy for workers to install this since it has a constant thickness and quality. This cuts down on assembly time and costs.
  • Property values often go up when it has Grey Saint Laurent Marble on it since this is highly valuable and one of a kind material. The addition of this marble can greatly improve the look and selling potential of any building , whether it’s a home or business.
  • This marble is very flexible, so designers and residents can choose the perfect slab with any veining designs and color changes.
  • For houses, Grey Saint Laurent Marble natural insulation qualities help keep the temperature stable and lower energy use.  Keeping heat in during cold weather and staying cool during warm weather makes it a useful and energy efficient choice for indoor areas.
  • The naturally fire resistant nature of this marble adds an extra layer of safety and defense in both homes and business settings.


-Material Application-

  • Many businesses and senior offices choose Grey Saint Laurent Marble. It makes the space look high end and impressive for clients, guests and workers.
  • Grey Saint Laurent Marble is often chosen for high end residential projects because it adds a touch of class and luxury to high end houses and condos.
  • This marble looks better and increases its resale value, whether it’s used in grand foyers, gourmet kitchens or luxury baths.
  • Grey Saint Laurent Marble is a great choice for art galleries and museums that want to show off works of art and culture items in a classy and polished way.
  • Its classic beauty and neutral color scheme make it the perfect background for paintings, statues and other work or art, letting it stand out.
  • Some places, like business lobbies and public areas use Grey Saint Laurent Marble as a smart choice. It makes a strong statement  and leaves a lasting impact on guests and visitors.
  • Grey Saint Laurent Marble gives offices and public buildings a bit of sophistication and grace, whether it’s used as floors, feature walls or decorative accents.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

We provide high quality, premium stone at George Stone for both business and domestic projects all over the world. Leading architects, interior designers and project owners trust us to be the first choice as you start your project.

We are always improving how we serve our products and adding new ones, so that we can meet your changing needs. Let us help you choose the type, color, and finish that will go best with your scheme and design.

You can use our free design service to get 3D versions of your ideas that you can use to make the place look and feel exactly the way you want it to.

To make your idea come true with unmatched quality and accuracy, we give you the help and knowledge you need.  So, what are you waiting for? Reach us out today!

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